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Student Loans Sink Mom and Dad

A growing number of middle-aged Americans are struggling with student-loan debt – not all of it from their college days.

Gina Smith / Shutterstock.com

While borrowers over 40 account for about a third of the nation’s $900 billion in student debt, they appear to be struggling with their loan payments more than other age groups, according to a report today in the Wall Street Journal. For example, the delinquency rate — the percentage of debt on which a payment has not been made for 90 days – for Americans aged 40 to 49 was 11.9% in March, compared to 8.7% for borrowers of all ages.

Expert say many of those borrowers over 40 are still paying off balances from their college years. But a growing number of parents are saddled with student loans they took out to pay tuition for their kids. Roughly 17% of parents whose children graduated from college this past spring held federal Parent PLUS loans. That’s up from about 10% a decade prior, and less than 6% in 1993, according to FinAid.org.

The average balance on these loans: nearly $34,000, up 123% from a decade ago.

Meanwhile, more private lenders are demanding parent cosigners on their student loans. Because most students don’t have a credit history, lenders say they turn to their parents’ credit to determine whether to approve them, and at what terms. Both the parent’s and the student’s name appear on the loan, and the lender expects payment from either party. Missed payments will impact both borrowers’ credit scores. And if the student can’t pay, the parent is still on the hook for the payments.

Since the financial downturn, more than 90% of college loans from private lenders have co-signers, says Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of FinAid.org, which tracks financial aid and student loans. That’s up from roughly 50% prior to 2008.

The ballooning of student loan debt for older Americans highlights a key downside to student loans, say consumer advocates: There’s no way out. Unlike all consumer loans, federal and private student loans cannot be wiped out after bankruptcy.


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    • Great post.They all just looking for Obama to forgive their debt. This is new American Way! Thanks.

    • At 3.8% I would be paying $626.00 per month much closer to what I had planned when my first went to collage before the government raised the interest rate.

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