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The Best Baseball Teams for Ticket Bargains


Derek Jeter reaching the 3,000-hits milestone hasn’t been enough to entice fans out to the ballpark this season. Baseball ticket prices on the secondary market have dropped 6% on average since the start of the season, and Yankees tickets in particular have dropped nearly 50%.

Attendance often falls off if a favored team hasn’t done as well as expected or doesn’t have any exciting matches coming up, and as we report today, fans are also facing higher box office prices than in previous years. “There’s a lot of competition for that entertainment buck right now and baseball really bears the brunt of it,” says Jon Greenberg, executive editor of Team Marketing Report. With that slump in demand, ticket prices on secondary sites have gotten cheaper. (See the list below for teams with the cheapest seats for the rest of the season, and the most expensive.) Growing e-ticketing options have fueled the trend by allowing fans to wait until the very last minute — just hours before the game starts — to buy. Buyers are motivated to wait, and sellers, to drop prices at the last minute to unload seats.

Prices can vary substantially from resale site to resale site, even in the same section, so use an aggregator like or to see all the available tickets. Don’t forget to check the team’s own box office in your quest for deals. Many still have tickets left, which may be cheaper still than those on the secondary market, especially if the team is one of a few that changes its box office prices based on demand. There are specials, too, like the Yankees’ $5 special on terrace, grandstand and bleacher seats to select games. (Regularly, those seats would cost you $15 to $40.)

Here are some of the teams with the best and worst resale bargains, from

Cheapest Seats:

1) Kansas City Royals. Home-game prices for the rest of the season average $29.90, down 22.51% from the start of the season.

2) Washington Nationals. $35.86, -30.54%

3) Cincinnati Reds. $38.03, -25.3%

4) Los Angeles Dodgers. $40.42, -7.45%

5) Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. $41.58, up 15.44%

Most Expensive Seats:

1) Boston Red Sox. Home-game prices for the rest of the season average $145.19, up 3.61% from the start of the season.

2) Toronto Blue Jays. $111.50, 6.17%

3) Philadelphia Phillies. $87.38, -3.63%

4) Minnesota Twins. $73.10, -21.98%

5) Chicago White Sox. $71.60, -6.72%

Biggest Price Drops:

1) New York Yankees. Home-game prices for the rest of the season average $66.47, down 47.34% from the start of the season.

2) Houston Astros. $52.62, -32.59%

3) Chicago Cubs. $63.60, -30.86%

4) Washington Nationals. $35.86, -30.54%

5) Cincinnati Reds. $38.03, -25.3%

Biggest Price Hikes:

1) Florida Marlins. Home-game prices for the rest of the season average $52.90, a 42.16% increase from the start of the season.

2) Cleveland Indians. $57.75, up 17.25%

3) Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. $41.58, up 15.44%

4) Arizona Diamondbacks. $42.23, up 14.71%

5) Pittsburgh Pirates. $44.83, up 10.1%-


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      « “Wrong Hole, Darling” – Love Story Misses Countdown #3
      “Wrong Hole, Darling” – Love Story Misses Countdown #2 »
      “I Need A Cigarette” – Love Story Hits Countdown: #3
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      #3 Best Video Game Romance: Ico and Yorda
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      Kidding aside, it’s difficult not to develop a bond with Yorda, despite how much of a hindrance she can be. There’s no snappy back-and-forth dialogue, (ala Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time) but the utter silence is what makes the game’s atmosphere. Players can draw their own conclusions as to what feelings are developing between the two of them.
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      “Oh, you know, there’s this curse.”
      “I might turn out exactly like my mother, who you just killed.”
      “I’m doing this for you.”
      SiliconNooB says:
      September 18, 2009 at 10:35 am
      I want all my video games to be made by Andogo.
      Ethos says:
      September 18, 2009 at 10:50 am
      Yeah seriously!
      I might just have to bring Andogo on as a writer for LFoPD
      Samoys says:
      October 3, 2009 at 11:27 am
      lot about you
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    • It is sad that baseball has priced tickets out of range for the average family of four. Not only are the ticket prices out of site, the food/souvenir prices are ridiculous. I’ll spend the $180 a year for MLB.TV and watch any game I want when I want. Best price for watching a game yet.

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