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Missed London? Hit These Olympic Hotspots


So you didn’t make it to London for this year’s Summer Games. That doesn’t mean an Olympic journey is out of the question.

Savvy travelers say Olympic host cities can be great places to visit even long after the games have passed. That’s not only because they’re major destinations unto themselves – perhaps you’ve heard of a little town called Athens? – but also because many of them maintain their Olympic ties by offering Olympic attractions of one sort or another.

With that in mind, SmartMoney surveyed the Olympic landscape and found four destinations worthy of putting on your itinerary. We focused on ones where visitors can still enjoy their own Olympic “moment,” be it racing down a bobsled run or taking in an Olympic-themed art exhibition. But we also looked for cities where deals, be it for a restaurant or hotel, can easily be found.

Let the traveling begin…



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    • Chris, you are correct. This line is bull: “[e]very diegiiztd packet of online data is deconstructed, examined for keywords and reconstructed within milliseconds. There is no deconstruction that takes place. There is no opening, it is not a file. They are data packets.Again, DPI devices don’t have the storage capability to do deep analysis of keyword content. As you point out, its much more effective to dump to another device. And Nokia (or Western ) devices are not necessary for this. There’s no betrayal of Western ideals in selling this technology. The Open Source community has provided tools that can analyze data dumps for years now. You don’t even have to pay to do this, you just need a few really smart network engineers.This is another case of hyperventilating about DPI. As I keep harping on, there’s nothing deep, (or magical), or new about DPI. Packets are transmitted in the clear and they are open to inspection at any time. We really need to start harping on that point, as everyone needs to be educated on that. The article does not mention that SSL encryption would be sufficient to avoid content filtering. The WSJ is hysterically spreading ignorance and that is a massive disservice to their readers and to the technology community.

    • 1) Do you think you’ll have enough money for a comlortabfe retirement?Yes – I’ve been saving for a while now. My biggest motivator: watching my parents live on a tiny fixed income (and having to bail them out financially whenever something comes up).2) Do you plan on receiving the social security benefits that have been promised to you?No. 3) What % of your income do you save today for retirement?20% on a regular basis, but 50% of any bonus and stock option money.4) Where would you like to retire?Time split between San Diego and San Francisco. 5) How old are you, and what age do you plan on retiring?39 now and planning for retirement at 45. (However, if I got laid off tomorrow, that would be okay. It would force me to find some hobbies other than work.)

    • I’m seeing more peolpe with roommates and extended families living together; which to me, suggests that there will be less overall demand for new inventory. Like every other trend, that can’t go on forever. Lots of peolpe are wisely waiting for prices to stop falling before they make their purchase. It’s call pent up demand. Once enough peolpe get sick of living in crowded conditions, they will say what the heck and buy into a falling market. That will cause prices to stop falling and then everyone will jump in again. Rate this comment: 0 0

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