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Smartphones Not Just For The Young


Older Americans are getting smart – phones, that is. Although those aged 25-34 are the predominant owners of iPhones and Android devices, people aged 55-64 are among the fastest growing adopters of the handsets, a Nielsen study found.

“Smartphone penetration among this older group is only 30%, but it jumped 5% this quarter,” Nielsen reports. Around 40% of those aged 45-54 own smartphones, but those numbers have remained flat.

In the U.S., Android-based phones remain the most popular devices, accounting for 43% of the market, while Apple’s iPhone is the number one device overall, accounting for 28% of users.

The figures indicate that smartphones are in effect displacing non-smart ones, analysts say.

Worldwide, smartphone shipments grew 44% in the past quarter, according to Strategy Analytics. Samsung overtook Apple is now the planet’s largest producer of smartphones with a 24% market share.


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    • The EU Exports much more to the world then the USA both Merchandise and Services. IN 2008 the Eu exported arnoud 2.8 trillion dollars worth of Good and Services to the World not including trade within the EU just External Trade. The EU has 34 million manufacturing jobs while the USA has arnoud 11 million so the EU has much more manufacturing then the USA. Also Exports more Services indicating that more people are employed in Professional/Technical areas in the EU then the US from the trade data which would not be surprising since so many of the EU Countries have Free College Tuition and also Extensive Vocational/Technical Training unlike the US which leads to a much better educated Workforce. A German Graduating with 0 Tuition debt versus an American with $100,000 in Tuition debts is a telling sign. Also so much Dual/Vocational/tech training in Germany and some other Countries tells a tale also. You can compare that with America where the biggest employer is walmart and drive up and down any street in America and see for yourself where most Americans work now-low wage, no benefit low end service economy or they are unemployed or in the underground economy whoring, selling drugs, etc to survive. Only 38% of the 18 to 65 year old US population has a full time, S.S. paying job and less then 20% of the 18 to 65 year old US population has what one could call a middle class lifestyle with Good pay and benefits/safety nets mostly Government workers now.

    • I’m 53 and question why I would need a smart phone. I would be interested on how folks my age and older are using smart phones. I don’t see a need to read work email after hours or home email at work. I don’t desire to be continously connected to work. The screens seem too small to surf with and my investing style means that I don’t need constant market updates. The friends of my children who have smart phones seem to only use them for the cool factor. Are they really useful?

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