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The Return of the Seller’s Market

Is the worst over for homeowners? Data released Tuesday shows that existing-home sales increased 3.4% in April from a month earlier and 10% from a year ago, with market conditions improving in many parts of the country.

But more tellingly, say experts, the inventory of unsold homes dropped 21% from a year ago. According to the National Association of Realtors, there is now a 6.6-month supply of existing homes, the estimated amount of time it will take for all listed homes to sell. That’s down from 9.1 months a year ago, and closer to what experts consider a seller’s market — five months or less. “It’s the most significant development in the last three months — supply has gone way down and it’s starting to put upward pressure on prices in many areas,” says John Mulville, vice president at Real Estate Economics, which tracks housing.

Some parts of the country are already being described as seller’s markets, including many that were hardest hit during the downturn. At the current pace of sales, it would take less than five months to sell the homes listed in Miami, Phoenix and Sacramento.

Defining a seller’s market in even stricter terms, Metrostudy, a housing market research company, says markets with less than 2.5 months of new home supply should count. Of the 33 regions it tracks, 14 — including Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland and Salt Lake City — have inventories below that level. Favorable conditions, like low prices and mortgage rates, a slowly declining unemployment rate, and pent-up demand have all helped boost sales, says Brad Hunter, chief economist at Metrostudy.

To be sure, sales tend to rise in the spring when families are most likely to shop for a new home. But sales aren’t the only reason inventory is dropping. In many cases, would-be sellers are choosing not to list their home and are waiting for bigger improvements in the housing market, says Hunter. Limited inventory, it can be argued, is a sign of a weak housing market where homeowners don’t trust that their home will fetch a purchase price that’s high enough to make it worthy to sell.

For homeowners who’ve been holding off on selling until more favorable conditions kick in, that time might be now, some experts say. Buyers will need to prepare to compete against others for the limited inventory that’s up for grabs. Here’s how buyers and homeowners can navigate changing conditions in zip codes that have become seller’s markets.

Here is advice for both buyers and sellers on how to handle the shifting market:



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    • Banks are holding on to inventory and not listing them for sale. They got their money from tax payer, so they are not in a hurry. But the next leg down in the economy will drive up unemployment and will increase foreclosures. The deficit of 1.5 trillion is funding 50 to 60 million jobs in America. We are borrowing to spend on consumer economy. These are all service sector jobs. Google for “DEFLATIONARY CRASH” to understand why these jobs cannot be sustained. We need manufacturing jobs, science, engineering and technology jobs. Service sector jobs are not able to help curb trade deficit. It is a dead end. Keynesians are dead wrong about it. At the end of the day, they won’t be able to spend to stimulate the economy. Once their hand is forced, the crash will be unlike anything we have ever witnessed. We need to let the free markets run so that private sector can align itself with what works and what does not. FED is giving the wrong signals to the economy and it is creating wrong kind of jobs. These jobs won’t survive the next leg down.

    • Who ever wrote this article is smoking something… Empty homes are everywhere, jobs are not stable, people are making much less money than they used to, even the government still freezes on their annual cost of living increase… Banks are very strict on lending the money… Suggest you look around and do your own calculation.

    • Is the person who wrote this a seller or soon to
      be house seller?
      The markets still have a way to go down.
      Not only are there many bank owned properties
      to appear soon on the market, job creation is slow
      and banks are making it very difficult to get

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