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Does Facebook Wreck Marriages?

    • Simply a shift to Just-In-Time distribution.

    • This should come as no surprise to those who remember that Facebook started out as a college dating directory designed to help its creators “get girls”. It was from the start a guidebook for sexual adventurists.

    • Facebook doesn’t kill marriages. People do.

      Facebook is simply a digital place to behave how you choose, though it makes social communication easier in many ways. And in the case of wrecked marriages, the bad behavior is not happening JUST on Facebook. The correlation of “Facebook” and divorce cases says more about the popularity of Facebook in our culture than it does about Facebook’s culpability. In other words, this is not a “causal” relationship (not to be confused with “casual” relationship). But it is very interesting!

    • One more thing: It is unfortunate that Facebook makes it so easy to digitally “poke” your “friends.” That’s just creepy.

    • “[In cases] where computer history, texts and emails are admitted as evidence, 60% exclusively involve Facebook.”

      I think you are confusing cause and effect, bro.

    • Where did the statistic about 1/3 of divorce filings containing the word, “Facebook” come from? Citations, please.

    • The divorce rate is stable/declining…

    • Facebook doesn’t kill marriages — people do.

      Just the same as, Guns don’t kill people, people do.

      A cheater will cheat, weather Facebook exists or not. It sounds to me like the LAW is using Facebook to their advantage — which is also fair (as far as I’m concerned).

      Catch the cheaters — string them up. They deserve what they get.

    • Oh come on! Are you people being paid to trash Facebook now? 10 articles on this site about FB, all of them negative! Come on, that’s just so wrong! Cut us geeks a slack, please?

      Paul Blumenthal,
      http://www.sh1ny.com Founder

    • This article activated my spurious statistics alarm right away. According to the blog post you link to in this article, “The most common reasons where Facebook was cited as evidence were once again relating to spouses behaviour with the opposite sex but also spouses using Facebook to make comments about their exes once they had separated and using their public walls as weapons in their divorce battle.” To take that statement and turn it into “Does Facebook wreck marriages?” is quite a leap. The implication that Facebook encourages and expedites infidelity is only partially supported by the legal firm’s statement.

      Also, this story was widely reported in the media in early January – you have no excuse for repeating stale news in an inaccurate manner.

    • Interesting how quickly the FB fanboys jump to the defensive. Nonetheless, a few observations. (1) Whether FB or not, social media does enable nefarious activity. I quick Google search should convince you that there are dozens of sites whose whole purpose is to enable it. (2) Given the huge FB volume, I’m surprised only 60% of Traystman’s cases reference FB, and that only 1/3 of the cases searched reference FB.

      Ultimately what surprises me the most is how much private information people are willing to post publicly.

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    • i disagree…..this is pure propaganda…..what will be will surely be irrespective of whatever medium or form it takes……..pls and pls stop it……Facebook does not wreck marriages…….it only means dat marriage is at d edge of breaking up and not d fault of Fb……people av a way of pulling down success…….beware!!!!

    • Actually the last comment in the article clearly states that it isn’t Facebook’s fault, but the people who are using it. And that is likely true. If it were not for Facebook, these same people would no doubt EVENTUALLY find other ways to manage whatever extra marital activities they want. The only real thing on here I can disagree with is the demanding of Facebook passwords by lawyers. I think they can ask you for it, but that is a huge step over the privacy boundary for both people involved.

    • We love to pass the blame, don’t we. Facebook, craigslist, internet everything but us, caused the divorce.Maybe all the internet is doing is providing evidence and making it difficult to live a lie.

    • I think point of the article was not to blame
      Facebook at all but merely to highlight the dangers that social
      networking has on marriages in today’s culture.
      I agree that it comes across as innocent but
      most of the time when ex’s are involved or even
      just someone of the opposite sex, it can really
      cause an unnecessary rift in marriages. We know
      Facebook itself is a neutral tool, its the
      people using it.

    • Facebook isn’t a cause, it’s just a catalyst. One of a million catalysts that are already out there and always have been. Facebook isn’t going to break up a marriage that is strong enough to stay together.

    • Unions are naturally influenced by external factors to begin with and FB helps surface underlying issues. FB is sitting on a gold mine of social issues. K. Jason Krafsky found a way to capitalize on people’s inability to look within and reflect..kudos to you sir!

    • Do guns kill people? No, people kill people the same way people cause their own breakups, not a social network.

    • Nonsens!!

    • Sure, if you spend 70% of your time with your face in a mobile communicating via facebook, sure a relationship would suffer. Lawsuit

    • I am so TIRED of everyone making excuses for their bad behavior, decisions and character. Why not stop looking for the WHY and just fix yourself!

    • Again people seek a simple answer to a complex question. Facebook wrecks marriages, the Internet creates child predators and back seats cause teen pregnancy.
      The issue is with people. If someone starts an affair through Facebook then there were issues with that marriage to begin with.

    • The article just makes the point that the FB phenomenon makes it a lot easier to locate old flames and get involved with people. Yes it would have happened without FB but let’s face it, the Internet has made it a lot easier to do all sorts of things including play around and bad-mouth others. No need to get all crazy about the article, it’s just highlighting a social trend.

      I don’t use FB because my privacy is important to me. I don’t want a relationship or the appearance of a relationship with people who aren’t really my “friends.”

      Most of these couples need to lighten up. If you want an open marriage, work it out instead of turning your lives into a stupid soap opera. Millions already do and they’re a hell of a lot happier for admitting it and moving on instead of lawyering up and getting up on their respective high horses.

    • People are able to pretend they are something other than who they really are on FB. This can be a genuine danger.

    • My ex wife lost her alimony, thanks to FB revealing she got remarried. The judge took a printout of her page as solid evidence, although she lied (said she didnt get married) and denied everything.

    • After being briefly separated, my now ex wife lost full custody of our daughter, after she voluntarily uploaded uploaded information about a new relationship along with photos.

    • Facebook allows you to connect with many acquaintances from your past… some are better off left there.

    • Not just marriages. Our children’s grades and our country’s future as well. US children are too busy getting popular on FB and updating status on FB that they are supposed to be learning in school. Our children are being outperformed globally and people are blaming the teachers.

    • Always easy to spot the liberals and the pop culture kool-aid drinkers… Blame everything but the real cause and then try to keep everyone from doing the thing you blame. How about supporting personal responsibility and freedom for a change.

    • I bet 3/3 of the divorce papers have the words “financial retard” in them.

    • I think FB and other social networking sites are (in a way) like a lot of other things that can be “temptations”…. Some folks can use ‘em and resist the temptation to mis-use them and some folks can not. Just like gambling, alcohol, etc. If a person can’t use FB and resist the temptation to cheat on their spouse, then they need to stay away from it. FB is only as “good” or “bad” as whatever it’s used for.

      And if an individual DOES use FB to facilitate cheating, then it serves ‘em right if the opposing attorney cleans their clock with the “FB footprints” they left….

    • Thought I would post how destructive Facebook is on Facebook.

    • People think sites like FB are real life…not real people!!!!

    • What about a spouse that simply spends all of their free time on facebook? Not necessarily cheating, just giving facebook time that they should be giving their family?

    • I’m going to cheat on my girlfriend and blame it on Fb. It’s not my fault I have hot girls on my page, like their photos, talk to them, and want to do dirty things….. right?

      Yeah BS.

    • People are insecure tards in real life. Online and FB, they can be anyone they want and get endless recognition and acknowledgement. It’s everyone’s Utopia which is exactly the problem. It’s not real life and it makes you dysfunctional in real life. Real life will always win out over tech fads. Grow up people. The high school popularity days are long gone.

    • Several years ago when email was just getting started one of my wife’s friends asked me to help her see what her husband was up to on their computer. Unknown to him she knew his email password and was able to send the private detectives to the very spots where he and his lover were meeting. She simply marked his mail as unread so he had no clue. She got a very nice divorce settlement.

    • Facebook is a gateway drug for people to break outside of their shell and approach people they typically would not. It is absolutely up to the users of Facebook on how the “drug” is used and if you become addicted, it will not be good enough and you will want to take it up one more level of “high”.

    • Several years ago when email was just getting started one of my wife’s friends asked me to help her find what her husband was up to on their computer. He did not know that she knew his email password. She was able to see where he and his lover were meeting across the country and was able to send the private detectives there to photograph them on dates. She got a really nice divorce settlement.

    • I’ve found that the majority of the most avid facebook users have some sort of narcissistic personality disorder. There have been studies that show a very strong correlation between how narcissistic someone is and how much they use facebook. I honestly think facebook, while a wonderful tool to create and maintain friendships, has made a lot of these people exponentially worse. The friend collecting and constantly projecting every miniscule moment in their life as though it is a monumental occasion has taken a huge toll on people’s priorities and perspectives. It is the people that need constant attention and confirmation of how much better they are than everyone else that suddenly find themselves in a marriage can’t seem to adapt to a new life where you should be getting the bulk your attention from your spouse. For a lot of people, attention and love from their spouse doesn’t seem enough for them. They have been trained to value themselves through how much love and “likes” they get from all of friends on facebook.

    • It makes me sad to see that our generation can no longer take responsibility for our own actions!

    • Very Simple: Don’t post anything on Facebook you wouldn’t want your mother to see.. but kids and adults apparently are STOOPID!!!

    • Facebook is a relationship KILLER in y book. Forget the cheating, affairs, and all the other juicy clandestine nonsense…..when your spouse becomes addicted to the mindless content, like Farmville…and stops REAL communication, it all but kills a relationship. I’ll NEVER have a Facebook account. Between it and the rest of the “social media” sites, we are losing what few interpersonal skill we have.

    • “Does Facebook Wreck Marriages?”

      No, stupid, lying, cheating people wreck marriages.

    • A very important part of being a follower of Jesus is that you walk in love. According to the Bible love requires that you think of the other person first and that you do not hinder another person in their walk with God, and that you bear the burdens of the weaker person.

      In this context, FB or any potential tool that could be used for evil or to entrap a weak person, is to be avoided or supported. The standard of Biblical love is in the Bible though seldom referred to by Christians. See 1Corinthians chapter 13, Romans chapter 14.

    • what losers people are…. hahaah United Dumbshits of America…

    • Donald’s comment above about there being a correlation between FB mis-use or overuse and narcissistic personality disorder is right on target. For those individuals, FB is unfortunately a very efficient tool with which to make bad choices and to trash relationships. It’s not the cause, but it’s definitely a facilitator.

    • To believe Facebook is the culprit is laughable. Last year it was gaming, the year before it was golf or something else. Maybe it is as simple as people getting married into superficial relationships whereby they did not take time to figure out if they were really compatible and truly loved one another. I blame on-line dating, date clubs, bars and the lot. Those possibilities were probably not included in this survey.

    • Facebook does not kill marriages, people do. Guns don’t kill people, people do. Cars don’t kill people, people do. If you are bright enough to read and have enough time on your hands to “live” on Facebook & other tech gadgets, you are bright enough to know right from wrong and make better choices with your time! C’mon, a cheater is going to find away to cheat. Living in the world by the rule of “What makes me ‘HAPPY’ is the wrong way to live. As your emotions fluctuate you jump ship and go looking for another ‘happy’ down the road. Sounds pretty flaky, empty, superficial to me.

    • Sure, and McDonalds makes me fat. No, no, no. A person is responsible for his or her actions. Facebook may facilitate finding old flames, or anonymity, or whatever, but it is the person who acts on that who is ultimately responsible. The world will be a much better place when people can understand this simple truth. There is one person and one person only responsible for your actions – and that is you.

    • As a society we have jumped the shark!

    • Investigate Facebook! People are losing money!


      May 21, 2012

      Dear Mr. Obama,

      If you thought the word “absurd” then kindly take this letter and toss it. Though I’d be careful you may want to recycle it as disposing of it in a trash can in The White House may violate federal law. So Facebook is plummeting and people are losing money because FB doesn’t make any money. But that’s not the point of bringing a company public. The point is to raise money to grow a business and create something that did not exist before by using the capital provided by all of those investors. Think Apple Computer. Which I’m not one. My days of buying individual stocks are well behind me. The reason? Because the government decides who wins and who loses.

      So is the government going to deem FB a winner?

      Let’s think about this. FB will one day allow the government to servaile every aspect of our lives with information that people willingly provide without one wink or hint of protection. FB will one day be the preeminent resource for marketers and a standard for measuring the impact of almost any daily event. FB will one day allow me, when I hit 50 and get divorced and am living in that condo to find a new woman to make the next mistake of my life! FB will one day allow our children to be bullied by people in different languages from other continents! Did I mention the government wants it to succeed? Kind of like GM and Onstar.


      My final call on FB is a buy. Even more of a call if the right management team keeps Mr. Zuckerberg from blowing it. I wonder how many laws I just broke?

      I guess we will have to find out . . .



      Joe Doakes

    • I work for a Family Law attorney; we handle many divorces. I have not once in the 4 years I’ve been here seen Facebook mentioned in divorce filings. To use postings as custody and support determiners seems inappropriate.

    • It is true that Facebook has worked its way into many divorce filings in Texas where I practice. I agree that it not Facebook’s “fault,” as the site is only a platform for marital problems that are likely already present. Divorcing spouses should remember to never post anything on Facebook or online anywhere that they would not feel comfortable with the whole world seeing and scrutinizing, including their spouse’s attorney and divorce judge. Couples should simply assume everything posted will be part of the divorce.

    • I agree with the above-commenter, and want to note that more law firms, including my own, have now instigated electronic discovery as part of the regular investigations into the waste of marital assets on extramarital affairs. As all states now offer no fault divorce, spouses may think that adultery no longer matters. This is not true; conduct of spouses is still a factor for property distribution and spousal support in Rhode Island and other states.

    • Facebook does not kill marriages, people do. People commit to the acts that cause marriages to fail. Facebook may help reveal those acts, but it’s certainly not responsible.


      (For 2010 that would mean it was involved in just over a quarter of a million divorces in the US alone)
      Let’s do some Social Media Math. EHarmony we are told has the highest number of marriages among Social Media dating sites; on average, 236 a day. Guess what? They are bragging that they are representing 2% of all New Marriages in the United States. Let’s do the math. 236 x 365 = 86,140 eHarmony marriages.
      Let’s round down and say Facebook was only cited in 225,000 divorces in 2010.
      225,000 Facebook divorces -86,140 EHarmony Marriages = 138,860 Net Social Media Divorces
      138,860 Net Social Media Divorces for 2010

      So what does this mean? It means that marriages are coming apart on Facebook nearly 40% faster than EHarmony is putting relationships together.
      Hey, EHarmony! Better start bringing your “A” game because Facebook is leaving you in the dust!
      Does this really mean Facebook and Social Media are causing divorces?
      Divorce existed before facebook, social media and the internet. That said, it has never been easier to hook up, bliss out and flake out then it is today. What makes it worse though, is that you are being actively marketed to by websites that want to help you do just that.
      Consider that Ashley Madison.com – The World’s Leading Married Dating Service – boast 8.5 million members. That is just one website among hundreds that is currently out there marketing its services to promote extramarital affairs.
      Now, once you are on social media, such as facebook, regular dating services, legal services and other products will be put before you as part of a carefully managed marketing program. No, they are not trying to promote divorce. Yes, like all marketing they are focusing on your dissatisfaction and fears.
      So…does social media and the internet cause divorce? The jury is out on that one. Does it increase dissatisfaction, promote consumerism and destroy the basic foundations of personal identity by replacing it with conspicuous consumerism? ABSOLUTELY!
      *Facebook used in 90 percent of divorce cases Tampa News 10

    • When and if you grow up, you will realize that if you dont use FB and other social media, people won’t see the wet phart skid marks in the shorts you call your life, which you posted, last night, in yet another drunk binge.


      Give someone a hammer, and they will evetually hit their thumb swinging it! HAR!

    • Reading these comments I wonder if in a decade from now anyone will ever get married at all . . . is it time to short wedding stocks?

    • This has nothing to do with facebook. The lawyers talk their customer into including facebook because they are scum, and then they get to charge more billible hours to the idiot who thinks their lawyer is their friend.

    • If guns can kill people then Facebook can cause a divorce…same logic.

    • People are morons and post the most intimate details of their lives, including their infidelities, alcohol and drug use, etc. online. It’s not surprising that this comes back to bite them.

    • I do have to hand it to FB, though, for creating what is probably the most efficient way to waste time I have seen to date. I can’t believe the DRIVEL that people will upload. (refer to the comment someone else made above about narcissistic personality disorder). Checking it very very infrequently is about as much as I can stand.

      However, since so many people do use it for a variety of things, it can be handy to have when/if you need it.

      I don’t understand the over-the-top excitement about its IPO. I’d say that the initial drop was pretty predictable. After all, the Next Big Thing is always waiting out there to steal the spotlight. Ask MySpace…. ;-)

    • My wife left me for another man she met on Mate1 and had him on her Facebook apparently. The B. live in Milton Freewater, OR and is a school teacher.

    • No. Unfaithful and selfish people wreck marriages.

    • People who would cheat, would do it without facebook or dating sites or the internet. It just makes it easier to do. The issue isn’t social media, it’s people in marriages that aren’t working, or people who are jerks that cheat.

    • Facebook not only destroys marriages, it destroys families!
      I also wonder if they count dead people on FB to make their #’s higher. Stock down to 30 from 38 Friday…lol Marky Z.

    • I wonder what a judge or lawyer might take out of context when it comes to my comings and goings on the internets. Is that an adequate picture of who and what I am when it comes to my fit as a parent?

      It’s one thing when you are so obvious with your infidelities online but another when normal humanity is called into question. God forbid I should ever divorce but I think it’s patently unfair for opposing counsel to decide I’m unfit because I occasionally become frustrated with my children and call for the support of an online community or I openly voice my attraction to a Hollywood actor dressed in a tight unitard.

    • The only thing this proves is that 1) people want to cheat 2) it was too hard to cheat before.

      Marriage isn’t natural.

    • TF wrote:
      “I also wonder if they count dead people on FB to make their #’s higher. Marky Z.”

      Good point Marky Z. They definately do! My brother died 2 years ago. We tried to aquire his Facebook password from them. Not only did they refuse, but they also said we could not have his account deleted. His account is still up. While the account is a nice memorial that we still use from time to time, he is certainly counted as one of the millions of people who has a Facebook account…and he is not alive!

    • “Of course, it’s not Facebook’s fault it’s being dragged through divorce court, he says, “It’s the people who use it.””

      Of course, it’s not the gun’s fault it’s being dragged through the media, he says, “It’s the people who use it.”


    • Facebook does not wreck marriages. People wreck marriages. People don’t accidentally have an affair. People that have affairs are looking to have affairs. Facebook makes it easier.

    • Facebook keeps the sheeple occupied while the police state progesses. Meanwhile, government agencies thank you profusely for building them a file on yourself for them. Maybe they will send you a xmas card direct to your cell at a FEMA camp.

    • What it does is it gives (all) white women a chance to date more black men (only)
      white women gotta get some black
      white women gotta get some black
      white women gotta get some black
      white women gotta get some black

    • I graduated from high school in 1986 (for a point of reference). Since joining Facebook, I had one girl I knew from high school (who was now divorced) tell me how good she was orally, had another tell me how she had the biggest crush on me back then, etc, learned that several people I knew have come out as gay, etc. The thing about Facebook it that it provides quick avenues to connect with many people you used to know, but have gone radically different directions in their life since you knew them. If my wife saw what some of them posted to me, I’m sure I would have some explaining to do…just be careful out there, guys ;)

    • Facebook does not wreck marriages people who are already unhappy use facebook to cheat ifnot fb it would be another avenue. You are not forced to search out the ex or friend anyone. Happy marriages dont cheat facebook or not.

    • Facebook provides the vehicle for perceived annonymous activity,lots of contacts and no travel to make contact. The biggest problem is that is is indeed creating a voluntary file on every thing you post, and that file is available to anyone who demands it (including the govt, your soon-to-be divorced spouse, etc.

      The stuff people put on there is really astounding given the personal and incriminating nature . Folks, you are really just sheep to be shorn. Look up who funded face book. The CIA put up several million among others.

    • yes

    • Just another reason kikes need to be rounded up and exterminated once and for all. FOR REAL this time!

    • I quit facebook a while ago and have never been happier.. less time spent on fb and on the computer in general.. gotta get over this instant tech thing.. go on the bus to work.. see no one talking but all in the phones tweeting, fb’ing and texting who knows who.. When I was on FB, it ruined 3 relationships bc of posts from old gf’s… I have seen it contribute to cheating and along with texting, they are bad for relationships.. anyways who are you texting in that car at 10am or 2pm.. is it not better to call you Sig other, probably texting your gf or bf.. what a funny world now…

    • @Paul Pace: Please pull your lip over your head and swallow, you bigoted twat.

    • facebook doesn’t break up marriages, people do. if you are on facebook and want to pretend you are not married when you are, it’s because you want something to happen and are using facebook to do it. YOU are the problem, not facebook. It’s just another example of everyone wanting to blame someone else or something else and not stand up an take responsiblity for their actions. You are just a dog looking for an excuse. Grow up.

    • Facebook, which is directed by Mark Zuckerberg, is constantly blocking me access to my page.
      In its justification, argues Mark Zuckerberg, this blockage is due to the fact that there are users who complain that I added without them knowing. What is false. What is absolutely a lie. I never add anyone I do not know. And most of the requests are sent to me.
      The worst thing is that Mark Zuckerberg before he block access, it should first know what I have to say about the accusations. And then decide later.
      But he does not proceed well. He decides without hearing the accused. Do not hear the accused before or after. Only communicates its decision. We only find this kind of attitude of Mark Zuckerberg in dictatorial regimes.
      He decides in his own cause. Before you hear my defense. This procedure is incorrect and should be strongly condemned, because everyone is entitled to his defense before being sentenced.
      This attitude, which is basic, it would be a rigorous procedure Facebook.
      Before being sentenced, I demand the fulfillment of my legal right to be heard in adversarial proceedings.

    • Facebook isn’t the cause, its the stupid people using facebook for affairs, gossip, and “venting” that cause marriage problems. Don’t blame the hammer when you hit your thumb…

    • FB provided one of the main reasons that I am no longer dating the girl I was seeing until recently. She (and others) had posted numerous pics of her in situations that she later lied about, and she was strangely unwilling to cut off all ties with old BF’s on FB. Social networks do provide a much faster way for people to connect, but with that speed comes danger. I guess, truth be told, I should be thanking FB for helping me to discover the truth at the time I did…so, in that respect, it is a good thing. Still stinks though…

    • If people are looking on fb. Odds are there is something very wrong with their current relationship, that their relationsphip is broken already.

    • saiDleinaD, I pray you aren’t a registered voter.

    • This is stupid. My ex used yahoo to make multiple profiles, some of the opposite sex, and never lacked contacts. People will cheat that want to cheat. To blame the meeting place is like saying the roof tops were to blame for David stealing Bathsheba.

    • Facebook doesn’t wreck marriages, people do that on their own. Facebook simply proves that old adage: don’t put anything in writing you would be ashamed to have your mother (or father or children or spouse) see. Facebook is merely a forum. People who want to cheat will cheat, and they don’t need Facebook to do it.

    • My wife’s adultery was facilitated by Facebook. Did FB made her do it? Of course not. Our relationship was on the downslope at the time. FB just made it easy for her to reconnect (so to speak) with ex-boyfriends from High School. Maybe it would have happened anyway. I’ll never know.

    • Sounds Like Another Big Bank Money Scam The Wicked Are at it again

      Will Facebook soon start to go under from another new rival soon to be. Facebook looking for suckers to lose their money or should i say give their money away to them, the wicked. Sounds like another Big Bank Scam. Selling to slow in the head investors soon to be a lot of Worthless Paper. Sounds like Facebook is not selling but are stealing all the money they can and a lot of it tax free.

      The wise and smart will read the bible and get to know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

      If someone really cares for giving out info, give them a Bible with red letter print. That is a red letter edition words that were spoken by are Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. With a Pray for them the lost maybe they will be saved, and not go to hell.

      You want to make Money install Solar Energy. Why keep giving your money to others.

      Pray your Name is in the Book Of Life not facebook!

      The Lord’s Little Helper
      Paul Felix Schott

    • This is a dumb article. It’s like saying that beds ruin marriages. Friends, it’s the people involved!

    • It is a particular case into a broad historical-cultural changes, when the social exposure of an individual is expanded. Changes like living in a small village with no communications, to a mega-city. Or living with no attending a school, to participating in schools. So, we are having a brader social spectrum to choose our partners, or to change them. Divorces are increasing at the same rate as social exposure is increasing. It is not bad, nor good… It is so!


      Investors got played and Zukerberg got laid.

    • Bad bad Facebook!

      If all married people would just isolate themselves as human beings from everyone but their spouse, all would be okay.

    • Oh, puleeeze! Facebook isn’t breaking up marriages; the idiot spouses who screw around and then post their exploits online are. Does no one take responsibility for his/her own actions anymore?

    • I don’t know about you, but Paul Felix Schott’s ramblings scare the hell out of me, and I’m a Christian!

    • facebook does not wreck marriages,people that blame it on FB are just hunting an excuse! Maybe it can make it easier but when someone wants to cheat they will do it anyway so might as well get to know early.And besides the divorce rate was way up before Facebook.

    • Seriously? Someone actually has to ask if Facebook wrecks marriages? When will we stop trying to mitigate facts that people are people and they will do what they do. Guns by themselves don’t kill people. People kill people. People will find a way to cheat, a way to lie cheat and steal by any means if it is in their nature. They don’t need Facebook or any social media to do so. There are way more so called “discreat” websites out there that people utulize to do this. Christians cheat. I see it all the time. I have seen ministers cheat. No one is above this behavior. Only the human nature inside one’s self is the defining factor if they will be the one that wrecks a relationship. People are the ones that are in control. How they drive behind the wheel is up to them. People always try to make excuses for people’s bad behavior. Bad is Bad. No excuses. Own it. Simple as that. Can’t blame Facebook for a person’s character flaws.

    • Congratz to the first 5 people who commented on this article. Clearly, I’m the first to actually read the entire article and not just the headline. Let me be so kind as to repost the final sentence from the article. “Of course, it’s not Facebook’s fault it’s being dragged through divorce court, he says, “It’s the people who use it.”” No one said Facebook is to blame; in fact, Facebook (and other social networking sites) are just a catalyst, and is one of the most efficient in starting up an affair.

    • Facebook has become the modern method of communication full stop. It is not surprising that people are using it to be unfaithful.

    • Facebook is not to blame? In general I agree, but don’t forget that Facebook “innocently” urges you (urges you is an understatement) to reconnect with old friends and exes all the way to your first boyfriend in 3rd grade. I always thought Facebook was a dating site pretending to be more. There are more interesting cheating statistics, by the way, on this webasite that I like: http://cheatingstatistics.com

    • That’s a wise anewsr to a tricky question

    • well i read the entire article and i most say that Facebook makes it more convivent to have an affair as it is just a like click away or an inbox yet its the ppl who have to put forth the actions and the willingness to make that affair happen so agreeing with the article its the ppl to blame and not facebook

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    • Funny thing is that divorce in America has acctuly gone down percent wise since 2004. This is a bonehead claim that Facebook “causes” break ups. It’s like saying, ” it’s the fork that made me fat.” I bet if they researched how many break ups involve a car, cell phone, or for Christ sake the Internet they would find that those daily tools are just as if not more involved with people’s “break up” issues. Facebook is a tool, it can help or hurt depending how you use it. We don’t have a fork, car, cell phone, Internet or Facebook problem. We have a people problem. People need to grow up and stop using crap like this for an excuse for their own faults.

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    • Yes but do they say why the extra marital affairs start to begin with? Does anyone ever think that maybe loneliness that has been discussed time and again and disrespect that just never gets better is how extra marital affairs start? How about the fact that it was never something the lonely person was really looking for as they desperately try to no avail to get their own spouses attention. It is not “Facebook” that starts or causes affairs to happen. Leave the door wide open and the affair will begin even without realization.

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