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Can Facebook Replace the DMV?

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    • This government is already made too many ties with Google and Facebook. Americans should wake up and realize our country is in danger from within. An administration with a complicit Congress that tells us they must vote on a bill “before we know whats in it” is completely out of control.There is now an unprecedented attack on the Christian faith that built this country by our own government. When the President declares “This is not a Christian nation”, when they force Catholic schools and hospitals to pay for contraceptives against their beliefs and when members of the Socialist party, the Communist party and the Muslim Brotherhood all have seats in our government we are indeed in a sad position. No matter your party, you know you cannot vote for those who have done this to us. And we certainly do not need to allow our government any more intrusion into our personal lives through Facebook or Google.

    • I think Facebook’s recent addition of an organ donation campaign is admirable. I wonder if both the government and private companies like Facebook ever thought of posting missing children? This social utility could be utilized for other worthy purposes. This could be a feed from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that people could follow and contribute to, helping get these children home again.


    • There could be some major privacy violations no matter how good the act is supposed to be. It’s like the old saying the road to hell is paved with good intentions. While most would applaud the public mentioning of something as kindhearted as a blood donor or organ donor. There maybe other admissions people make that others make dislike and with the digitization of everything they can come back to bite them.


    • Do those megalomaniac identity thieves at Facebook have no shame???

    • What if the state issued ID has no indication of the person’s organ donor status but a Facebook post does? Does Zuckerburg really have the hubris to elevate a social pasttime above an official document recognized by statute?
      Be very careful what you post on Facebook… it will be there forever.

    • Could FB create a category “favorite social cause”, or “animal protection group” to encourage these moral values?

    • Facebook has finally hit the point to where I must say, “None of your damn business!”

    • Facebook is nothing but a source for identity thieves.

    • Did Zuckerberg register as a donor?

    • So people won’t have to PAY some identity mill for their phony IDs? Awesome! Later dude! I got some things to buy and people to con.

    • Before signing up to be a donor know what you are doing. When you die in hospital a harvesting team removes all viable organs and all of your skin from the neck down. They then remove leg bones and arm bones. What is left is essentially a meat suit with you head attached. Then the tissue bank SELLS your organs, skin for skin grafts, and bones for transplant. None of this money makes its way to your family. The pressure to get you to donate appeals to your emotions but its really about turning a dollar while acting as a middleman. And Mr. Zuckerman is playing into this through the use of facebook and peer pressure.

    • FYI: You may specify which organs OR organs you wish to donate.

      So ask yourself if you or a loved one was waiting on a donor list wouldn’t it be nice if someone who just checked out (& went to Heaven:) allowed you to have theirs? We get brand new “glorified bodies” in Eternity anyway!

    • A recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) reprot, however, criticizes the BUSH current royalty-in-kind program, concluding that the government is unable to determine whether taxpayers receive a fair shake from the program. For example, the GAO notes that the pilot program currently relies upon royalty payors to self-reprot the amount of oil and gas they produce, the value of this oil and gas, and the cost of transportation and processing that they deduct from royalty payments (emphasis added). The reproting system caused the GAO to express concern about the accuracy and reliability of these data. Indeed, the industry’s cheerleading for the royalty in-kind program stems from recent court decisions that found U.S. oil companies, equipped with an honor system self-reproting system, routinely underreproted the volume of oil and natural gas removed from taxpayer land, therefore allowing the companies to cheat the public. By seeking to end cash payments for the privilege of drilling on public land altogether, it appears as though the oil companies are attempting to hedge their losses from the embarrassing court decisions.In 1998, the Mineral Management Service estimated that similar provisions would cost taxpayers between $140 million and $367 million every year.There was a vote on April 21 in the House to strike the section providing a suspension of royalty payments for offshore oil and gas production in the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) in the Gulf of Mexico, but it failed, 227 to 203.

    • “Are you arguing the isrceaned unemployment comp has caused this weak recovery, and not de-leveraging from historical leverage leading to weak end demand? Really?”i am arguing that isrceaned governmental spending has crowded out private spending, and that, just as in the 30′s, a more muscular regulatory environment and the restrictions and uncertainty it creates have caused underinvestment and a lack of business confidence.and now we want to add higher taxes to the stew?seriously, can you honestly tell me you don’t think these things diminish business confidence and growth?i suggest you read amity shlae’s excellent book about the 30′s “the forgotten man”. it does an excellent job of cataloging the damage that big government fascist policies do.FDR was a fascist. he even admitted as much while it was still fashionable. he was a big admirer of mousollini. obama is a big admirer of FDR.it amazes me that we cannot, as a society, seem to learn these lessons in any durable fashion.i note that you have dodge the “how can taking money from the productive and giving it to the unproductive not decrease growth” question.seriously, what’s your answer. until you can answer that, you argument has no underpinning at all.

    • ConservachicI have provided you proof, not only of diogeulatern under Bush – not only of STRIPPING local communities legal authority under Bush but … but … BUT … I have also provided you proof of the BILLIONS in Corporate Welfare that OUR tax dollars GIVE to HUGE energy corporations — where were your Tea Party rallies when THAT was going on?

    • казва:From your Elegant Great on February 15th 1971, turned aornud of a pair of pence functions the particular Logo of the Royal prince regarding Wales: any plume involving ostrich feathers inside a coronet across the In german saying “ICH DIEN”

    • I agree. Inflation is the big ticker when it comes to plnninag.If you baseline a reasonable estimate you will be ok but if you estimate way off then you can run into trouble. Saving all that you can for retirement is the safest bet.

    • that they (big brother) will only forgo the 10% panelty, How generous of them to allow you to use your hard earned savings. You’ll still pay your standard 20% to the government income tax, but that sucking sound is the instant loss of equity to you & financial windfall for both the fed gov and our wonderful banking system, Wonder which assholes on wall street came up this brilliant idea and fed it to Johnney and Tommey in Georgia.

    • For Vermont, you want to be on the online reigstry. Click the Register Here button. Signing your license does not guarantee you will be a donor. See our article on The Drivers License Misconception

    • Medvedev is not trustworthy in rsaisun affairs- it is Vladimir Puitin. Medvedev is too much under pressure of pravoslav church- it is not good!!! Patriarch Alexij was better then this pfaropwestern patriarch Kirill- therefore Putin is the right man not Medvedev to say what will happen in Russia!!

    • I think you and your husband have naleid it right on the head! You only live once and you definitely only have one childhood (though I would like to believe you can extend it ) so might as well be doing something you love together! I just found your site but will start keeping tabs on your journey, happy travels![]

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