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Why Facebook Wants to Friend Your Tween

Facebook has good reason to allow the tween set join the site, experts say: Users 11 to 13 are simply worth more to the company’s bottom line than adults.

The social network is exploring ways to officially admit members under age 13, the Wall Street Journal reports. Opening its doors to children would help satisfy certain regulatory and privacy issues posed by the large number of underage users who sneak onto the site. But experts say Facebook’s is actually more interested in finding new ways of reaching  Mom and Dad’s wallet. “Tweens are the most valuable demographic for Facebook,” says Charles Sankowich, CEO of location-based mobile app “They are ad-friendly, game-friendly and more likely to show a lifelong brand loyalty when they are so young.”

Indeed, studies have shown that the nation’s 20 million tweens are big, predictable spenders. They fork over $50 billion a year, not including the additional $170 billion their parents spend on them, according to Alloy Marketing. What do the spend it on? About 40% of tweens buy apparel and footwear,  40% buy consumer electronics and toys and 30% purchase video games, according to a recent Youth Markets Alert survey. Of course, they also like to fit in, says Larissa Faw, editor at Youth Markets Alert, a trade publication. “Tweens will go where the cool people are and that place is Facebook.”

Analysts also point out that younger kids are less easily put off by online ads and more likely to play video games – the two main drivers of Facebook’s growth strategy. In fact, there’s very little e-commerce on Facebook except for games, says Michael Fertik, CEO and founder of Facebook said last month that 15% of its revenue came from either advertising or games tied to Zynga. “Because kids play games, they’re very valuable to Facebook,” he says. A spokeswoman for Facebook says the company is in the midst of ongoing discussions with regulators and other policymakers “about how best to help parents keep their kids safe in an evolving online environment.”

That’s not to say tweens are pushovers, Faw says. Because this age group is increasingly savvy about finding deals online, she says Facebook will need to be more creative in how it presents games and other products. One option: find an entertaining way to integrate sponsored advertising into user profiles rather than just news feeds, a switch she says would be more acceptable to tweens than adults. What’s more, parents typically monitor and limit the time their children spend on the Internet, Faw says, which means less time buying Zynga games and being targeted with advertisements for the latest Hannah Montana CD.

Still, Sankowich says tweens are a good long-term bet for Facebook. “The value of building on a brand’s recognition from a young age is priceless,” he says.


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    • Jul25 Hey,Stopped by because your blog renurted in one of my daily searches. Good topic and one that I am closely attached to. Kids give way too much information on MySpace and the Internet because to them ite2€™s just there. They do not comprehend the scale to which their information is available to others. They done2€™t comprehend a world that stretched beyond the backyard or computer screen. Parents need to monitor. Ite2€™s as simple as that. If every parent even mildly monitored their childe2€™s activity, there would be no cyberbullying and no Internet predators (well, successful ones anyway). Of course, we recommend our title

    • People with children probably tell them not to even talk to strangers, never mind give them personal information. With Facebook, children will be telling a stranger everything about themselves and that includes who their parents are.

      At one time Facebook may have been fun and great for Betty White’s career – but face it, it’s one big commercial that watches you.

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