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CFA, CFP, Team USA: Investing Tips From Olympians

Paul Kingsman
Associate, Taddei, Ludwig & Associates, San Rafael, Calif.

Paul Kingsman after a backstroke race at the Olympics in the ’80s.

His sport: Swimming (backstroke)

His Olympic career: A New Zealand native, Kingsman competed for his country at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and 1988 Seoul Olympics, winning a bronze at the latter games in the 200-meter race.

His big Olympic moment: The medal win, of course. “After all you’ve done to compete against the fastest swimmers in the world, you realize it’s worth it. I still remember being on the medal stand, watching the flag go up and thinking, ‘That’s for me!’”

His financial career: Though he studied political science at UC Berkeley (he came to the school on a swimming scholarship), Kingsman opted for the world of business. He managed Speedo New Zealand, but decided to return to America in 2001, when he began his investment career at Morgan Stanley. He now works for Taddei, Ludwig, an independent firm focused on comprehensive planning that manages $130 million. He also coaches financial advisers on how to build their practices.

How the Olympics and investing intersect: For Kingsman, it’s all about focus. Just as great swimmers need to concentrate on their stroke and pace and never lose sight of the finish line, great investors need to concentrate on their portfolio and plan and never lost sight of their goals. “I trained for 13 years for a two-minute event and won my medal by 4/100ths of a second,” says Kingsman. “The guy who came in fourth looked at me in the last few seconds” and lost because of that momentary glance.



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