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New government projections call for health-care spending to rise steeply over the next decade. Investing pros say the forecasts particularly bode well for drug makers.

Health spending could account for roughly a fifth of gross domestic product by 2021, according to an analysis released Tuesday by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. That’s up from 18% in 2010. Most of that growth, however, has little do with President Obama’s health care reform, which – depending on what the Supreme Court decides – will go into effect in 2014. In fact, just 0.1 percentage point of the annual growth is expected to be directly attributable to the law.  Still, advisers say the overall increased spending presents opportunities for investors. “The pharmaceutical industry will probably see a pretty significant tail wind starting in 2014,” says Damien Conover, director of pharmaceutical research for Morningstar.

If the landmark health isn’t struck down by the Supreme Court, which begins reviewing the case later this month, many more Americans will gain access to health care through Medicaid or through subsidized insurance plans purchased on government-run exchanges. That could increase the number of Americans visiting the doctor and filling prescriptions, says Dr. Carolyn McClanahan, a physician and financial adviser in Jacksonville, Fla. “We could see an increase in the use of drugs for chronic problems,” says McClanahan, including treatment of high blood pressure, diabetes and asthma, which people might neglect if they don’t have health insurance. But even if the law is overturned this summer, Americans are expected to spend more on prescriptions, such as heart disease drugs, as more baby boomers age, says McClanahan. The companies best poised to benefit are those that get the majority of their revenue from medication and primarily serve the U.S., such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly and Merck, says Conover. Much of that spending could also go to generic drug companies, which are often used to treat such common conditions he says.

Investors can gain a stake in the market by investing in mutual funds or exchange-traded funds that focus on pharmaceutical companies. For instance, the $703 million Fidelity Select Pharmaceuticals fund (FPHAX), which is highly rated by fund researcher Lipper, lists pharmaceutical giants Merck, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline among its top holdings. It also invests in the generic drug maker Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. The fund has returned 6.8% a year over the last five years and charges 0.88%, or $88 for every $10,000 invested. Another option, the $443 million SPDR S&P Pharmaceuticals fund (XPH), includes pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, which makes diabetes and cardiovascular medications among other drugs, in its top holdings. The fund has gained an average 10.8% a year over the past five years and charges 0.35%.

Of course, even if the Supreme Court supports health care reform this summer, Republicans are threatening to repeal the law, says McClanahan. And long-term government projections predict spending will increase at a slower pace in the years after the health care law is fully implemented. The drug companies also face challenges, particularly as patents expire on the some of the biggest selling drugs. For that reason, advisers warn against too much allocation to the sector. McClanahan recommends using a broad based index fund to get exposure to the health care sector while also staying diversified. For example, 12% of the S&P 500 stock-index is allocated to health care stocks.


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      Using Microsoft XP Icons to Enhance Software Usability
      Using Microsoft XP
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      The use of icons in software application
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      Most software providers make use of low quality free icons
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      4.) Custom made XP icons can provide a unique identity to
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      How proper use of professional icons can improve your
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      1.) Creating the first impression
      The first prominent feature that a user looks in your
      software is the interface (like looking at screenshots of the application) and not the
      source code. If your software program’s interface looks crappie and tough to use, then
      chances are that your software won’t sell. Most software programs make use of low quality
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      Professionally designed <a>XP icons</a> can help hugely in improving a
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      2.) Enhancing the Software usability
      There is no debating the fact that the ultimate goal of
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      Here again the user interface plays a major role in
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      the user interface the better the usability and better the sales. Icons used in the
      software play a major role in improving its usability. Professional XP icons designed to
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      3.) Improving the user experience
      Improving the user experience is a challenge that every
      software firm has to come to terms with. User experience can be defined as the final
      impression that the user has developed after interacting with the software application. A
      good user experience would not only lead to customer retention, it may also lead to the
      propagation of a positive word of mouth resulting into new customer accusation. Of course
      the superiority of the code plays a major role in this but what is the use of a superior
      code if the user is not able to differentiate ‘A’ from ‘B’?
      The actual layout or the user interface of the application
      is the one which decides the extent to which a user can get familiar with it. User
      experience improves when the user is able to quickly learn facts and understand concepts
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      One easy way of improving the user interface and thereby
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      Problems associated with creating icons in-house
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      Arizona-based networking company sues the tech giants for allegedly infringing on a patent related to document thumbnails used in operating systems. Read this article by Michelle Meyers on CNET News.
      Google, Microsoft, Apple sued over preview icons | Business Tech – CNET News
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      var WRInitTime = (new Date()).getTime();
      CNET News 2012 Holiday Gift Guide Home Reviews Top Categories More Categories Car Tech Cell Phones Desktops Digital Cameras Home Audio Laptops Printers Tablets Televisions Forums Appliances Camcorders Cell Phone Accessories Components E-book Readers Games $ Gear GPS Hard Drives $ Storage Headphones Home Video Internet Access Monitors MP3 Players Networking $ Wi-Fi Peripherals Software Web Hosting You are here: News Latest News Mobile Startups Cutting Edge Internet $ Media Security $ Privacy Business Tech Crave Apple Microsoft Politics $ Law Tech Culture Blogs Video Photos RSS Download Windows Software Mac Software iOS Apps Android Apps The Download Blog CNET TV Most Popular New Releases Products Tech Shows How To Car Tech Cell Phones Tablets Always On Apple Byte CNET Conversations CNET On Cars CNET Top 5 CNET Update Rumor Has It The 404 How To Computers Home Theater Photography Privacy Security Smartphones Tablets Web Deals Today’s Deals Members-only Deals Coupon Codes Marketplace Blog Log In | Join Facebook Timeline options Log In Join CNET Sign in with
      Facebook Timeline options My profile Log out
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      CNET News Business Tech Google, Microsoft, Apple sued over preview icons
      Google, Microsoft, Apple sued over preview icons Arizona-based networking company sues the tech giants for allegedly infringing on a patent related to document thumbnails used in operating systems. by Michelle Meyers December 26, 2008 4:40 PM PST
      This post was updated on January 5 and January 7 with corrected and updated information about the plaintiff company, an updated link to an amended filing, and a comment from Google. See bottom of post for correction.
      An Arizona-based networking company on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against Google, Microsoft, and Apple, alleging that all three tech giants violated a patent it owns on the use of document-preview icons–or thumbnails–in operating systems.
      In the suit, Cygnus Systems targets Google’s Chrome, Microsoft’s Vista and
      Internet Explorer 8, and Apple’s iPhone,
      Safari, and
      Mac OS X as patent infringers. Apple uses the patent-protected technology in its Finder and Cover Flow Mac OS X features, the lawsuit claims. Cygnus describes the technology covered by the patent as “methods and systems for accessing one or more computer files via a graphical icon, wherein the graphical icon includes an image of a selected portion or portions of one or more computer files.” E-mails seeking comment from Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Cygnus’ attorney were not immediately returned. After having been formally served with the suit, however, a Google spokesman responded that “we believe that Cygnus’ claims are without merit, and we will defend vigorously against them.” The case was filed in U.S. District Court in Arizona, where company owner Gregory Swartz lives, according to PCWorld and later confirmed by Cygnus Systems’ attorney Matthew McAndrews, of Chicago-based Niro, Scavone, Halle, and Niro.
      McAndrews also clarified that Cygnus Systems was incorporated in Indiana, is now a one-man company, and no longer has a working Web site. Swartz, he added, now works for Ping Golf.
      Cygnus was granted the patent in March 2008, according to the lawsuit, although it first applied for it back in 2001 as a continuation to a 1998 application, according to Ars Technica, which appeared to report the case first.
      Cygnus is seeking damages and a permanent injunction to prevent further alleged infringement. It has also indicated that it might go after other companies as defendants. Correction: This post initially misstated the location of the plaintiff company and linked to a Web site for an unrelated Michigan networking and systems integration company with the same name. The plaintiff company has no live Web site, was incorporated in Indiana, and is now operated out of Arizona.
      Topics: Corporate & legal Tags: patents, lawsuits, thumbnails, OS, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Cygnus Systems Michelle Meyers Michelle Meyers, associate editor, has been writing and editing CNET News stories since 2005. But she’s still working to shed some of her old newspaper ways, first honed when copy was actually cut and pasted. When she’s not fixing typos and tightening sentences, she’s working with reporters on story ideas, tracking media happenings, or freshening up CNET News’ home page. Don’t Miss QWERTY BlackBerry 10 phone will launch before June Mobile Want to see what the first GamePad looked like? Tech Culture Samsung Galaxy Axiom a GS3 mini me (pictures) Slideshow Atlantic Technology PB-235 PowerBar Review CNET Update YouTube gets channel-surfing makeover YouTube wants to be more like television, Foursquare adds events and Delta gets sued for its app. Play Video
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      Holiday Gift Guide Top camera gifts From in-expensive point-and-shoots to full-size digital SLRs, this is a list of our favorite shooters. See our picks .mad_center div, .mad_center table, .mad_center iframe, .mad_center img, .mad_center center, .mad_center object, #adDiv, #adDiv div, #adDiv table, #adDiv iframe, #adDiv img, #adDiv center, #adDiv object margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto;.mad_center img, .mad_center embed, .mad_center iframe vertical-align:top; .mad_center, #adDiv text-align:center;text-align:-moz-center;text-align:-webkit-centerie8 fix # .fifpre, # .fifpost display:block; # .adHolder div, # .adHolder table, # .adHolder iframe, # .adHolder img, # .adHolder center, # .adHolder object margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; # .adHolder text-align:center;text-align:-moz-center;text-align:-webkit-center; # .adHolder img, # .adHolder embed, # .adHolder iframe vertical-align:top;
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      Tags: despised icon track, naughty icon, icons and smiley, picture slideshow icon, tourist icons on a map of
      Painfully “. I remember, asked, whether can Zhiskar feel a pain, and the father
      Spoke: “We do not know that he will feel, but it will act
      How you would act at a severe pain, therefore we can tell that
      He feels a pain “.
      And sometimes I showed drawing, the father indulgently smiled and
      Spoke: “Well, well, it to it will not damage, small you, and, probably,
      It is necessary to try “.
      And I tried, sometimes altered, and sometimes kept. I did it
      Not from sadistic promptings: I very much loved Zhiskara and did not wish to harm
      To it. When it seemed to me that any my improvement – I always considered it
      Improvement – allows Zhiskaru to speak more freely, to act
      More fast and more interestingly and like would not harm, I kept it. And here
      Near an elbow of Amadejro the robot has stayed. He is not dared to interrupt the guest,
      Except as in the most urgent case, but Amadejro has understood significance of it
      Expectations. He has asked:
      - The dinner is ready?
      - Yes, the sir, – has answered the robot.
      it has made impatient enough gesture aside Vasily.
      - I invite you to have dinner with me.
      They have passed in a dining room where Vasily still never was. Generally
      - as the private person, it was known for the neglect to rules
      Public politeness. To it time and again said that it would succeed in more
      To the politician if received visitors in the house, but it it is always polite
      Smiled and answered: “the price is too great”.
      Probably, just in the absence of receptions, the dining room has no
      Originality and creativity signs, has thought Vasily. A table, ware,
      Devices are extremely simple. And walls are simply painted by vertical strips.
      All it together, perhaps, oppresses appetite, she has decided.
      Soup was as is simple, as well as ware: a pure broth, and Vasily
      It was accepted for it without any enthusiasm.
      - My dear Vasily, – Amadejro has told, – you see, how I
      It is patient. I do not object, that you have written the autobiography, if to you
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