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As a Recent College Grad, How Do I Find a Financial Adviser?

Question: I’ve recently started my first post-college job and am saving for retirement, but I’d like some help with the rest of my money matters. How do I find a financial adviser?

– Christian Dennis, Atlanta

Answer: Way to take charge of your money. When it comes to finding guidance, experts suggest choosing a certified financial planner; lets you search for those who’ve passed the requisite exams. You’ll also want to look for one who charges hourly or on a per-project basis—instead of a percentage on your account activity. And, experts say, be sure they’re transparent about any sales commissions they earn on products they suggest. One good

place to find an independent planner, suggests Susan John, chair of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, is the Garrett Planning Network. Or check with Napfa, she says, for fee-only advisers or those who specialize in working with younger clients.


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      Split Icons – Windows XP
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      Split Icons
      Justi#1 / 2
      Split Icons
      After my computer crashed, and I restarted my computer, most of the icons on my desktop and in folders have been affected. For example, take the recycle bin icon, cut a line right through the center of that icon, and switch what was on the right of that line to the left of the line. I have searched for solutions on, I have tinkered with my display options, nothing seems to work, though it is only a mild annoyance and it is not affecting my computer in any way, I was wondering if there was a solution. Thanks, Justin
      Thu, 28 Apr 2005 02:10:29 GMT
      Thorsten Matzne#2 / 2
      Split Icons
      It may help to delete the C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\username\LOCAL SETTINGS\APPLICATION DATA\ICONCACHE.DB file and restart Windows. — ™
      Thu, 28 Apr 2005 05:06:19 GMT
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