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    • I paid over $8,000 in student loan interest – why can I only deduct $2,000?
      I am a pilot and cannot find a job
      I work in a warehouse – 90% of my income goes to student loans – help!

    • If I have paid all taxes (Soc. Sec., Medicare, FUTA, Fed & State income tax withholding during 2011 for our nanny, do I need to file a Schedule H with my tax return. We used a payroll company to handle all the taxes.

    • In general, can a person sell his rights in an assignable “right to purchase option contract” to another before it expires and claim long term capital gains if the holding period was more than a year?

    • Can I claim visiting parents as dependents? 1)my parents stayed here more than 183 days last year. 2) they earned $0 in US, less than 3,700 in India. 3) I provided more than half of their total support during the year. Would they be considered as “resident alien” of the United States and claimed as my dependents? Thank you.

    • I’ve changed residence in the last year. Do I need to include Form 360 with my NYS tax return? (It wasn’t generated automatically by my Turbo Tax program)

    • Assuming I meet the requirements of a “day trader”, can I deduct the short term trading losses in full on either Sch C or Form 4797 for the 2011 tax year, if I have NOT elected “mark to market” for 2011 on a timely basis? Disregard the “wash sale” issue.

    • I know I have a loss to be carried forward from previous tax years – but where do I find that on my previous year’s tax return? If it isn’t on there, and I don’t know the exact amount, what should I do?

    • I currently live in my mom’s house because she is unemployed and needs financial assistance. I co-signed a home equity line of credit — can I claim the mortgage interest deduction on my taxes even though the house is in my mom’s name? I do support her financially.

    • If someone lives at home with their parents and pays absolutely no bills can they claim both children even though they are not paying 50% of their living or well being expenses

    • Why did the IRS require wash sale reporting on the new form 8949? Isn’t this really only an issue when a wash sale and new position are over a new tax year?

    • Would I have to file an 8843 if I had no wage income, but only capital gains and dividends (less than $3700) or do I need a 1099

    • I’m a student and pay my tuition in full but get paid under the table. Can I still file for the education credit or will it trigger suspicion from the IRS?

    • ESPP: If ESPP stock was bought in 2010 but sold in 2011, shouldn’t that purchase info show up on this ears 8922 form?

    • a question regarding the alternative minimum tax – we have a substantial liability (over 10k) owed. I think the fact we cash out stock awards triggered this. Is there any way we can prepare to avoid alt minimum in future yrs?

    • I am an international Student working under an F-1, and OPT (Optional Practical Training working permit). What forms do I need to fill out and how do I get my social security and medicare taxes refunded? I know I don’t have to pay those taxes by law but I’ve been paying them by mistake, they have been deducted from my paycheck month by month. Do I need a special form to fill out just for that special case? It is my first time filing taxes so please help. Need a complete guide for international students!

    • I sold a house that was originally my residence and was later rented for income. Due to deprecitation, the taxes on this sale amount to close to 10K. Is there any way to spread this out or reduce it? (I understand that income averaging was repealed several decades ago.)

    • me and my husband seperated feb 2011. the children live with me, i pay all their expenses. we are not legally seperated, but he did not live in the home but for 2 months of 2011, was it incorrect for me to file head of household?

    • Hi everyone,
      I raised my deductions to maximize the amount I would receive on my pay check, and have always done this. This year my employer was sent a letter from the IRS saying I could no longer do this and they are to lower it to 0 or suffer penalty. Can the IRS do this what are my options?

    • Of course gonrvnmeet employees pay taxes just like everyone else should, And IRS employees must file their tax return on or before April 15th, and full pay the amount they owe. If a gonrvnmeet employee owes at time of filing, they may be granted an installment but for 36 months, and most of the time IRS will rather take it out of their paycheck.

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      Own-it | Induction Support
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      Induction Support
      Supporting delivery of ISHE (Introduction to Study in Higher Education)
      design right
      intellectual property
      legal advice
      trade mark
      University Services
      Student Enterprise and Employability
      Own-it, Intellectual Property Advice for the Creative Sector, provides advice, information and learning resources on copyright, design rights, patents, trade marks, branding, confidentiality agreements, licensing and other IP related contracts. We help creative practitioners to protect and manage their IP and recognise the value for the growth of their business.
      We deliver our services through
      - Online resources: fact sheets, IP guides, podcasts and videos and latest news
      - Enquiry system: submit your IP enquiry online – our legal advisers will get back to you within ten working days either with a written response or a recommendation to book an IP clinic
      - IP clinics: book a 45min IP consultation with one of our partner law firms
      - Sample contracts from licensing and confidentiality agreements to commissioning letters and release forms.
      - Events: seminars and workshops
      - Latest news updates: weekly digest and monthly newsletter
      Registration is free for all. University of the Arts London staff, students and recent graduates have access to all services free of charge. External users pay a small nominal admin fee for some services such as IP clinics, sample contracts and some events.
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      Natural Disaster Icons
      Natural Disaster Icons and Application
      choose a topic in nature and develop a system of disasters representing their forms. create an application for their usage.
      Emphasize the energy and violence associated with natural disasters through high contrast in line weights, creating motion and tension within the forms. In the application “The Weather Museum,” disasters are used as symbols to denote different themed areas of the museum based on their disaster. Each icon is given a color family to be applied on materials in the exhibits.

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      GoldIcon has not been updated for quite some time,
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      Copyright © 1998-2011 Goldshell Digital Media, Inc.


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