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  • Nov 11, 2011
    11:52 AM ET

    Facebook ‘Friends’ Privacy But May Not ‘Like’ It


    Don’t trust the government or Facebook to protect your online privacy, experts say.

    The social-networking giant’s anticipated settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over privacy concerns may make Facebook more polite about sharing information, but users should remain as vigilant as ever with their data, says Adam Levin, founder and chairman of advocacy group Identity Theft 911. “I applaud the FTC for cracking down on businesses misleading consumers about privacy policy changes,” he says. “But it’s only a small victory for a very large consumer and business issue.”

    The settlement stems from charges that Facebook allegedly misled users about its use of their personal information, according to The Wall Street Journal. “According to people familiar with the talks, the settlement would require Facebook to obtain users’ consent before making ‘material retroactive changes’ to its privacy policies,” the paper reports.

  • Sep 15, 2011
    2:54 PM ET

    Kindle Surprise: Amazon Expands its Daily Website


    Amazon is taking its daily deals to Kindle e-readers: They will now receive regular offers for spas, bars and restaurants when they turn on their tablet.

    The “AmazonLocal” daily deals may be hard to resist for Kindle customers – if they also like biking, comedy and yoga, that is. Forthcoming offers include $7 for a one-hour bike rental in Central Park (versus $15 retail value), $5 for $10 at Dangerfield’s Comedy club and $59 for one-month unlimited yoga classes at Bikram Yoga Grand Central ($180 value).

    So far, the deals are exclusive to New York, according to Amazon. They are expanding to 43 other cities across 15 states later this year, including Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and Seattle. But will they prove distracting for Kindle readers? The key difference between AmazonLocal offering discounts via Kindle and You seek out Groupon’s deals, but the Kindle deals come directly to you. John Noe, CEO and co-founder of digital marketing and advertising firm Rokkon in New York says if you’re reading your Kindle everyday on the subway, the offers may become tiresome. “It feels more like a service, but it’s still 100% advertising,” he says.

  • Jul 8, 2011
    10:04 AM ET

    Why Groupon Competitors are Bad for Customers


    As competition among daily deal sites heats up, the half-priced offers consumers have become used to seeing in their inbox each morning could soon start disappearing.

    Practically unheard of two years ago, there are now more than 600 sites offering a daily rotation of limited-time deals at local businesses, usually with discounts of 50% or better. The battle is fierce enough, reports The Wall Street Journal, that industry leader Groupon has been steadily losing market share, from 52% nationwide in April to 48% in May. In Boston, one of its bigger markets, Groupon’s revenue per subscriber dropped from $20 in the second quarter of 2010, to $15 during the first quarter of 2011.

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