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What People Over 50 Are ‘Very Worried’ About


The economy is in the toilet, the job market is far less than ideal and higher inflation could well be on the horizon. So it’s no wonder that people are worried. And to get at exactly how worried older people, in particular, are, the AARP Public Policy Institute released a new study today entitled “50+ and Worried About Today and Tomorrow.”  Here’s a look at what they found:

What Those Aged 50+ Are “Very Worried” About

  1. Ability of Congress and the President to work together to tackle the country’s economic challenges: 65%
  2. Rising taxes: 36%
  3. High inflation: 33%
  4. Another recession: 31%
  5. Further stock market decline: 28%
  6. Having enough money for adequate health care: 26%
  7. Rising interest rates: 21%
  8. Being able to pay rent/mortgage: 13%
  9. You or your spouse losing a job: 13%

The numbers look even more severe when you consider the “very worried about” and “somewhat worried about” responses together.  For example, more than three in four people 50 and up are very or somewhat worried about high inflation (77%), another recession (80%), and Congress and the President working together (91%), and more than half are worried about rising interest rates (52%), having enough money for adequate health care (63%), further stock market decline (72%), and rising taxes (72%).


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    • how late? I didn’t start till age 44. I’m still hoping to have enoguh to retire before age 64just keep saving as much as you canif your company offers a 401k plan with company matching try to contribute at least enoguh to get the maximum match possible that’s FREE MONEY I have gotten $ 20,000+ in FREE match money from my company far in the 7 yrs they have paid match

    • I think it is unfortunate that with all the resources available to them, that most Americans, of all social-economic strata, do not take any steps to prepare for their own future. Politics is definitely an issue that few people pay attention to, and let the talking heads and commercials shape their opinions. However, everyone should take responsibility for their own future and not sit back and rely on others.

    • There are two types of people. One who create value and others who consume it. Rep. Care only about the former.. Den. Care only about the latter.

      The problem is about the first comers. In a true capitalist economy there are winners and loosers. The winners eventually can buy the loosers at the market price.. this perpetual cycle eventually settles to ONLY WINNERS and nothing else..

      Thats how you have 99% and 1%..

    • I`m not the least worried that Congress and Obama won’t work together. My greatest worry is that Obama will be there in 2013 to work with. The man is an incompetent, self-absorbed, corrupt Marxist. ANYbody But Obama.

    • keeping the democrats in congress four more years should just about collapse the US economy…than no one need worry about anything……it will be every person for themselves in an all out crash of socity as we have none it.

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