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Verizon Nixes Unlimited Data Plans

Verizon smartphone owners may need to be more cautious about how much they download and stream, as the carrier follows AT&T in phasing out its unlimited data plan.


Starting July 7, consumers currently paying $30 for unlimited data must choose among three new options: a two gigabyte plan for $30, five gigabytes for $50, or 10 gigabytes for $80. Use more than your new plan allows, and you’ll pay an extra $10 per gigabyte.

A Verizon spokeswoman declined to comment on the change, but analysts say it’s no surprise. Data usage increased 90% over the past year, according to a recent Nielsen report, and some of the heaviest users doubled their consumption. Tiered structures let carriers increase profit as consumers use more data, as well as fund network expansions to support that data use, says Mark Beccue, an analyst with ABI Research.

This time last year, AT&T became the first major carrier to do away with unlimited data plans, swapping its $30 unlimited offering for a choice of either a 200 megabyte plan for $15 or a two gigabyte one for $25. By their estimates at the time, 65% of consumers could safely go with the cheaper $15 plan.

Most consumers can still comfortably settle in the cheapest plan their carrier offers — at least for now, says Alex Goldfayn, a consumer electronics expert who hosts the nationally syndicated radio show “The Technology Tailor Minute.” A consumer who uses his phone for instant messaging, email and web browsing isn’t likely to hit the two-gigabyte cap for the cheapest plan.

But those interested in streaming video or music, which plays the content over a web connection, may have cause for concern, says Goldfayn. Six hours of Netflix streaming is enough to exceed a 2GB plan. (The better option: use a computer to download videos or music, and then transfer them to your phone. Playing content already on your phone doesn’t use data.)

As carriers shift away from unlimited, a consumer’s best recourse is to monitor data usage through their account online, Beccue says. Carriers typically let you see how much data you’ve used in recent months; information that can help you pick the best plan going forward. You can also check usage as the month progresses, and change your plan without penalty to avoid overage charges.

Consumers should also be cautious about how and when they use their phone’s web connection, says Andrew Eisner, the director of content for electronics review site Save big file transfers — like downloading a movie or sending photos — for your home computer, and be wary of streaming unless you’re using a free WiFi connection instead of the pay-for cellular network.


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    • I’ve been trying to go back to my old 3g unlimited contract with Verizon. They say no can do!
      So I’m paying $600 for a 4g phone and mifi card this month! Merry Freakin Christmas Indeed!

    • Tmobile wont have unlimited that long either and all that will be left will be sprint. ATT bought out tmobile. its all about the money with these companies. you use it more so they charge more and soon they will probably get rid of feature phones as well

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