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How Do I Buy a Car on eBay?

Question: I’m looking into buying a car on eBay. How are they shipped, and how are payments conducted? I’m concerned about making payments before I receive the vehicle.

– Angela Lubi, Charlotte, N.C.

Answer: eBay not only has a wider selection of vehicles than a local used-car lot, but prices can run 20 percent lower than the industry average, says Philip Reed, of auto-shopping site Still, online car buying requires special due diligence. Not only should you check a seller’s user feedback before bidding, but experts recommend finding a local mechanic to make a prepurchase inspection. Payment terms vary by seller; many require a deposit when the auction closes, with the balance due on delivery. (Using an online escrow account? Make sure the site is legitimate, says Reed.) Shipping options also vary. Direct-to-door delivery is often priciest; you can save by picking up the car at a railroad depot or by traveling to inspect and pay for your new wheels in person.

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      Blender is the open source,cross platform suite of tools for 3D creation. – Preview Icons
      Preview Icons
      Credits•Documentation•Report a Bug•Submit a Patch•Release Logs•Building Blender•Current Projects•Architecture
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      The Blender User Interface is enhanced by showing small icons in the popup menu for materials, textures, lamps and world as well as in the popup menus for images. This adds a visual clue for the user in addition to the name of the material or texture that is shown in the menu. The icons also update themselves whenever a change is made to a material or a texture for example.
      For images, the preview icon is stored in the .blend file to prevent having to load all images into memory just to show the previews for the images. This means that the previews only have to be created once, when the popup for images is opened for the first time for any .blend file. When reopening the .blend file, the icons are created from the stored preview image without loading the actual image file into blender, which results in a significant speedup.
      The images are not shown in the icon preview for textures until the image has actually been loaded into Blender, for example when the larger preview for that texture is shown. The reason for this is, that it can takes a some time (and uses memory) to load the images, which would make the popup menu lag. It is planned to store all icon previews in the .blend file in the future, which will make it possible to show the texture image preview icons without having to load the possibly large image file.
      Future work
      For a next release, we will also allow image-based browsing when using the ‘Data browser’ (SHIFT+F4), appending from other files, and for image previews for browsing regular files.
      blender.orgFoundationInstitutePressLogo UsageContactFeatures & GalleryGalleryDownloadGet BlenderSource CodeExtrasTutorials & HelpTutorialsUser ManualPython ScriptingSupport ForumsCommunityGet InvolvedUser CommunityProfessional ServicesBlender ConferenceDevelopmentReport a BugCurrent ProjectsBlender StoreBooksDVDs and TrainingBe cool!

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      I would like to know how to change the My computer icon name by the name of the computer. And this for all users that log to this computer My current computer name is INFO-01-CLNT . I f there is…
      Change "My computer" icon name by the "%COMPUTERNAME%": icon, change, how, name
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      Change "My computer" icon name …
      Change "My computer" icon name by the "%COMPUTERNAME%"
      Asked by: 0210018
      I would like to know how to change the My computer icon name by the name of the computer. And this for all users that log to this computer My current computer name is "INFO-01-CLNT".I f there is information missing tell me
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      There are a few things i…
      Icons Missing
      Whenever I turn on my pc and I always have icons missing in xp and you have to run explorer.exe .. does anyone know why ? my pc is connected to the LAN.
      Username and computername by my computer:
      How can we get with a registry setting the logged on username en computername by the "my computer" icon on an Windows 2003 server?
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      WARNING: 5 Reasons why you should NEVER fix a computer for free.
      It is in our nature to love the puzzle. We are obsessed. The lot of us. We love puzzles. We love the challenge. We thrive on finding the answer. We hate disarray. It bothers us deep in our soul.
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      SCCM OSD Basic Troubleshooting
      SCCM 2007 OSD is a fantastic way to deploy operating systems, however, like most things SCCM issues can sometimes be difficult to resolve due to the sheer volume of logs to sift through and the dispersed nature of the blog posts that deal with some of these issues. This article will help SCCM OSD newbies with some of these issues.
      Integrating SCCM and MDT 2008.
      For our deployments, we always install MDT 2008 on our SCCM server and select Configure ConfigMgr Integration from the MDT area on the start menu. This gives us:
      Templated task sequences we can import into SCCM
      Additional TS Variables for use in our task sequences
      Additional options and flexibility around computer backup…
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      Migrate Small Business Server 2003 to Excha…
      Create a Win7 Gadget
      Exchange 2003 – Activesync Connection Prob…
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