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Why Thieves Want Laundry Detergent

If shopping has become more of a hassle these days — whether it’s comparing baby formula stashed behind the checkout counter or having to flash your receipt before exiting — a new survey suggests thieves are likely to blame.

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Some 96% of retailers said they were victims of organized retail theft over the past year, up from 94.5% last year, according to a National Retail Federation survey released today. Losses are tough to track, but industry estimates put them at close to $60 billion worldwide annually. And while much of the theft occurs in the supply chain en route to the store, some products — like thieves’ odd new favorite, laundry detergent — are often in-store targets because they’re unsecured and displayed near the entrance, says Rich Mellor, vice president of loss prevention for the NRF. “They’re easily loaded into a cart and moved out the door really quick,” he says. 

In addition to smaller inventories of often-pilfered items like baby formula, cold medicine or laundry detergent, retail experts say consumers may soon see additional in-store countermeasures to prevent theft. For one, more items may be stocked behind the checkout counter, Mellor says. Shoppers will encounter more displays that dispense items one at a time, to prevent a shoplifter from quickly sliding a whole shelf-ful into a bag. Store security will also likely be ramped up.

Due to this increased theft, shoppers should also carefully examine products purchased at locations other than big-name stores, experts say — and in particular, when buying through flea markets and online auction. Stolen items up for sale are often expired, or have been stored improperly or contaminated in some way that makes them unsafe for consumption, says Mellor. (Baby formula, for example, may be cut with other powders, including chalk.) “Criminals are getting very creative on changing the labeling and packaging to show current expiration dates,” he says. Check packaging carefully, and steer clear of deals too cheap to be legit.


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