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Many iPhone 5 Buyers Own a Damaged iPhone 4S

    • Of course, anogther option is to buy a phone that is better engineered, like a Nokia. but there aren’t as many versions of clock, which apparently is a major issue.

    • That’s the biggest thing I was disappointed by with the new phone. All I wanted was a durable phone :(

    • So I got the square trade warranty in my wife’s iPhone 4. It now has a seriously sticky home button. She has enabled acessability option to work around the problem, but I cant pry it out of her hands to get it replaced under warranty. So bought her the iPhone 5, the 4 will get replaced by square trade and then becomes a hand-me-down to another family member.

    • Apple is a very smart Company.. 20 per cent of their business is replacement units for dropped. damaged.. stolen products..A built in increase for business.. look at how these products are designed sleek.. so they can slip right out of your hands.. thinner is more replacement products for them

    • After all these years I’ve still not figured out how someone could manage to accidentally drop a phone into a toilet.

    • i cannot figure out why people keep buying a phone that breaks, chips, cracks. i cannot figure out why they keep buying a phone with antenna problems and mapping that does not work. i cannot figure out why they line up for something that does not work well and is overpriced when they can wait a month and get a superior cameraphone, sturdy and durable with an excellent mapping system…the nokia lumia 920

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