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Will Obamacare Raise the Price of a Big Mac?

    • Well of course the prices will be raised. Every mandate on businesses result in price increases sooner or later.

    • The last paragraph shows just how absent-minded the pro-Omabacare group is.

      Why would you WANT to insure the young, healthy folks? Given the choice, they wouldn’t pay for insurance themselves since they’re exactly the ones who wouldn’t get sick often. The ONLY reason is as stated: to pay for everyone else. And of course businesses will pass those costs on to the consumer, so I get to pay more for a burger so I can pay the premium for someone who doesn’t need it. Not to mention how bloated the system is going to become.

      Can’t we just go back to paying what it costs to go to the doctor and get insurance for those “catostrophic” health problems?

    • Welkome to the USSA…comrade…..

    • ““If you have to pay more for your happy meal, you might have to pay less elsewhere,” Funtleyder says.”

      Someone needs to explain the Broken Window Fallacy to Funtleyder. Spending more on a Happy Meal leaves no choice but to spend less elsewhere because we are left with less to spend elsewhere.

    • Still clinging to the “lower premiums” dream? How cute!

    • The push for repeal will force the Democrats IF* they retain the senate to repeal Obamacare.

      There may also be a constitutional amendment not allowing the government to tax* the citizenry for not buying something.

    • The price doesn’t have to increase. Obama can just limit their prices and profit margin like he did the insurance companies! Won’t it be great!?!?

    • Until my family of 6 healthy people, 2 adults and 4 children, learned ObmaCare was going to stand, we only had catastrophic insurance. When we needed to go to the doctor for routine items, we paid for them. We had insurance for what insurance is meant to cover “things out of the ordinary”. Now we are paying about $650/month, with a deductible of $5000/person in the family. Seriously? We don’t use $650/month in healthcare ever.

    • It will raise the price of everything. Debtors prisons will be back in fashion.

    • “Matman wrote: Welkome to the USSA…comrade…..”

      That’s the the American Socialist Superstate – The A.S.S.

    • This a perfect example of why companies really don’t pay additional taxes … they just pass the costs along to their customers. Also keep in mind too high government taxes may price a business out of the market … the business goes out and a number of folks loose their jobs too. Think a small family restaurant that can’t absorb the tax increases for as long as MickyD’s before raising prices.

    • Mr. Funtleyder, so you are expecting the young to overpay for Health Insurance so that older persons pay less. Does your head spin when you talk?

    • Every time a democrat tells you they’re making companies pay, you should expect nothing but higher taxes and/or higher prices as they buy votes and line their own pockets.

    • Having worked in the health care and insurance field for the past thirty years I have a pretty good idea how thinks work and more importantly don’t work. For a health care plan to be successful it must concern itself with three things Cost, Quality and Access. ObamaCare addresses only one of these issues after giving lip service to the other two. It totally misaligns incentives and grossly underestimates cost while ignoring administrative issues all together. If allowed to progress further it will be the worst disaster to hit this country ever. I could go on almost indefinitely with the disastrous unintended consequences that will befall us should it not be stopped but will leave you with one. The agency responsible for much of the eligibility, revenue collection and disbursement is the IRS. Anyone who thinks this will go well is seriously delusional

    • These big companies have filed and got a waiver from Obummer care… The number of temporary healthcare reform waivers granted by the Obama administration to organizations climbed to more than 1,000, according to new numbers disclosed by the Department of Health and Human Services.

      HHS posted 126 new waivers on Friday, bringing the total to 1,040 organizations that have been granted a one-year exemption from a new coverage requirement included in the healthcare reform law enacted almost a year ago. Waivers have become a hot-button issue for Republicans, eager to expose any vulnerabilities in the reform law.

      In order to avoid disruption in the insurance market, the healthcare overhaul gives HHS the power to grant waivers to firms that cannot meet new annual coverage limits in 2011. The waivers have typically been granted to so-called “mini-med” plans that offer limited annual coverage — as low as $2,000 — that would fall short of meeting the new annual coverage floor of $750,000 in 2011.

      “We don’t want to take away people’s health insurance before they have some realistic other choices,” HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said in an interview with The Hill earlier this year.

      Republican lawmakers have seized on the waivers as proof that the law they want to see repealed is flawed, and they have accused the administration of giving them waivers as gifts to union allies. The administration has rejected both claims as Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee have asked HHS for in-depth details about every waiver decision and request.

      Most requests for waivers have been accepted, but dozens have been denied because they “did not demonstrate that compliance with the minimum annual limits requirements would significantly increase premiums or decrease access to benefits,” an HHS spokeswoman told The Hill in January.

      The waivers are meant as a stopgap measure until new state-run insurance exchanges open in 2014. Annual dollar limits will also be abolished by then.

      About 2.6 million people are covered by the waivers, representing less than 2 percent of privately insured individuals, according to HHS.

      The department also said the number of waivers has been steadily decreasing. HHS approved more than 500 in December, which it attributed to most plan years starting Jan. 1. It then approved 200 waivers in January and 126 in February.


    • It’s not Obamacare.

      It’s ObamaTAX…

    • It’s a penalty, a tax and now a price increase. The only people surprised by this article will be the same group of people who embraced the president when he claimed it would lower costs.

    • Do white folks still eat from a clowns head?

    • Stupid socialist liberals and their CLUELESSNESS on how businesses operation. Most of the Democrats in Washington pushing crap like this Oblamocare this down the throats of America’s business have never worked a real day job in their lives, let alone ran a business.

      Any time the morons on the Proggie left (attempt to “make big corporations pay their fair share” just makes *WE* the citizens pay more (I love the word “Proggie” instead of “progressive” in describing the modern left wing liberals…it has a more Communist/Marxist/Leninist ring to it which parallels where their wretched, America-killing beliefs are close at heart to).

    • How’s the Hope and Change you stupid Obama-loving schmucks?

    • Instead of asking if Obamacare will affect the price of a certain item, it will be easier to ask what WON’T be affected by Obamacare? The answer? Nothing! Everything will cost more and more and more.

    • The planners will be met with a firestorm of protests as ObamaCare burns through the body politic. But no matter, they will adapt, cajole, co-opt and adjust. After a few years the modified program will be stable, another rope in the mass of restraints that the planners have foisted on a previously free people. Virtually all goods and services will flow through the government bureaucracy, and people will forget what it was like to live independent of Big Brother.

    • Uhhhh, McDonald’s will probably raise their prices, but they’re lying as to the reason why……that’s because McDonald’s won’t be affected by Obamacare…..because obama has granted them and several other companies a waiver…therefore McDonald’s will NOT have to provide healthcare coverage for their employees, nor will they be TAXED for not doing so!!!!

    • Ubuibi the waivers are annually renewed. you’re wrong!

    • UH, ubuibi, that waiver was for one year. The waivers issued now are expire when this monstrosity goes into effect.

    • ubuibi you are dumb. The waivers granted were in relation to the maximum payout limits on health insurance plans. The waivers never said that they didn’t have to provide insurance or anything like that. The waivers only affected a single portion of the requirements. Get your facts straight.

    • Wow, the misinformation amazes me.
      1. The cost to insure young health people is low and will bring down costs for everyone. Healthy people just don’t start going to the doctor for no reason. Insurance companies must comply with medical loss ratios. This will bring down the cost for everyone.
      2. Waivers – the waivers are in place until 2014 when the subsidies kick in.
      3. Those of us who are insured already pay for uncompensated care. ObamaCare simply tries to get everyone to pay their fair share — although I agree that the young are over subsidizing the old.

    • So, the cost of healthcare is skyrocketing and we can’t afford the costs. That’s a fact. We have one of the most liberal socialist health care systems in the world. It’s called Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare which comprise almost 50% of the covered lives. The rest of the 50% of us pay to make taxes for those programs, and pay a premium when we do need health care because the socialist system of Medicare, etc. underpays for the care given them, so the rest of us have to pay more to make up for that by paying much more than actual costs to make up for the poor payment schedule of Medicare, etc. To make things worse, for-profit health insurance companies are permitted to keep 20% of our premiums to pay for their infrastructure. (Other countries with private insurance pay only 2-5% of the premium dollar for infrastructure.) That would be higher if not for the limits set for them by the PPACA (otherwise known as Obamacare). Then I have to pay for those who have no insurance, no assets, and no reason to not go to the ERs and hosptials where the care may be convenient, but 10 times the cost of a doctor’s visit. There is no free lunch. If healthy young people are not paying premiums for health insurance and only the sickest have insurance, health insurance becomes unaffordable for all but the 1% the Occupy movement talks about. If the Bismarck model of employer based health care premiums doesn’t work, what will? A universal health insurance that levels the playing field and insures Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare and the rest of us? Put the premiums we pay off limits to the political budget process and put it in a non-profit, privately owned insurance company. I want the health care our vets, elderly, and poor are getting at the prices they pay (less subsidies). Don’t make me pay my bill AND everyone elses!

    • Everything will rise in price because of the new tax.

    • Umm…I actually took the time to read something about Obamacare instead of parroting what I heard on MSNBC. I now reverse my post and apologize for the ‘misinformation’ point; it is I who am severely misinformed.

      Sorry everyone!

    • -> Jen
      Good on you ! Someone at last questions the propaganda arm of the DNC. I hope you will carry this skepticism forward and apply it to everything else ABCNBCCBSCNNMSNBCNPR tells you.

    • jmstettner,

      I’ll try, but I’m still pretty easily duped. I can only catch myself every once in a while.

    • What they don’t say is that the alternative, and more likely course of action, for many employers in this position, will be to reduce the number of full-time workers and hire more part-time help to avoid having to pay for expensive health insurance. Otherwise, they will have to pay the new Obama/IRS tax on small business.

      Jen below said,
      “Wow, the misinformation amazes me.
      1. The cost to insure young health people is low and will bring down costs for everyone. Healthy people just don’t start going to the doctor for no reason. Insurance companies must comply with medical loss ratios. This will bring down the cost for everyone.
      2. Waivers – the waivers are in place until 2014 when the subsidies kick in.
      3. Those of us who are insured already pay for uncompensated care. ObamaCare simply tries to get everyone to pay their fair share — although I agree that the young are over subsidizing the old.”

      Jen, your naivety amazes me.
      1. Yes, young people paying into the system, lowers costs but you are forcing a group of people to buy something that they don’t want and probably don’t need. A better option would be to spend a little money and encourage the young employed to purchase catastrophic insurance to cover the unexpected but give them the option. The Supreme court got it wrong. This is unconstitutional.

      2. This is a shell game. Obamacare will take in a great deal of money before it begins to fully pay out; making it seem like a cost neutral program during the first ten years but then expenditures catch up with revenue and we’ll all feel the pinch. And let’s not kid ourselves. There is no government program that isn’t full of fraud, waste, abuse and unanticipated cost over-runs. Why in the world would we want to give them any more power.

      3. I’m so tired of the term “fair share” which we all know is code of socialism. You are correct though, we are already paying for the uninsured with higher premiums. The fact is, anyone who needs care, gets care regardless of ability to pay and that’s already the case. Instead of taking some simple common sense steps to improve health insurance accessibility, we have created a new monstrosity to burden our descendants.

      Why not do the few simple things we all (most) agree on:
      A. Allow insurance companies to compete across state lines. This is allowed in my state and my out of state insurance was a significant cost savings.

      B. Do away with “pre-existing condition” restrictions. The truth is, this doesn’t happen too often anyway. Anytime you enter an insurance plan via an employer, the contract forbids the insurance carrier to exclude based on preexisting conditions.

      C. Allowing adult children to remain on their parents insurance until age 26.

      D. Tort reform to reduce fraudulent malpractice claims; allowing doctors to have more reasonable malpractice insurance costs that are passed on to the consumer.

      That’s a bill we could all live with and it could be written in about 20 pages instead of over 2,000!

    • This is why you need universal health for all citizens, paid out of taxes. Everyone who can afford to, pays their fair share… Every taxpayer, every profitable company. No company has to choose between profits or benefits. Nobody has to worry about losing coverage with their job, or staying with a job they hate. Level playing field.

      Plus, every doctor can see everyone, and there’s only one schedule of covered treatments, one form for the doctor to fill out, and no insurance execs’ Bentleys to pay for.

      I cannot understand why you have public roads, public schools, but let poor people suffer and get third world health care.

    • An old saying: “There’s no free (McDonald’s) lunch”.

    • I think I found a headline that’s a bit more appropriate:

      “Will Obamacare give McDonald’s an Excuse to Raise the Price of a Big Mac?”

      This company makes so much money already it’s laughable for them to claim that their pocketbook can’t handle providing insurance for their employees. McDonald’s could buy Europe if it felt like it. They are more than capable of funding healthcare insurance for their employees, and they know it.

    • So, the cost of healthcare is skyrocketing and we can’t afford the costs. That’s a fact. We have one of the most liberal socialist health care systems in the world. It’s called Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare which comprise almost 50% of the covered lives. The rest of the 50% of us pay taxes for those programs, and pay a premium when we do need health care. Because the socialist system of Medicare, etc. underpays for the care given them, the rest of us have to pay more to make up for that. We pay much more than actual costs to make up for the poor payment schedule of Medicare, etc. To make things worse, for-profit health insurance companies are permitted to keep 20% of our premiums to pay for their infrastructure. (Other countries with private insurance pay only 2-5% of the premium dollar for infrastructure.) That would be higher if not for the limits set for them by the PPACA (otherwise known as Obamacare). Then I have to pay for those who have no insurance, no assets, and no reason to not go to the ERs and hosptials where the care may be convenient, but costs 10 times more than a doctor’s visit. There is no free lunch. If healthy young people are not paying premiums for health insurance and only the sickest have insurance, health insurance becomes unaffordable for all but the 1% the Occupy movement talks about. If the Bismarck model of employer based health care premiums doesn’t work, what will? A universal health insurance that levels the playing field and insures Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare and the rest of us? Put the premiums we pay off limits to the political budget process and put it in a non-profit, privately owned insurance company(or companies). I want the health care our vets, elderly, and poor are getting at the prices they pay (less subsidies). Don’t make me pay my share AND everyone elses! I could talk about making health care efficient, but that is another topic.

    • nothing like ni99ercare

    • there are a lot of misconceptions about the health care plan. It was never claimed that the program would bring down the cost of care- it is intended to eventually slow the rate of increase of the cost of care- a subtle but in important difference. If it works, it will need tweeking- no doubt- the costs will be lower in a few years than they would have been without it…but it certainly will not lower costs- it was never billed that way.

    • I am amazed at the liberal responses here. i guess you libs don’t understand a free market economy. Emphasis on the word FREE. Health care is a choice, not a right. Folks that can afford the best are free to do what they want. Folks that decide to get fat, be poor and remain unhealthy should not be subsidized by those who are productive, create jobs and stay healthy. There will always be poor, there will always be rich. We can’t afford to give everyone healthcare, the rich will just live elsewhere and the system will breakdown. Look at Europe. The consequences of trying to give everyone everything at the expense of those that produce does not work. You eventually run out of other peoples money.

    • Oddly enough, this story leaves out the fact that McDonald’s was one of the first major companies to be granted an exemption from Obamacare. Use your favorite search client for the phrase: mcdonalds obamacare exemption.

    • As someone who is in the Healthcare sector I find it so funny that people are so STUPID! BoboCare throws millions into Medicaid which over 90% of providers refuse to accept. You might have a card saying you have healthcare but do you really have it if NO ONE will accept it? Same with Medicare… 75% will not accept NEW Medicare patients. Where will they get treatment? In dirty, overcrowded, under-staffed clinics. But enjoy being a “Unit” and enjoy that un-accountable group of non-medical morons that will decide whether or NOT you are worth care. No lawsuits against them – No recourse either.

    • Health care should be a right. You can choose how hard you want to work, what to sacrifice, however you want to define yourself as successful, but in the end you cannot choose to avoid cancer, or to not suffer from a congenital defect. Moreover, many of these illnesses are caused by harmful emissions from industry. Get over it conservatives, you lost, (again).

    • Darden already has obamacare waivers for it’s resturants so im not sure why they are named in here. They were one of the first to get waivers. As for mcdonalds didn’t they also join the early list of obamacare waivers?

      So im a bit confused here; both these places got waivers approved very early on.

    • I for one thought McDonald’s received a coveted “waiver” from the provisions of Obamacare. As for this notion that the young restaurant workers who will now be required to pay full freight to off set the cost of caring for the sick I have but one question. The young have substantially less assets than the older people they are supposedly going to be subsidizing. How can any self respecting person call this “fair?” I’m beginning to see the end of the road for the “American Dream” if we continue down this path.

    • Just don’t expect businesses to hire additional workers. With individual “benefits” being so costly, it is cheaper to make / encourage an employee to work over time then it is to bring in additional help.

      People often wonder how public servants can get pay checks over $100K, it amounts to the same thing….OVERTIME (and a lot of it). Yet despite the negative publicity it is cheaper for most cities to pay that over time than hire more people to do the job. Pensions, Healthcare etc. is often a large part of an employees compensation.

    • In order to pay for ObamaCare, let’s tax the people who will be getting their Free Healthcare with a sin tax on junk food such as McDonald’s and soda. These are the people who are driving up the price of healthcare by eating this crap, let them pay for it, not the healthy people who already pay for their insurance!!!

    • I see a lot of part time jobs and fewer full time jobs. The obama drones will have to keep two or three part time jobs to make what they should earn from one

    • Yeah no duh…of course all costs incurred by businesses for any kind of taxation always flows down to us, the ones who already pay all the bills!! This is why raising taxes only hurts the middle class!! Don’t fall for their lies people!! If you are in the middle and you hear Oblameya say he wants things to be “fair”…get your checkbook out and have a big pen ready, because the bills are coming!

    • Re: @Allen above===> If this was not supposed to lower the overall costs, then why do they keep covering up their pork laden bundles of corruption, AKA bills, with flowery happy sounding titles like “The AFFORDABLE Healthcare Act? When will you people realize that handing off the power of taxation to corrupt politicians means that nobody will EVER win?? If taxes were kept low and NOBODY was given special favors (because they wouldn’t be necessary), there would be none of this stuff going on. The Oblameya Admin in particular, is using the tax code to control us and we’re letting him get away with it!!

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    • get ready, bend over – this monster is going to be the most expensive thing the world has ever seen AND the brothers in the ghetto will still show up at the ER without coverage.

    • I know it’s early but I saw a news piece on the one of the guys who got shot in Aurora – no health insurance but had enough $$ for a kid and a trip to a Batman show……….

    • and here’s another thing: I have no insurance right now myself, but I know if something happens to me or my sons, I’ll have to PAY FOR IT MYSELF!! I figured it this way: after I was laid off summer 2011, it was $1,500/mo. for COBRA…I didn’t have that then so I rolled the dice. Now I have a good contract job making great money, but no insurance, so with every passing month I figure I’m $1,500 ahead knowing full well that if something happens, I’ll be on the hook. It’s because of managed care and HMOs that people have the stupid idea that healthcare is a right (thanks Dems in Congress too). It’s NOT a right…it’s a SERVICE!! The Marxists in Congress wanted to make it a right to control us and redistribute our wealth and we’re LETTING THEM GET AWAY WITH IT!!

    • Is that about the stupidest question, ever? Does anyone understand how economies work any more? YES, all hamburgers will go up in price, as with EVERYTHING!

    • But we’re all going to LOVE our FREE healthcare!!!

    • well, the big macs may cost more, but isn’t it ok to pay more for our free health care…err, insurance?

    • What am I going to do without my cheap Big Mac :(

    • repeal Repeal REPEAL!
      Silly Billy is correct that healthcare is a service, not a right. Insurance is a product, not a right.
      Insurance is not the same thing as health care. People without insurance get health care and pay for it themselves all the time.

      Insurance is supposed to protect you against the unexpected(think-car accident, house fire), not pay for everyday needs(rash, headache, earache).
      Food is required for staying alive too but we don’t have government-mandated “food insurance” to give us “free” food. …..Yet.(unless you are an Obamaphile with your EBT card eating at the expense of taxpayers).
      Stop the Marxists.

    • Prices as McDonalds have already gone up quite a bit since 2007 due to the Democrats almost doubling the minimum wage. And of course unemployment started rising soon after the increase, as economists said it would, especially among the young. Do you miss the unemployment in the 4% range we enjoyed for years when Republicans ran the show in D.C.?

    • I suspect this drought will raise the price of the Big Mac also.

    • The GOP lost its way also…they were supposed to be the small gov’t party and they’re not. Their answer is a decline in the growth of gov’t agencies. not the elimination of them. That’s not Conservative. John Boehner is scared silly of being demonized by the Marxists, er, I mean the Democrats. It’s time this country gets dealt with some tough love…a low flat tax across the board and the elimination of 3/4 of the IRS is a good start. Then goes the EPA, the DoE, the GSA and then look to combine FBI, ATF, Homeland Security, CIA, etc. It’s not rocket science…it just takes the BALLS to do it because you’ll be called names…SO WHAT??? Do you care that your child calls you mean when you discipline them?? Well, working with Democrats in particular (some GOP) is like dealing with your kids…do what is right and everything will be better in the end even though they’ll put you through some real shitstorms in the meantime.

    • Silly Billy – you are completely correct about the long term fix, the only issue is keeping people who support these policies in office long enough to implement them and see the positive changes.
      The people (Obama Supporters) have figured out they can vote themselves money … and Obama is happy to supply it in exchange for their vote.
      The kid analogy is good … except that I wonder how many parents would “remain in office” for the full 18 year term if their kids could vote them out every two years.

    • The story (and some of the comments) reveal the writers’ naivety. All businesses consider costs when evaluating prices. Corn will be in short supply this year (drought) so anything made with corn will cost more to make. Retail prices will go up. Oil has traditionally gone up and down based on political conditions in the countrys that are the major suppliers. Oil in short supply? Retail prices will go up. Citys and towns in bad fiscal shape? Real estate taxes will go up, and this too will pressure businesses to raise prices. This is all part of the capitalist system. The guy who either figures out how to make the product cheaper and therefore can make an acceptable margin with a competitive price, will always be successful. Its not a political issue. Its an economic issue. Businesses are in business to do business and make a profit. Why is that so surprising?

    • Let’s get real. It isn’t just the Big Mac that will go up in price. It will be EVERTHING!

    • Of course it will raise the price of a Big Mac. This is a free market economy and Obamacare, with it’s universal coverage and subsidies, will undoubtedly increase consumption of healthcare. Given that the economies of scale have already been realized in healthcare it is doubtful the increased consumption will lead to lower unit costs for healthcare which means overall costs will rise … so if health-care spending is to fall then it must be subsidized heavily from somewhere else … ie. employers, who will pass on those costs to their customers.

    • To Jen,

      The mighty Boa would just like to salute you on your having admitted to being “uninformed”…. Or was it “misinformed”? In any case, it is not common for people to do so and you deserve the salutations for having done so. Hopefully, you will continue to seek the truth in all matters, and find it as well….

    • The price of EVERYTHING will go up … thank you for your most generous contribution Mr. President, our Dear Leader.

      Nice that the liar Kathleen Sebelius was directly quoted in the article, never believe a thing coming from that womans mouth she is a venemous liar. Why are the other ‘spokespersons’ from the government unwilling to be named? Pretty foggy journalism and lame article at best. Who in the government knows whats best for Americans? Aren’t we intelligent enough to know for ourselves? They don’t think so. They are more worried that we are allowed to own guns. Isn’t the ‘freedom’ we have as American citizens being trampled on by the ruling elitists and Statist like Obama regime?

      If you agree with any of these statements or dislike the Affordable Healthcare Act then there should be a landslide worse than the butt kicking they took in 2010 coming this November. This socialist Alinsky dreamed LAW MUST BE REPEALED.

      Vote with you BRAINS … and tell any cronie implant RINO’s that will be empowered come November if they think they are gonna take control of anything more than the government, and STOP the out of control spending, entitlements and freebies that have been thought of recently as ‘rights’, then they too will be tossed out of Washington and your state capitals.

      SHUT DOWN the departments of Energy, Labor and Education. Take all that money and give it back – its ours not theirs. And it is obvious that all of that money is a complete waste of our hard earned dollars. Obama is AT WAR with the middle and upper class – you know, those who actually pay in and get little or anything in return.

      Remember … WE THE PEOPLE?

    • Do the math: a minimum-wage employee working 40 hrs. a week will gross about $14k a year. The cost of insuring that same employee is likely to be at least $8k a year. To expect that cost not to have an impact on the price of goods is unreasonable. This will extend far beyond burgers and fries.

    • Silly Billy, you got that right. The word “fair” is the most dangerous word in the English language. Every time it is uttered, the result is that one group ends up getting a better deal that everyone else has to pay for. Look at the ADA, a prime example, they force a business to install a handicap stall, the result is every other stall gets squeezed down smaller… look at handicap parking spaces they have to set some up by the door it means everyone else will have to park further away and walk a little further… Those are just easy to see examples, but every time something is mandated in the name of fairness it ends up taking from others.

      It would be nice if people could just accept that life isn’t fair and deal with it.

    • Econ 101: When Governments impose higher taxes business passes this on to the consumer.

    • Stories such as this one acts as if this is some new revelation. Those of us that have been against this monstrosity knew this all along. Obamacare is going to have it’s tenicles in so many parts of our lives, not only will the nations budget spiral out of control, personal freedoms and choices will be attacked for the benefit of controlling the ballooning costs of ObamaCare. What government program has ever been cheaper than what they estimated. NONE!!!!

    • GET RID OF THIS NONSENSE CALLED OBAMACARE! It is nothing but extortion by a bunch of political elites to rake in our cash.

    • With a Marxist Government which flows from the gutter-snipe MOUTH of the One faKE President there is nothing he cannot raise the prices of….

      Notice how the whole place other than a few favored companies is into major financial depression.

    • He has already raised the prices, so the answer is YES. His policies have caused the prices of everything to go up.

    • Of course businesses will increase the cost of their products to offset increases in expenses. That is a very basic principle. This just gives some an opportunity to increase prices even more, after all, how many people that are going to buy a fast food burger are going to change their mind if say the price was once 3.00 and is now 3.25? That 2% estimate is way too low.

    • 2% as in the increase in cost not the % of people that wouldn’t purchase the burger.

    • If it does – it will cause people to eat less of them and become more healthy!!

    • But I thought Obama gave a waiver to McDonalds?

    • ..”to the moon Alice……to the moon”

    • Hey NW Doc…uh no…people are going to do unhealthy things until the cost or consequences become catastrophically unbearable, and even that doesn’t stop people from unhealthy lifestyle choices a lot of the time. If you really are a doctor, you must not have been in practice very long to not get that basic concept of human behavior. How many people can be healthier if they just exercise more and eat more nutritious foods? Really easy solutions to common health maladies, yet people are just too goddamn lazy/stubborn to use these solutions.

    • The price of goods and services increase as the cost of the inputs increases. Mandated health insurance – that meets the approved coverage levels – is an input into goods and services. Thus, as the cost of insuring a workforce increases, the cost of those goods and services will increase.

      @Alan – you posted that the ACA is designed to slow the rate of increase of health care. You are incorrect. In no way, shape or fashion was it designed to do that. Neither was it designed to reduce the cost of care. Rather, the design of the ACA further masks the true cost of care from consumers which will drive greater utilization of the health care system. Greater utilization means higher demand. When demand increases for a limited good/service, prices increase. This is pretty basic stuff.

      The CBO has also concluded that the cost of care will not be materially affected by the ACA – it will still rise as we have seen historically. The cost of insurance will necessarily reflect the cost of care. Therefore, as the cost of care increases the cost of insurance will increase. Increases in the cost of insurance translate into a higher level of subsidies for those who qualify. Thus, the cost of the ACA will increase the overall cost of the program. Of course, Congress could have decided to do a handful of pretty basic things that would have had a direct impact on reducing the cost of care, but that wouldn’t satisfy their ideology.

    • Well of course it will raise prices. I don’t know where liberals get this idea that things are free. There is no free health care and you will pay much more for it under Obamacare, it just won’t be the doctor sending you the bill, it will be the grocery store, the utilities, your taxes…

    • Fatties are MAD.

    • Also, McDonalds got a waiver from Obamacare. So this is called propaganda.

    • Waaaa… McDonalds now has to do the right thing and provide some decent basic healthcare coverage to its employees. If businesses can’t do the right thing on their own (not pollute, exploit, etc.) then they have to be held accountable by some basic regs and laws. I won’t shed a tear for mega corporate America. It’s about time.

    • No soul rightwingers who hate American workers/employees have to choke on Obamacare. Too bad, teabaggers. Every once in a blue moon PEOPLE, HUMANS get a victory over big business.

    • Brave Sir Robin, are you stupid or just illiterate? Businesses are NOT going to lose on this. WE ALL will pay for it and that is why it is illegal. It’s not about sharing responsibility and helping others, I already do that. It’s about being FORCED to.

    • Maybe Jesse Jackson will step up to the plate and denounce this as raaaaaaciiiiist. (As he is evidently quite a fan of McDonalds.) It’d be about the first time that I’d consider agreeing with him.

    • Guess I am confused: 2010 Article.

      “McDonald’s, 29 other firms get health care coverage waivers”

      “Thirty companies and organizations, including McDonald’s (MCD) and Jack in the Box (JACK), won’t be required to raise the minimum annual benefit included in low-cost health plans, which are often used to cover part-time or low-wage employees.”


    • First, to the person complaining about the ADA, please be aware that while a handicap bathroom stall may make others smaller, by allowing enough space for a handicap person to use it, you allow the person the ability to leave their house and go out and earn income. Having parking spaces and ramps to allow them access to an office is the difference between them being able to earn a living (and pay taxes) as a productive member of society vs. sitting at home on disability. I’m a handicapped person – thankfully not in a wheelchair (yet) – but handicapped parking is a godsend to someone who can barely walk. Luckily, I don’t need to walk to work as an engineer. I made 6 figures last year and paid plenty of taxes (too much, actually). Far better than the piddly amount I’d get on disability, which 3 different doctors have told me I can get any time I want. I prefer the rewards of work, which free enterprise lets me enjoy and which I *earn* through hard work. *I* did it, not *someone else* as Obama claims.

      As for Obamacare, holy cow what a debacle that is! I have a slightly different perspective on it than most here. I don’t really object to mandated catastrophic coverage so much. You can live a super healthy lifestyle, act prudently, and drive safely, but you still have no control over the azzhat who drinks 8 beers then plows into you on the highway. The rest of us shouldn’t have to pay because you wanted to go cheap and not buy basic insurance (provided you can afford it).

      O-bysmal-care is not the answer. I’m amazed that so few people seem to be aware of all the taxes this monstrosity imposes. Someone like me with a chronic condition (rheumatoid arthritis since age 16) through no fault of my own needs more health care services than a “normal” healthy person. I don’t object to paying higher premiums to get better care, since I do use more health care services than most.

      O-bominable-care, however, heaps taxes on those of us who are already paying more than most for health care. Yes, it’s fair for us to pay more, but adding to the burden to fund this monstrosity is not right. New taxes will be added to medical devices. Who uses those? Sick people. New taxes will be levied on drug development companies. Aren’t drugs costly enough? Again, the sick people take the hit.

      The floor for deducting medical expenses on your taxes is going from 7.5% to 10% of income. Another whack at the sick or those who have a bad year with accidents or health issues like cancer. Similarly, the cap for flexible spending accounts drops to $2500, so far less tax savings there, too.

      Have an HSA? Well you can no longer use that money to pay for your over the counter meds. So long allergy meds, acid reflux meds, pain relievers, etc…

      And the one that frosts me the most, the 40% tax on “Cadillac” health plans. This one is nothing more than class warfare – misdirected class warfare. I pay very high premiums for a PPO plan with no deductibles or co-insurance. It’s actually the most cost-effective plan for me because I use my insurance heavily for the 10 prescriptions that allow me to get out of bed every morning and the frequent doctor visits needed to monitor the meds and my condition.

      A plan with a deductible, high co-pays, and co-insurance ends up costing me more, since I’d have to pay the deductibles every year anyway. But Obamacare doesn’t want anyone having care they consider “too good”, even if it’s the best suited to their needs. Contrary to what they seem to think, it’s not just those man old evil rich people who buy more comprehensive health care.

      I get to pay a 40% excise tax on the amount in excess of an arbitrarily-determined amount that also doesn’t take zip code into account. I live in MA, where we have the highest premiums and one of the highest costs of living in the country, so even people with moderate plans here will end up being whacked by this.

      What kind of sense does it make to add more expense to those already carrying theheaviest health care cost load? Like I said, I don’t mind paying more for my overall health care, since I do use it more than most, even though that’s not my fault. However, these new taxes and limits on deductions are just stupid. I’ve been trying to figure out why they call this thing “Affordable” since it’s not going to make things cheaper for me or anyone else. Running the numbers shows I’ll be paying thousands more per year because of this mess.

      I do think health insurance should be connected to an individual and not come through employers. There should be cross-state competition and tort reform. I would expect costs would come down once insurers didn’t have to deal with 50 different sets of rules and everyone was in one big pool. The pre-existing condition thing wouldn’t be such a big deal once the risk was spread across everyone.

      I don’t like the idea of higher taxes, but perhaps a super-cheap catastrophic-only plan for everyone would be a good basic starting point, with a tiny Medicare increase to pay for it. Such a plan wouldn’t cost insurers that much, since most people would never use it. Then, those who need or want better coverage could buy it themselves from their provider of choice or get it from employers who choose to offer it. That’s the only kind of mandate I could support.

      We all already pay for Medicare (those of us who work, anyway), so a little more wouldn’t be too bad. It would keep people from going broke due to an accident or diagnosis and everyone would be free to get extra or better insurance if they want it. I think what we’d save in premiums and costs that businesses wouldn’t have to pass along would more than make up for a small (0.1 or 0.2% increase in Medicare). We’d have to restrict those on Medicaid from going to the ER all the time. Perhaps give them a certain number of visits per year and any beyond that (that are not true emergencies) will result in cuts in their benefits. And no illegals would get coverage. Hospitals would be insulated from being sued for denying care when they are unable to afford it. We need to ditch the anchor baby thing, too, but that’s another issue.

      I’m an Independent – somewhat libertarian-leaning – so I’m not tied to any one party’s thinking. I’m a fiscal conservative, so I’m all about reining in spending and allowing individuals and private enterprise to flourish. I actually suspect that Obamacare is intentionally bad so the socialist crowd can swoop in after it fails to “save the day” with expensive and onerous single-payer insurance. Like I said above, I think only a minimal form of single-payer insurance would be needed and we already have the infrastructure to administer it. We need to keep it simple. 2700 pages of pork and nonsense is ridiculous, as are all the exemptions for cronies, like unions, and other bits of social engineering involved.

    • To Erik your already forced to pay taxes what the hell are you talking about forced? You mean how i was forced to pay $30000 for a appendix removal I had no control over that i was forced to remove it or die? Now to stay living im 30000 k in the hole gotta love this country. Idiot

    • @James and Brave Sir Robin:

      You have obviously never run a business. Contrary to popular liberal belief, companies are in business to make money, not to provide jobs, health care, or other nanny services for employees. It’s no different than you expecting a to be paid for going to work.

      Every tax and regulation results in a business expense. Business expenses are rolled into the cost of goods or services sold, which means the costs eventually get passed along to the consumer. Raising taxes and adding more regulations will only raise costs for everyone. Profit is not a dirty word. Without profit, there would be no jobs and no hiring.

      Sure, we need some regulations, but when it starts to stifle business, we have a problem. The current administration likes to paint businesses as the bad guys and is using tax code to play favorites with industries (green energy = good, oil companies = bad). It also is pitting various groups of Americans against one another (union vs. right to work, rich vs. poor, black vs. white) which serves no one except the politicians who are pandering to particular groups in order to gain votes. Or in Obama’s case, buying them by doing such things and giving amnesty to illegals, refusing to enforce existing immigration law, giving chunks of GM and Chrysler to unions instead of the bondholders who were legally entitled, giving 80% of DOE grants and loans to his financial supporters, eliminating the work requirement for welfare (which his fellow Democrat, Bill Clinton, championed), and insulting those who work hard to start and run businesses. That is not something the government should be doing.

    • Obama’s not even the president. Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled last year? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin isn’t in this race and won’t be at the RNC because too many people now know the truth.

      Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the BIGGEST cover up in world history before it disappears forever.

    • Get the 50 states to a meeting and disband the US Federal Government. Then we can start over………… Because this arrangement is CLEARLY NOT WORKING for citizens of any State.

    • You said, “In exchange for lower health premiums under Obamacare”. ObamaCare has raised health insurance rates 25-50% so far, and you can expect another 50-100% rate jump in 2014.

      And this is before we start paying 2-4 Trillion dollars a year in additional taxes for the subsidies!

      ObamaCare was never about lowering health care costs or covering more people, it was about the government grabbing power and $$$.

    • The Democrat Insurance Regulation Act (a more accurate name since it had nothing to do with healthcare and certainly hasn’t made it more affordable for the majority if people) is a hidden tax, as businesses and insurance companies raise prices in order to meet these unfunded mandates. It’s already been shown that the tax penalty won’t work .. it didn’t work in Mass. The IRS has no authority to collect the penalty except from refunds, smart people just won’t get refunds and ignore the threats. It’s only the poor people who get tax credits beyond what they pay in that will be paying these penalties.

    • The question should be, should Yobummer raise taxes on cigarettes or better yet, ban them all together!

    • Well, if no one has a clue as to whether or not the prices will be raised because of health care, then why write about it???? What a waste of my time reading it! Everyone needs to stop crying about it until we know for sure what is going to happen.

    • Sneaky swarmy bastard. Its not a tax but the poor will be hit the hardest.

    • McDonalds clearly has taken steps to avoid the issues faced because of ACA by eliminating the need for employees: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dC6eDmpKN8

      Why would they pay for insurance on top of their biggest expense (wages) when they can eliminate both?

    • Just another reason why Obamacare is useless. It actually means the consumer will be paying more for everything to make up for $420 million a year, plus McDonald’s will almost certainly lay a bunch of people off.

      So much for creating jobs, huh.

    • How many Micky D franchises have more than 50 salaried employees?

    • Because he’s a greedy, parasitic, leftist democRat, Ofailure screws up everything he touches.

    • Another diversion story. Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled last year? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin isn’t in this race and won’t be at the RNC because too many people now know the truth.

      Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the BIGGEST cover up in world history before it disappears forever.

    • It just goes to show here’s no such thing as a ….

    • The healthcare law is going to close down mom and pop places, then McDonald’s really will be able to charge whatever it wants.

    • If you like your oven, you can keep your oven. The government will just control the thermostat. We promise not to turn the heat over 98 degree. So go on and get in there and trust your health to us……

    • Restaurants will raise prices 2% to pay for employee health care? My standard tip will drop from 15 pct. To 13 pct. Yes We Can!

    • Where is the “affordable” in the affordable care act. . . oh ya, nobody really paid any attention to that. There are so many unintended consequences and this article glosses over a lot of them. For one thing companies that already provide adequate levels of insurance have to buy some of their goods and services from companies that don’t and they will pass on the increases. I guarantee that the costs will be much higher than the “experts” are telling us. Scrap this crap and put together something that is simple and isn’t written in a back room with sweetheart deals. Something that puts human nature into the equation.

    • Your damn right the price of a big mac will go up, so will all the prices at EVERY restaurant EVERYWHERE in the country. In fact every single thing we consume will go up due to ObamaCare. I am a business owner and we are not going to sit back and absorb this financial nonsense, you, the consumer will pay the price, at Olive Garden, Safeway, Kohls, Walmart, etc. I like this comment about tipping less, that is taking out your frustration on the wrong person the wait staff has nothing to do with menu pricing, take it out on your elected officials that made this a law.

    • I thought McDonalds was one of those 1200+++ Obama Care Tx waivers handed out by HHS to the unions and other friends of Barry Sotero.

    • Whiners. Try medical bankruptcy under the old system. You’ll be buying from the dollar $1.02 menu.

    • No way you mean this is not free? You mean this will directly cost the middle class consumer? Duhhhhhh. Can anyone name legislation that was free?

    • I’m a McDonalds franchisee and have 2 restaurants. To address a couple of people in this post, while McD is a large company, 85% of their restaurants are owned by franchisees…normal business people in your communities. I have over 50 employees in each of my restaurants. If you do some basic math on the cost of insurance times 50 people you quickly see that obamacare will either put people out of business, prices will go up, or our employment practices will change. I offer health care now to my managers as many McD franchisees do, however I require the employees to pay 50%. Many opt not to participate because
      Of cost. Under Obamacare, the way I understand it, if I offer coverage and the employee declines then goes to get care under a health care exchange, I will be fined $2000. How fair is that to business? To answer the question of this article, of course prices will go up as they are in many other countries with a form of universal healthcare. I agree something needs to be done, but the answer is not to put it solely on the backs of business.

    • Of course government controlled health care will lead to restrictions on what you can be “allowed” to eat. This will ultimately affect food prices. Don’t you want to look like the scarecrow and chief? Or is it thief?

    • And another 30 million Amerikans slide into poverty!!!

    • Didn’t McDonalds receive a waiver?

    • @ Joe MCD…..I’m calling you on your BS….Everyone knows Obama has given the McDonald restaurants (which includes their franchisees) a waiver so that you DO NOT have to provide insurance to those you only pay minimum wage!! And you will NOT BE FINED OR TAXED for not giving those MINIMUM WAGE slaves affordable healthcare!! On another note at least I have to compliment you for at least offering healthcare @50%. My franchisee offers healthcare at 100% my cost!!! You pay me minimum wage then want me to pay 100% or even 50% of my heathcare???? I’m just barely surviving and trying to pay just my living expenses on $7.50 an hour for 37.5 hours because that’s as close as I can come to 40.
      McDonald’s was just named one of the worst places to work because, you only pay your employees minimum wage, you do not provide any paid sick time (since I can’t afford to miss work I work sick) which can make customers sick! I’ve had to go to work with a fever and diareahea….and the bosses didn’t care!!! Think about that people the next time you walk into a McD’s think about how many people in the grill might be sick but have to be there, because they can’t afford not to!
      McDonalds used to be a good place to work and eat…..when Ray Kroc was still alive and made sure that standards were followed and employees were taken care of and given incentives to provide excellent service. I’ve been through 2 managers now in just 9 months, 1 manager everytime I would point out cross contamination or time temp abuse would respond…”So?” or when I told her about a customer complaint she would say “they’ll get over it or I don’t care”. The new manager I have is so overwhelmed he doesn’t know which way is up!

    • In reading this Obamacare item, I note that the CEO’s are being very political in the lightly negative response “perhaps there will be an increase” “perhaps 2%” The fact is that the $1.00 burger will be a $4.00 one, this according to several of the people who actualy own the units. As for me there is, as I see it now, not a way to comply with the cost of the Obamacare law. We would have to eliminate the insurance and pay the fine to the government. The individual would then ge forced to get their own insurance or also pay a fine to the government. Thus we would have a reduction in individuals covered by insurance, hyper inflation, increased devaluation of the dollar, and loss of jobs. Sadly this we only be the start of the problems we would have created by this President. The word should go forth to the individual in the street, the truth and not just the watered down words of lets just wait and see.

    • I am understanding this correctly? Besides all the other garbage in the ACA, there is a 40% tax on so-called Cadillac plans? This is B.S. I work part-time loading UPS trucks at 4 am in the morning for my “Cadillac” plan for the last 5-1/2 yrs at 48 so that my disabled husband can have the best health care available to him.

      You would think there would be a line to get these part-time jobs, but so many of these lazy people don’t last and don’t want to actually WORK for the benefits! Sorry, I thought that was the American dream . . . I must have been mistaken. So, now 40% means $600/month out of my pocket.

      Maybe I should quit and leach off the system like everyone else???

    • The prices will rise, even if the restaurant’s expenses DON’T justify it. Come on, folks–be realistic. They’ve been doing that for years when it looks like something might affect them equally.

    • as Julie implied I am shocked that anybody can earn $7678 in one month on the internet. have you seen this web page (Click on menu Home more information) http://goo.gl/77FhB

    • So it’s a tax when we try to discourage unhealthy eating, but when my health ins. premiums or my taxes to pay for medicare go up because of people eating too many big macs and getting heart disease, that’s perfectly fine?

    • Out owebama, Mitt will take over and show you how to run a country. You have no experience, he is a smart businessman.

    • (“If you have to pay more for your happy meal, you might have to pay less elsewhere,” Funtleyder says.)
      He didn’t mention that a lot fewer people could then go to a restaurant, opting instead to eat at home instead of paying more to cover the ACA. This would mean fewer restaurant jobs, more unemployment, and even more stress on the system.

    • Every restaurant group classified as a large Company will have to raise prices in a range from 5-10 % of today’s menu prices not only to cover healthcare increased expenses but also continued high commodity costs that will push the increases into the higher range. Even the locally owned small company operating a single restaurant will raise their prices for some of the same reasons. The expense of the Affordable HealthCare Act will cause many chains to close a number of their marginal locations that otherwise might have stayed open in that the actual cost for a restaurant with 30 or more employees will be in the range of $40,000-60,000 per year.
      This will put hundred’s of thousands of people out of work not only in the restaurant industry but also in the supporting companies that supply the restaurants. Any business that has a higher cost of labor (employs more people to produce their product) will be forced to consider whether to close their underperforming restaurants or struggle to try to survive in hopes that the economy will be better by then. There is some hope that the remaining restaurants will see increased sales from the closed restaurants.

    • Not to be a forecaster of doom and gloom but encased in the Affordable Act is the 3.8 % income tax provision for incomes over $250,000 which coupled with allowing the Bush Tax cuts to expire 12/31/2012, will further shrink the bottom line for many franchise operators whose profit margins are already in decline. Of course there are other tax increases also in this Act for those of us who do pay taxes.

    • in a word: YES. In two words: OF COURSE In three words: ARE YOU KIDDING? ALL government costs, taxes and ‘othere’ pass on to the consumer (creating inflation). Let the (supposedly in this case) FREE MARKET provide the answer.

    • Unfortunately, the typical free market solution to the current bubble in healthcare costs is a pile of uncollectible receivables and an industry crash.

    • There will be a Double Whammy, a sthe saying goes, in pricing. The drought in the Midwest will have a huge impact on pricing this year. Some vendors are already raising prices!!!

    • Giving up BIG MACS may be the best move anyone could make in regard to their health!

    • Everything flows downhill with the restaurant at the bottom of the heap. Every supplier will have to pass their costs on which will leave us with no choice but to raise prices.

    • How typical of SmartMoney to rail against what is morally right, providing healthcare to citizens, because it actually costs money. In the end, the costs to society of having uninsured people ill, and dying at early ages is so much greater. But go ahead and bitch about a few bucks, that saves billions in the end.

    • Of course bus will raise prices and it will be to increase their profit margin, ins cost will just be the excuse they use. Profit, the same reason most bus will not hire. Why should they, everyone scared of their job and 1 person doing the work of 3. The perfect scenario for business. Keep listening to the Romney crowd and their will only be the rich bus owners and the rest of us struggling to eat. The rich have never felt so threatened.

    • Obama screwed the young generation by imposing fees and expense in everything they buy including the food, entertainment and travel.
      This is just the beginning, wait till the obamacare penalties kick in in 2014.

    • The sun had set, but the stars had yet to appear; and I could hear the lcstous from the trees across the water. We held hands, walking silently along the path; a fish splashed along the bank as we passed, sending ripples into the rocks. The trail took a slight bend and I helped her up the rise to the bench which overlooked the river.

    • Don’t fall for the line that Massachusetts insurance refrom is the same as Obamacare. From you column it appears that you have. Sorry for you to have been deceived by whitehouse talking points. Obama needs you to think so and has tried so hard to make Romney out to be just like him. Its a lie.Romney’s plan, the original bill he signed, has little in common with Obamacare which set up multiple gargantuan bureacracies to regulate health care and take decisions away from doctors and patients. It has caused employers to drop coverage in advance of its implementation. It raises premiums. But premiums went down in Massachusetts when it was first inacted. Also, more MA employers extended coverage to their employers, which was a pleasant result and unexpected. Romney’s plan kept health care decisions with doctors and patients while Obamacare creates decision boards and so called death panels. The narrative in the press is that they are one in the same, Romney’s plan and Obamacare. This helps Obama as he positions himself for 2012 and weakens Romney. But wise up! Its a false assertion. If you beleive this its because you have gotten your info from Obama’s talking points and a liberal media who prefer Palin because they think that would make 2012 so much more fun. Romney’s bill was only 70 pages and not shoved down voters throats. Its was bipartisan and gratefully received by providers, patients and insurance companies whose concerns were all addressed over a two year process. This was insurance refrom not healthcare refrom Obama care is healthcare refrom no its health care industry takeover. On the road to socialized medicine. Romney’s plan keeps healthcare in the private sector and that my friend is a HUGE difference. Take the wool off from your eyes. Don’t be deceived by those who want you to think they are the same. And if you think Fox News offering of snippets of Romney defending his plan was weak, I submit you are letting the media lead you to your conclusions rather thatn searching it out for yourself. I have heard him well-defend it as conservative and creative way of spending money they were already receiving for free care at hospitals and putting it toward insurance instead.So until you know a way to bring insurance to the uninsured, I would ask that you stop comparing Romney’s to Obama’s. While Romney’s was focused on the uninsured, Obama’s clearly focused taking over healthcare fo all mankind. That is the major thrust of it. So figure out a better way and lets compare that to Romney’s plan. And I mean Romney’s plan, NOT the derivative of it that now exists after five years of democrat tinkering.An another thing. What in the world does your being a Mormon have to do with anything? Why even bring it up? When is there ever going to be a faithblind society if you keep bringing that up? It doesn’t matter what your religion is or what any presidential candidate’s religion is. Period.Lori,Again, I have not heard the White House say anything about Romney. This is my own reaction. The only people I have heard questioning this position of Romney’s are conservative commentators.And as to a faithblind society, my point is that I am NOT for Romney, in spite of our similar religious beliefs. But I am confident that a poll would reveal a strong correlation between being an LDS Republican and being pro-Romney.I do, however, believe it entirely appropriate to weigh a candidate’s religious beliefs in deciding whether or not to vote for him or her. For me, I am mostly interested in how faithful they are to those beliefs, whatever they are, than in which particular religion they espouse. Here in Mesa, when I heard that our recently released stake president was running for the state legislature, I signed up to help his campaign and voted for him. In that case I knew him personally and knew he was a good man of solid integrity and a strong conservative. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

    • I quit buying them when the price went over a buck. See Obama care is working now you might get healthy like me.
      While on the subject can anyone tell me why my employer should have anything what so ever to do with my health care.


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