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How Do I Get a Manufacturer to Honor Its Warranty?

Question: The windows I purchased for my home came with a 10-year warranty, but after 16 months, the seal broke, causing problems. The manufacturer is ignoring my calls and letters. What’s my recourse?

– Victor Palacios, Staten Island, N.Y.

Answer: Leaky windows are bad enough; if you’re lucky, you don’t also have a leaky warranty. Experts recommend checking for any issues that might cause it to be voided—and to make sure you’re barking up the right tree. Sometimes you have to contact the seller first, not the manufacturer. Still no response? If the problem amounts to less than $750, consumer advocates say, you can usually take the company to small-claims court. Other options: File a complaint with a watchdog such as the Federal Trade Commission.


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    • In agreement. Make sure you haven’t done anything to change the warranty. That could present a huge headache for you. If not do the ole threatening letter trick. The FTC, BBB etc.

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