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Credit-Card Debt Is on the Rise Again


After a few years of austerity, credit card debt is rising again. According to data released this week by credit-card comparison web site, consumers racked up $18.4 billion in credit card debt during the second quarter of 2011, 66% more than what they amassed during the second quarter of last year and more than four times what they did two years ago.

At the current rate, consumers are on track to end the year with $54 billion extra in credit card debt, following a $9 billion increase last year. That suggests consumers are amassing credit card debt at a faster rate than ever, says Odysseas Papadimitriou, chief executive at

This spike, however, occurred while the economy was still on the upswing and consumers were feeling relatively good about their financial outlook. That has changed in the last few months, and the volatility in the stock market and unpredictability in Europe could cause consumers to reverse course in the third quarter, says Papadimitriou.

On the other hand, the stubbornly high unemployment rate could also be contributing to rising credit-card debt, especially for the long-term unemployed who exhausted their unemployment benefits and were relying in part on their existing credit cards for basic necessities.

At least carrying credit-card debt is less dangerous than it was prior to the Credit CARD Act that went into effect last year. In part, the legislation prevents issuers from raising interest rates on existing credit-card balances as long as borrowers aren’t two or more months late with their payment. If the economy dips again, simply paying the bills might be burdensome enough.


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    • Love this post and have lots of conversation ponits from it.First, your post raises some very important questions about the responsibility businesses have to their potential customers. My initial reacting is: Why would any business, credit card company or other, lend money to someone who has no means to pay it back? If you own a restaurant, would you repeatedly serve a meal to a customer who came to you day after day saying that she had no money to pay you? Probably not; your restaurant is a business, not a charity. A person with no reportable income of his or her own is, essentially, asking a credit card company to trust that she will find the means to repay the money she borrows. However, her ability to find those financial resources and repay the borrowed funds is determined by her personal relationships with financiers (perhaps a spouse). A credit card company is a business; why should that business take risks based on a individual’s faith in her personal relationships? She assumes she’ll have the money to repay her loan, but situations change. Point: it would be unwise for a credit card company to gamble on a potential customer’s feelings and faith in her financier. The onus is on the customer to prove her ability to repay a loan not on the company to take a leap of faith (in millions of customers who wish to charge thousands of dollars each). Second, a major issue here is how women share financial assets with their spouses when they have no reportable income of their own. When it comes to sharing finances between spouses, it’s important to remember that a marriage is a contract. One may sign that contract with the expectation that a partner will uphold his or her end of an agreement, including a financial agreement to share assets, but contracts and agreements are often broken. A broken contract or a spouse simply not upholding his or her end of a financial agreement within a marriage can, unfortunately, leave the other spouse in dire financial straights even if he or she has an income-producing job. Facts we all know: through divorce, a spouse may lose perceived financial security and assets. Through deception, a spouse may end up with a damaged credit score and empty savings account. This can happen to both parties the one with the reportable income and the one without. Therefore, it may be unwise to rely on a spouse for complete financial support. However, a universally wise thing to do when sharing finances is to put into place a full-proof financial plan that lets both spouses meet their individual financial goals. Those goals are not universal; they vary from couple to couple. For example, shared accounts may be right for some couples, but they may not meet the needs of others. Having both names on the deed to a house might be right for some, but not right for others. Being an authorized user on a spouse’s credit card may be perfect for some, but not enough for others. Point: it’s important for individuals to determine what’s okay for them and to make choices that support their convictions.Finally, when it comes to relationships, men and women need to keep in mind that a relationship is only good when it’s good for both parties mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and, yes, financially. Yes, some women view their choices to be Stay At Home Moms as sacrifices that come with unfortunate financial consequences. To that, I say: every choice has a cause and effect. To more easily control the effect, make sure you make the best choices for your situation. Okay Jess your turn!

    • Great, more spending of money people don’t have. I’m sure it’s good for the businesses selling them things, but it sure makes it seem that lessons were not learned.

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