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5 Sectors Slowing Job Growth


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Hiring in the travel industry fell by 7.1% during April, according to jobs posting website “This sharp decline in hiring so close to popular travel months is likely an attempt by airlines and other oil-reliant travel businesses to buffer the unavoidably high cost of oil,” Godhwani says. Of course, there have been some high profile job cuts in the airline industry with American Airlines announcing that it will slash 13,000 jobs as it struggles with long-running bankruptcy proceedings. “Although job openings decreased from last month, this isn’t unusual for hiring during this time of year,” Godhwani says. On the upside, he says travel hiring may pick up as the summer season gets underway. The transportation industry also saw a 2.8% decline in April, which he says could be due to rising gas prices.



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    • By WebOsPublisher

      Alan Diment reviews Guy Ritchie’s "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.
      An Icon Out of the Elementary – Critic’s Notebook
      Critic’s Notebook
      N.Y. / L.A.: Rust and BoneLONDON: Great Expectations | The Hunt | Seven Psychopaths | Sightseers
      В« This Genre Will Self-Improve in Five Seconds |
      | A Private Afterlife В»
      An Icon Out of the Elementary
      MOVIE REVIEW Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)
      Daniel Smith/Warner Brothers Pictures
      The easiest way to digest “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” is to pretend that the film does not concern the exploits of fiction’s finest detective at all. If one can convince oneself that Robert Downey Jr. is playing not Sherlock, but some rough-and-tumble Victorian adventurer — Indiana Holmes perhaps — then the film can be enjoyed, much like its predecessor, as a rambunctious but somewhat shallow romp. Naturally, one might notice the odd similarity between Conan Doyle’s creation and the hero of Guy Ritchie’s film; but that is surely mere coincidence.
      By following this approach, one may avoid cringing at “A Game of Shadow’s” shameless anachronisms and the diabolical liberties — to use Mr. Ritchie speak — that the filmmakers have taken with the Sherlock Holmes legend. When given the opportunity to bring Holmes back to the big screen, Mr. Ritchie had two options: either he could stay true to his source material and hope that it would still have pull at the box office or else remix his ingredients to match the appetites of Generation Xbox. He chose the latter.
      Out goes the notion of Holmes as a man of thought, and instead we are given Sherlock the man of action. In “A Game of Shadows,” the detective’s keen mind is at its sharpest during physical combat, when he is deciding how best to cripple his opponent. This cognitive effort is played out as a coming attraction demonstrated in bone-breaking detail before the fact. This technique was a novelty in “Sherlock Holmes,” but in the sequel it becomes a little tiresome — at least until Holmes faces off against his intellectual equal, and we discover that this nemesis uses the exact same modus operandi.
      The dastardly foe is none other than Professor James Moriarty (Jared Harris), an unseen puppeteer in film one but now brought center stage. Moriarty is a crafty devil, an academic sociopath who commands the ear of no less than the British prime minister. Mr. Harris — making good use of “Mad Men’s” lengthy downtime — plays Moriarty with lovely sense of controlled menace and is one of the film’s true assets.
      Every good villain needs a dastardly plot, and Moriarty is no exception. His scheme involves orchestrating a series of assassinations and subsequent company buyouts in a bid to become a one-man military-industrial complex. He then hopes to plunge the world into an apocalyptic conflict from which he can profit by providing both bullets and bandages.
      Holmes joins the dots early on and is soon on his enemy’s trail. Thanks to the huge box-office success of “Sherlock Holmes,” the new story covers international ground from London to Paris then on to Switzerland and a vital peace conference at the Reichenbach Falls. Anyone familiar with the original Holmes canon will — at the mention of that locale — be placing his or her bets on the outcome.
      Where Holmes goes, Dr. Watson (Jude Law) duly follows. The good doctor is a reluctant companion this time as he has just married his beloved Mary (Kelly Reilly). A none too subtle attempt — this is a Mr. Ritchie film — on the couple’s lives puts an abrupt stop to thoughts of marital bliss while decimating the London-to-Brighton train. With his new bride in the safekeeping of Holmes’s pompous brother Mycroft (Stephen Fry), Watson duly enters the fray. Holmes and Watson team up with a gypsy fortune teller (Noomi Rapace), who may just hold the key to preventing the premature arrival of World War I.
      There is little to distinguish “A Game of Shadows” from the first “Sherlock Holmes” other than the fact that it takes place on a much larger canvas and is even more ridiculous. The new film shares the high quality production values of its predecessor, with sets and costumes evoking the contrasting opulence and soot-stained griminess of the Victorian age. Mr. Downey remains rather brilliant; his Holmes is a deadbeat genius whose mind teeters on the edge of insanity. “I see everything. That is my curse,” is Holmes’s neat summation of his mental dilemma. Mr. Downey is not just a remarkable actor but also a gifted physical comedian — he did play Chaplin after all — here demonstrated by the way that he ducks and dives around his foes without them noticing.
      A shame that the good elements of “A Game of Shadows” are undermined by the film possessing all the subtlety of a haymaker to the solar plexus. “A Game of Shadows” is set in 1891, but its depiction of the past falls in line with a Hollywood trend which sees history as being much like today except that people dressed funny and were too dumb to invent the Internet. Various devices are used to make the scenario seem familiar to a modern audience. Holmes drives an automobile instead of traveling by hansom cab; the bad guys favor a machine gun over a Martini-Henry. Holmes is captured and tortured, Guantanamo-style, while Moriarty’s terrorist bombings will resonate a little too closely with some viewers. There is even a visit to what appears to be a 19th-century strip joint, although the floor show is a chaste affair which is surprising given the Victorian interest in pornography.
      There is nothing wrong with a touch of steam punk, but “A Game of Shadows” borders on the patronizing. This is Holmes through the rabbit hole and into a Mr. Ritchie universe of street brawls, booze and floozies. Women are given short shrift, as shown by Ms. Rapace’s underwritten role. Meanwhile, Watson is a boorish semi-thug who still bickers with Holmes as if they were on their 20th year of marriage and is somehow indicative of the film’s FHM approach to its material. Watson is still a doctor, but he kills far more than he cures.
      The stylistic indulgences — especially the repeated use of “Matrix”-style slow motion — are presumably meant to ratchet up the excitement levels, but they tend to distract one’s attention from the story and squeeze out the tension from the action scenes. There are moments when “A Game of Shadows” is great fun; but really, this is a pastiche of Holmes rather than a faithful rendition of a character who does not need cinematic surgery to make him fit into the current era. Witness Steven Moffat’s excellent BBC series “Sherlock,” where Benedict Cumberbatch’s Holmes was updated by simply setting the stories in the 21st century but with the spirit of the original stories left pretty much intact — elementary really.
      Posted on December 15, 2011 in London
      , Los Angeles
      , Movies
      , New York
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      c6: “”,
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    • By WebOsPublisher

      Satellite shark tracking map California Spearfishing
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      > California Spearfishing
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      09-14-2011, 07:40 AM
      Registered User
      Join Date: Jul 2007
      Location: Grass Valley, CA
      Age: 51
      Posts: 326
      Satellite shark tracking map
      Somewhere online I saw a white shark tracking map that had little shark icons and you could see where the sharks had been over a period of time. I was trying to find the site to show someone I work with and could not find the site. Any ideas?
      Thanks, Jim
      View Public Profile
      Find More Posts by riobuster
      09-14-2011, 10:01 AM
      Myrran McKeen
      Join Date: Aug 2010
      Location: I’m on a boat!
      Age: 34
      Posts: 936
      Re: Satellite shark tracking map
      I think this is what you are looking for.…ies=41$zone=10
      View Public Profile
      Find More Posts by Myrran
      09-14-2011, 10:06 AM
      Nate Baker
      Join Date: May 2004
      Location: San Juan Capistrano
      Age: 53
      Posts: 4,337
      Re: Satellite shark tracking map
      Or this one.
      Nate Baker
      Nate Baker
      View Public Profile
      Find More Posts by Nate Baker
      09-14-2011, 10:37 AM
      Wet spears
      Join Date: Oct 2008
      Location: Out there
      Posts: 903
      Re: Satellite shark tracking map
      Those are cool! Do they have one for WSB???
      Have gun, will travel…
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      Visit steepNdeep’s homepage!
      Find More Posts by steepNdeep
      09-14-2011, 11:08 AM
      Join Date: Jan 2010
      Location: San Bdno CA
      Age: 35
      Posts: 1,389
      Re: Satellite shark tracking map
      Originally Posted by Myrran
      I think this is what you are looking for.…ies=41$zone=10
      whats up with blue whales crossing land
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      Visit yeskaa’s homepage!
      Find More Posts by yeskaa
      09-14-2011, 11:37 AM
      Registered User
      Join Date: Jul 2007
      Location: Grass Valley, CA
      Age: 51
      Posts: 326
      Re: Satellite shark tracking map
      Originally Posted by Nate Baker
      Or this one.
      Yep that’s the one I was looking for. Just pick top predators on the menu and white shark and up it came. Thanks all for the links!!!
      View Public Profile
      Find More Posts by riobuster
      09-14-2011, 12:28 PM
      Myrran McKeen
      Join Date: Aug 2010
      Location: I’m on a boat!
      Age: 34
      Posts: 936
      Re: Satellite shark tracking map
      Originally Posted by yeskaa
      whats up with blue whales crossing land
      I was wondering the same thing.
      View Public Profile
      Find More Posts by Myrran
      09-14-2011, 01:09 PM
      No mames guey
      Join Date: Sep 2010
      Location: Salinas, ecuador
      Age: 34
      Posts: 799
      Re: Satellite shark tracking map
      Originally Posted by yeskaa
      whats up with blue whales crossing land…m=land%20whale
      View Public Profile
      Find More Posts by miguelitro
      09-14-2011, 01:10 PM
      The Bear
      Join Date: Sep 2007
      Location: 92691
      Age: 31
      Posts: 2,309
      Re: Satellite shark tracking map
      The blue whale crossing land is weird. Its not near the panama canal (If they even travel through their. Hard to believe it didnt surface if they lost track of it from Main land mex all the way around Brasil.
      Team IDGAF!
      Dont P.M me. Email: Use my user name @gmail
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      Find More Posts by downdiver2
      09-14-2011, 04:43 PM
      Long Beach Neptune
      Join Date: Feb 2004
      Location: Torrance
      Age: 53
      Posts: 2,023
      Re: Satellite shark tracking map
      Originally Posted by yeskaa
      whats up with blue whales crossing land
      Their traveling over that land bridge(on their whale-ers, (whale trailers))
      the Mexican’s said they were going to build from the sea of Cortez to the pacific side to get boats from one to the other. Although the path’s their taking does look a bit further south
      Team IDGAF
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      Find More Posts by Scottywotty
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Avg Vol: 132.13M
Price Chg %Chg 1 Day
Range: 1 Day
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  • 1 Month
  • 3 Months
  • 6 Months
  • 1 Year
  • 2 Years
/quotes/zigman/627449/realtime 15,780 +120 0.76%
/quotes/zigman/12633936/realtime 4,284 +17 0.41%
S&P 500
/quotes/zigman/3870025/realtime 1,843 +14 0.76%
/quotes/zigman/629063/realtime 2,052 +5 0.24%
/quotes/zigman/33772884/delayed 1,240 -8 0.66%
/quotes/zigman/2260836/delayed 27.53 +1.32 5.04%
FTSE 100
/quotes/zigman/3173262/delayed 5,641 +104 1.87%
/quotes/zigman/2380246/delayed 8,883 +130 1.48%
CAC 40
/quotes/zigman/3173214/delayed 3,948 +51 1.31%
/quotes/zigman/1482176/delayed 16,161 +388 2.46%
/quotes/zigman/2759620/delayed 7,804 +57 0.74%
Stoxx 600
/quotes/zigman/2380150/delayed 309 +5 1.79%
Asia Dow
/quotes/zigman/6959860/realtime 2,388 -48 1.98%
Nikkei 225
/quotes/zigman/5986735/delayed 14,953 -761 4.84%
Hang Seng
/quotes/zigman/2622475/delayed 18,320 -226 1.22%
/quotes/zigman/1859015/delayed 2,763 -18 0.63%
/quotes/zigman/1652085/delayed 22,986 +34 0.15%
/quotes/zigman/1709939/delayed 2,540 +2 0.07%
/quotes/zigman/16008136/realtime/sampled 1.13 -0.01 0.51%
/quotes/zigman/16008150/realtime/sampled 112.78 +0.35 0.31%
/quotes/zigman/16008140/realtime/sampled 1.45 0.00 0.09%
/quotes/zigman/16008115/realtime/sampled 0.71 0.00 0.31%
DXY Index
/quotes/zigman/1652083/delayed 95.95 +0.35 0.37%
WSJ $ Idx
/quotes/zigman/41508961/realtime 89.02 +0.26 0.29%
U.S. 10yr
/quotes/zigman/15866666/realtime 1.68 +0.02 1.45%
German 10y
/quotes/zigman/15866409/realtime 0.23 +0.04 20.75%
Italy 10yr
/quotes/zigman/15866497/realtime 1.66 -0.06 3.45%
Spain 10yr
/quotes/zigman/15866444/realtime 1.74 -0.03 1.67%
U.K. 10yr
/quotes/zigman/15866328/realtime 1.36 +0.06 4.25%
Japan 10yr
/quotes/zigman/15866525/realtime 0.08 +0.06 442.45%
Crude Oil
/quotes/zigman/2260836/delayed 28 +1 5.04%
/quotes/zigman/33772884/delayed 1,240 -8 0.66%
/quotes/zigman/25518691/delayed 360 -1 0.21%
/quotes/zigman/48241424/delayed 15,709 +97 0.62%
/quotes/zigman/43106711/delayed 1,836 +12 0.63%
/quotes/zigman/32655632/delayed 16 0 0.15%


Symbol Price Change % Change
FB /quotes/zigman/9962609/composite 103.59 1.68 1.65%
AAPL /quotes/zigman/68270/composite 93.22 -0.48 -0.51%
GOOG /quotes/zigman/59527964/composite 687.44 4.33 0.63%
BAC /quotes/zigman/190927/composite 11.47 0.31 2.73%
C /quotes/zigman/5065548/composite 36.38 1.40 4.00%
F /quotes/zigman/264304/composite 11.24 0.07 0.58%
T /quotes/zigman/398198/composite 36.17 -0.04 -0.11%
BP /quotes/zigman/247026/composite 28.23 0.59 2.13%
GE /quotes/zigman/227468/composite 27.68 0.23 0.82%
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  • /quotes/zigman/110164/composite ATVI-12.45%
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