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The Most (and Least) Expensive Football Tickets


As we report today, ticket prices for NFL games have skyrocketed since the end of the lockout on Monday. But not all tickets have moved in lockstep. And while fans want to see their own teams play, for anyone with flexibility, here’s a guide from for the cheapest – and most expensive – prices for the upcoming season:

10 Most Expensive NFL Tickets

(Average home game, regular-season ticket prices on the secondary market, compared to the same last year)

1)      Green Bay Packers: $282, up 38%

2)      New England Patriots: $270, up 17%

3)      Pittsburgh Steelers: $248, up 18%

4)      Chicago Bears: $242, up 20%

5)      New York Giants: $235, up 4%

6)      Philadelphia Eagles: $231, up 25%

7)      Baltimore Ravens: $226, up 22%

8 )      New York Jets: $220, up 17%

9)      Dallas Cowboys: $215, up 14%

10)  New Orleans Saints: $183, down 17%

Least Expensive Regular Season NFL Games

1)      Tennessee Titans v Atlanta Falcons: 11/20/11, $65

2)      Jacksonville Jaguars v Atlanta Falcons: 12/15/11, $64

3)      Houston Texans v Cincinnati Bengals: 12/11/11, $63

4)      Jacksonville Jaguars v Cleveland Browns: 11/20/11, $53

5)      Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns: 12/04/11, $49

Most Expensive Regular Season NFL Games

1)      Dallas Cowboys v New England Patriots: 10/16/11, $332

2)      New Orleans Saints v Green Bay Packers: 09/08/11, $310

3)      Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers: 11/14/11, $309

4)      Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears: 9/25/11, $309

5)      New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers: 10/30/11, $306


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