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How Much Can I Contribute to Both My 401(k) and 403(b)?

Question: I contribute to a 401(k) and a 403(b). How do I calculate the maximum limit I’m allowed to contribute? Is it per account or per individual? My 401(k) contribution could also be made to a Roth account within the plan.

– Lisa Simmons, Lincoln, Neb.

Answer: It’s nice to have options. But according to the IRS, the limit is per individual. For 2012, if you’re under 50, you can contribute no more than $17,000 combined to your employer savings plans. (It was $16,500 last year.) The fact that your plan includes a Roth account doesn’t change the limit—which, incidentally, pertains only to your contributions, not to your employers’. That said, your savings may be more valuable in a Roth account, says Jean Fullerton, a partner at WJM Financial in Bedford, N.H. Unlike with a regular 401(k), she says, you’ll likely owe no taxes on Roth withdrawals in retirement.


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    • I have an option of 401k and ROTH 401k at work. Can i cntirtbuoe to both? is so is the combined limit for both $17k or is it $17k each? Also, if I cntirtbuoe to 401k ROTH what is the limit I can cntirtbuoe to ROTH IRA? Is it still $5k in addition to the $17k 401k limit?

    • Yes your pension sluohd be on a 1099-R ask your former employer what they are doing putting it on a 1099-misc.And yes, rental income must be reported. You use a schedule E for that.

    • A few years back, I started manikg charitable donations in the names of some of my loved ones rather than buying them something they didn’t really want or need anyway. It’s better for all involved, not to mention the environment. It’s not very good for the economy, though, but then I’m not really an economic force to begin with.I just keep telling people not to buy me anything. If they must spend money on me, give it to someone trying to cure cancer or feed the homeless. I just don’t need any more sweaters.

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