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IRS Cuts: Good News for Deadbeats?

    • close them down completely

    • end IRS!

    • F the bastards

    • This Republican cut in IRS funding is emblematic of their policy of protecting tax cheats who in turn grease their palm. If you want to destroy USA vote for Republicans.

    • The IRS has actually become much more efficient on the on the electronic side, reducing their need for bodies.

      However, they wasted a lot of money for little gain this summer chasing offshore accounts which may or may not exist. The majority of folks who came forward were 1st or 2nd generation immigrants with relatively small accounts, who just happened to still be on signature authority with family holdings.

    • Simplifying the tax code would make those cuts and more easy!

    • If taxes were only about raising revenue for the government, and not about social engineering and political patronage [both parties are guilty, to be sure], a 5 billion budget would be wastefully high. But the IRS is involved in every aspect of Federal Law Enforcement,so compliance functions that belong in other departments are shifted to the only department with employees who can [generally, but not always] count to 13 with their shoes on. And that’s without considering hiring quotas.

      I have no sympathy for the IRS; in many cases they are their own worst enemy. But the answer is not in budget cutting, but in law simplification.

    • Fire Shulman for incompetence and hire a manager that will do more with less. That’s how private market works to achieve efficiency.

    • @Jason Sams
      You got it wrong. What is destroying USA is utter stupidity like yours.

    • Is there an IRS tip line to report someone who owes back taxes & about to come into a paartially inheritence?

    • Jason Sams…do you mean tax cheats like little Timmy Geitner, Charley Rangel, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank…?

    • Just goes to show you how the government makes the wrong moves.
      I was an internal auditor and the nature of my duties gave me access to more information than needed. The corporated jets owners
      tax situation is palltry compared to the billions of dollars from
      tax cheats that make over $250,000. I can go to one accounting
      firm that specializes in dentists. From illegaly deducting 3 automobiles each that never get used for business, cash payments unreported as income (in some cases $100,000 a year, to deducting
      their summer mansion as a “wellcare center”. Enforcemnet or the lack thereof, cost this county at least a trillion dollars a year.
      When you pay an IRS auditor $40,000 a year do you really thinks or
      knows what tax evasion is?

    • Don’t TRUST our US GOVERNMENT for ANYTHING. If you do You’ll end up the LOSER.

    • I have been a CPA since 1976; worked at Peat Marwick and went out on my own in 1984. In numerous cases I have had to explain accrual basis accounting to IRS auditors auditing my clients; Many do not understand percentage of completion for construction accounting; I had a desk auditor once tell me in Hauppague that the clients tax return was prepared on computer, so the real estate depreciation must be correct, when in fact the taxpayers brother who prepared the return had been depreciating a fully depreciated piece of real estate for over ten years; on this same audit the taxpayer took a gambling loss deduction for $ 80,000. The auditor looked in the bag of piles of OTB receipts with adding machine tapes around them and said “OK – No Change”- when I called the taxpayer and explained the no change and told her that I would UPS back her receipts from the audit, she explained that she had rented the receipts from “the Guys” at OTB and had to return them the same day. The auditor never asked to see income and banking receipts to verify cash flow which would have allowed her to generate an $ 80,000 gambling loss and still eat for the year. The IRS should actually hire retired CPAs who know their way around a tax return and a set of books, instead of going on the cheap and hiring people right of college.

    • The IRS has already become much more aggressive in collecting unpaid taxes. They are filing something like 200,000 tax liens per month currently which is far more than they have historically.


    • ARe you kidding me? the agency is only collecting half a billion more than it collects? Whats wrong with this business model?

    • This is Awesome news. Go with a flat tax, or even national sales tax, anh shut down this agency completely!

    • Look, I agree that tax simplification is the goal. However, until we get that, reducing IRS staff is plain stupid.Althogh, I worked in the private sector, I have found most IRS agents to be well qualified and it is known that their recoveries exceed the costs.Stop the idiotic rants !!

    • I agree there should be no cuts made for the reasons mentioned above. Filing taxes are more and more complex than ever before. The reason more and more people hiring tax firms to work out the details for a fee.

    • Sounds like a modern day CONservatives wetdream!

    • Typical of an entrenched bureaucratic institution asked to cut costs; first & always threaten to reduce the delivery of the core service, preferably inflicting hardship to customers or public good. Never mind looking to seek savings by innovation, automation, re-engineering or reduction of redundancy.

      How to discourage this behavior:
      • Make clear that management seeks innovative thinking and negative impact to delivery of core service severely will not be well received.
      •Terminate quickly the entrenched management ( as harshly as possible ) make it clear that lack of initiative, creativity and cooperation will not be tolerated.

    • 11/03/2011 obama’s National Debt $14,973,228,608,405.04

    • Hmm, Geitner comes to mind…remember he didn’t report income from his IMF days. Oh how about GE? Both bastions of the progressive corporation. Maybe this is time for us middle class, non -union, non-government schlepps, who pay all the bills should go on strike…stop paying taxes!

    • Let’s see. They’re getting 11.5 BIL instead of 12.1 BIL… Here’s a SIMPLE idea. How about FIRING THEM ALL and putting the 11.5 BIL toward the debt! Don’t like that idea? Ok, here’s one that WILL WORK… Lower EVERY SINGLE IRS EMPLOYEE’s salary to 11.5/12.1 of what they were getting before. Ok, maybe we need to go lower than that, just lop off 20% of everyone salary. Get RID of pensions – give them 401k’s. If they don’t like it they can get a job in the “real” world.

    • More reason to have a national sales tax and do away with the IRS.

    • Obama added 17,000 new agents last year. cut all of them.

    • We need the oft talked about simplification of the tax code to go along with this and then eventually, more downsizing of the IRA, with an assist for ex-employees to move into worthwhile work.

    • I think this is great content and I enjoyed it very much. This is clearly very well researched information on your part. I totally agree.

    • The IRS could make up for any budject cuts just by cutting millions of dollars in waste.

    • The IRS could make up for any budget cuts just by cutting millions of dollars in waste.

    • The IRS is not going away. There has been an 800% increase in IRS accuracy related penalties in the past five years. The IRS is also using tactics such as “John Doe” subpoenas to states to get tons of information they never had access to. See http://accountalent.com/?p=247

      Joe Faris, CPA
      Accountalent Management Corp.

    • Obama adminstration has just proposed major increases in IRS budgets to catch cheaters.Protax LLC

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