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East Coasters Offer Deals to Lure Tourists


Updated, Sept. 20, 6.00pm: This post has been updated to reflect changing travel offers.

Now that Irene is long gone, the power’s back on and the water is safe to drink, hotels and vacation rentals along the East Coast are offering some tempting deals to woo back travelers scared by headlines like “Hotel Guests Flee North Carolina Coast.” “The damage was really very isolated,” says Margo Metzger, spokeswoman for the North Carolina Division of Tourism, a state where tourism accounts for nearly 5% of the economy. “Around 270 miles out of 320 miles of coast are open for business.” She says rates are starting to come down dramatically in September.

Deals are coming in thick and fast. Along the 100-mile coast of the Outer Banks, N.C, Village Realty currently offers a selection of vacation properties at a 10% discount. Atlantic Realty is offering a 15% discount on full week rental properties on the North Carolina coast or offering four nights with a fifth night free; you can also get over 20% off on a five-bedroom house on the ocean. It has fall specials between September 7 and October 1 for only $550 per week for a three-bedroom condo with ocean views. Beach Realty & Construction have a selection of offers on coastal vacation homes along the Outer Banks with some at nearly half-price: one two-bedroom rental beside the ocean are $495, about half the usual rate.

There are offers farther up the East Coast as the summer crowds disappear. The Black Point Inn in Scarborough, Maine, has special deals next week starting at $175 per person per night for rooms with double occupancy with breakfast and dinner each night, down 50% on prices earlier this month. The Brass Lantern Inn in Stowe, VT, offers 12% off if you message them on Facebook with a story about Irene, and has 15% off four-person golfing packages. Bentleys restaurant in Woodstock, VT has a “Goodnight & Goodbye Irene” special of 15% off all food throughout September. Genevieve Shaw Brown, editorial director at Travelocity, says “perception problems” will likely lead more Vermont hoteliers to lower prices ahead of foliage season in September.

Pay Dirt readers, are you tempted to take a Fall vacation to regions visited by Irene?


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    • By WebOsPublisher

      #!/usr/bin/env python
      # Copyright (c) 2008 Patryk Zawadzki
      # Based on an idea and Ruby script by Jakub Steiner
      # Licensed under LGPL v3+ (
      from xml.dom.minidom import parse
      import os
      import sys
      INKSCAPE = ‘inkscape’
      SRC = ‘./svg’
      def renderIt(template):
      print ‘Rendering %s…’ % template
      doc = parse(template)
      groups = doc.getElementsByTagName(‘g’)
      layers = [g for g in groups if g.parentNode.tagName == 'svg']
      for l in layers:
      plate = None
      for s in l.getElementsByTagName(‘g’):
      if ‘plate’ in s.getAttribute(‘inkscape:label’):
      plate = s
      if plate:
      # if no plate is found, it could be a drawing aid, skip it
      context = ‘unknown’
      icon_name = ‘unknown’
      for t in plate.getElementsByTagName(‘text’):
      if t.getAttribute(‘inkscape:label’) == ‘context’:
      context = t.childNodes[0].childNodes[0].data.strip()
      elif t.getAttribute(‘inkscape:label’) == ‘icon-name’:
      icon_name = t.childNodes[0].childNodes[0].data.strip()
      sizes = plate.getElementsByTagName(‘rect’)
      for s in sizes:
      rectid = s.getAttribute(‘id’)
      width = s.getAttribute(‘width’)
      height = s.getAttribute(‘height’)
      dirname = u’%sx%s/%s’ % (width, height, context)
      if not os.path.exists(dirname):
      fname = u’%sx%s/%s/%s.png’ % (width, height, context, icon_name)
      cmd = u’%s -i “%s” -e “%s” “%s”‘ % (INKSCAPE, rectid, fname, template)
      if __name__ == ‘__main__’:
      args = sys.argv[1:]
      if args:
      for a in args:
      for root, dirs, files in os.walk(SRC):
      for f in files:
      if os.path.splitext(f)[1] == ‘.svg’:
      renderIt(os.path.join(root, f))

    • By WebOsPublisher

      skyrim – What do the different symbols on the map represent? – Arqade
      function ()

      var WRInitTime = (new Date()).getTime();
      Stack Exchange
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      What do the different symbols on the map represent?
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      As I slowly explore the enormous world of Skyrim, I see all sorts of different symbols appear on my compass. I know they indicate that I should go in that direction to find something, and that the symbol tells what type of thing it is. Some are relatively easy to decipher, but many are not. So I’d like to know what the different symbols mean so that I can know whether I should seek them out or save them for later.
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      Nov 13 ’11 at 19:38
      Raven Dreamer♦
      Nov 13 ’11 at 19:34
      95% accept rate
      1 Answer
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      What we’ve got definitely isn’t comprehensive, and portions may be too specific:
      = Settlement
      = House
      = Wheat mill
      = Lumber Mill
      = Farm
      = Stable
      = Port
      = Mine
      = Shack
      = Lighthouse
      = Imperial Army Camp
      = Stormcloak Camp
      = Nord Tower
      = Imperial Tower
      = Fort
      = Dragon + Word Wall
      = Guardian stone
      = Barrow/Tomb
      = Surface Encounter
      = Giant Camp
      = Cave
      = Daedric Shrine
      = Dwemer Ruins
      = Camp
      = Orc Stronghold
      = Ship
      = Pond/Clearing
      = Grove
      = Mountain Pass
      = Generic point of interest. (Guild halls, some quest encounters, ect…)
      = Quest Marker – The quest is in the same zone as you.
      = Quest Marker w/ door – You must pass a loading screen to get to this destination.
      In addition, each city have a unique emblem, as do each palace.
      (Images from the UESP)
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      Dec 2 ’11 at 22:45
      community wiki
      19 revs, 8 users 24%thegrinner
      You might consider making this a Community Wiki answer so others can pitch in with suggestions to make a more comprehensive list. For example, I know that the horseshoe symbol on the map indicates a horse ranch. – Mana♦ Nov 13 ’11 at 20:55
      @Mana Will do. Thought I did that the first time, guess not. – thegrinner Nov 13 ’11 at 21:12
      The Symbol you listed as Daedric shrine is actually the symbol for Dwarven Ruins. The shrines just happen to use the same one. – user14258 Nov 14 ’11 at 6:57
      @Mason The shrine has a kind of bar on top that I think the Dwarven Ruins lack. I might have that backwards, operating from memory right now. – thegrinner Nov 14 ’11 at 14:15
      I think the shield icon (currently unclassified) indicates a meeting point of some kind — I had one appear for me when I was working with the Blades and the reclaimed a temple, and another atop the Throat of the World. An official map Legend wouldn’t go amiss. – user14323 Nov 14 ’11 at 20:19
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      .ad-container a:hover text-decoration: underline;
      #adzerk2 height: 250px;
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      What do all Skyrim’s “compass” icons mean?
      What do the white dashes on the Skyrim map represent?
      What do these map symbols mean?
      What’s the difference between the PC, 360 and PS3 versions of Skyrim?
      What effects do weather changes have on your character?
      What advantages do the different armor types provide?
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      Do different horses have different speeds?
      Good map of Skyrim?
      Does Skyrim implement different endings?
      What is the purpose of the Jarl’s map in the Dragonreach?
      How can I tell what kind of dragon I’m fighting?
      What do blessings do in Skyrim, and where can I find them?
      What do these symbols mean?
      What happens if I tell my target I’m part of the Dark Brotherhood?
      What creatures fit into the different soul gem sizes?
      What is the fastest way to level up as an Enchanter?
      Dual casting different spells
      What happens when I use the map flags?
      What’s the exhaustive set of items I can use to make Dwarven Metal Ingots?
      What is Lydia’s preferred armor loadout?
      What’s different about my bed in the College of Winterhold?
      What do all Skyrim’s “compass” icons mean?
      What do those different symbols on achievements mean?
      What is the meaning of symbols in Farming Simulator?
      What do the white dashes on the Skyrim map represent?
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