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Paying Taxes by Credit Card? Read This First

    • I have paid my taxes using credit cards for more than past ten years. It truly makes life simple. I strongly suggest you pay at the end of the month. The benefit is all teh milage you get from using credit card. I sent my son to Paris one year on the milage.

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    • If you file your return on time, you can work out a payment arrangement with the IRS. Then you will have no “Failure to File” or “Failure to Pay” penalties, only the interest to pay due to your payments. So check the interest your credit card will charge you and make an informed decision.

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    • Why spend money at the local post office to get confirmation the IRS got your payment, when at 1.89% cost you can get air line points with a credit card. Old Dave Ramsey is smart, but nuts when it comes to credit card usuage. He is aginst using them, while I ues them for everything and get a free trip to the Dominican Republic (2 people) every year for the past 10 years.


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