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Are iPhones Losing Their Cool?

    • This does not begin to note what apple is doing with iCloud and the new Mac OS. Might want to incorporate that into this post because its rather biased. iPhones may start to lose their luster as the coolest phone, but you need to realize how awesome the integration between the iPad, the iPhone, and the mac computer. iCloud does the whole music thing as well.

    • you need to do more research before you write these kind of dumb things…

    • just because a knucklehead who does not get why there is no mouse for mac with 2 buttons you think its over.

    • Funny, over a year ago I remember the CEO of HTC giving a speach about how iPhones are no longer cool. They weren’t what college kids were interested in. Last I read HTC profits had fallen 70% and projections are significantly lower than Wall Street estimates.

    • omg quoting a few peeps experiences and projecting it upon the marketplace is one piece of lame non-journalism.

    • I never saw what the excitement was about in the first place. I have lived over 60 years without an iPhone, so why is it so necessary for me to buy one now?

    • Have you ever worked on an apple product to repair it. If you did you would know all the places that cut corners. I won’t buy one just because I know how they are built.

    • i bought an Iphone last year. Although initially skeptical of expense and contractual obligation, I’ve become a believer. For some this may be frivolous device, but for a working family many it keeps all my ducks in a row. phone, text, web, email, contacts, camera, and games. Now, I don’t leave home without!!

    • That, and he didn’t want to follow the herd. Among techies, Saint Cyr says, the iPhone is already uncool: “It’s marketed towards simple folk who like shiny objects and dislike complexity, like Mac users who can’t handle two buttons on a mouse.”


    • Wow, there isn’t a single thing in this article that is true.

      However my favorite is that Blackberries went out of style because they were too cool. Right, that’s exactly what happened.

    • Really?!!!!! Who’s shorting APPL and why is the WSJ being their….fill in the blanks.

    • 30 years ago this journalist would have been delighted covering why HIV does not cause AIDS. Shoddy, biased journalism is betrayed by, inter alia, dumping on the minimalist elegance of the 1-button mouse on the Mac. That’s also what the all-touch interface of the iPhone is about. By the way that’s why the iPhone is a global sensation; languages become software, not printed keys. This journalist doesn’t get it.

    • The subject and timing of this will send it right over the heads of much of this audience, but I’m reminded of the Taurus in 1986. It was the hottest car then, with new styling, new ideas, and very much in demand. After selling a few million, the Taurus became what it is today, an appliance that is over-populated and under-appreciated for what it does. I’m already seeing people wearing ‘Droid shirts and saying they are “Android people.” Say it can’t happen? We’ll see.

    • When people stop lining up for them during the launch that when you know they’ve lost their cool… until then you are another clueless analyst who just doesn’t get it. It’s not that the iPhone’s lost it’s cool, it’s just that you are not cool enough to own one…

    • Today’s cool – tomorrow’s fool.

    • This “Smart”Money website (scare quotes intentional) is hilarious in it’s poorly reasoned, but persistent, efforts to foretell the iPhone’s demise. This article, spectacularly poorly timed to land right after Apple reported record iPhone sales, is another example.

      SmartMoney: “iPhone sales down? The iPhone is a has-been! iPhone sales up? The iPhone is soon-to-be-a-has-been!”

      I can’t imagine what’s spurring this bizarre case of journalistic iPhone envy, but not to worry, there’s an App for that! Hey “Smart”Money editors: go get an iPhone, then download and study the “Chicken Little” app.

    • I Phone Cornet as Hell. I want my Droid back what a waste of money I sware

    • See it can’t even type Corney is the word. I phone overrated sycks

    • Ayn Rand said: Check your premises. The unspoken premise is that phone buyers are motivated by what’s “cool”, and always buy whatever is coolest. Invalid assumption. I don’t have a smart phone yet, but when I do get one, it will be an iPhone, to go with my iMac, iPad, and iPod Touch.

    • Enough said.

    • Three weeks of negative press like this, and worldwide stock decline, and Apple stock slides. But it smells like writers with an axe to grind and short shares to sell. But what does Apple do? Pull out an unexpectedly strong quarter, and the stock shoots up. So what happens? The WSJ is recycling the same news with a new graphic. You gotta be kidding! Someone still has a short position to dump, I guess.

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    • Yes, one day, people will no longer want iPhones. They will want whatever the next great thing might be. So far as I can tell the only company out there today innovative enough to create the next best thing is Apple.

      For now and for the foreseeable future, it’s all about Apple’s innovation and everyone else trying to catch up. The important thing is that innovation continues.

      About this article – it’s filler and if it were on paper, it would be great bird cage liner.

    • In reply to anon: “I never saw what the excitement was about in the first place. I have lived over 60 years without an iPhone, so why is it so necessary for me to buy one now?”

      What a moronic thing to say. I guess you don’t own a microwave either, and I guess you’re typing this from the library since you don’t have a computer at home. Go back into your cave.

    • In reply to Boss: “See it can’t even type Corney is the word. I phone overrated sycks”

      It’s pretty clear from your posts that you probably don’t have a high school degree either, so don’t blame the phone. I have a Galaxy Nexus by the way, awesome phone, but still not as stable or streamlined as my iPhone was.

    • For those comparing the iPhone to the Taurus, and the RAZR…

      The iPhone was the device which all other smartphones today are based on. You can’t objectively deny this. Taurus was just another car, and the RAZR was just another wannabe cool phone. The iPhone was something original, new, and you wouldn’t have your smartphone today if it weren’t for the iPhone.

    • Sounds like someone or two touched a nerve. Face it, apple is going to be passe again. And you will look silly with all of you itoys.

    • It’s pretty clear that the first movers will drop the Iphone sooner or later, unless the remaining industry fail in developing the next tiger step in the saga of the smartphones.. before they too will be replaced by a genius new device.

    • Fact is, who cares if the iPhone, or any other smartphone, is cool or not? The point of a smartphone is to be functional. I’m a PC owner, because Windows is a superior platform for business software (I’m a CPA) and because all of my clients and associates use PCs. On the other hand, I own an iPhone, because it functions better than any other smartphone I’ve used. As long as the iPhone continues to be highly functional, it will stay on top of the heap, and if it loses its king-of-the-mountain status, that will come about (hopefully) because somebody, either Apple or another company, has created something better.

    • As some commenters have already pointed out, this article is far from coherent. SUVs fell out of favor because the cost of complementary gasoline increased in price and conspicuous consumption waned. Blackberry has largely fallen to Apple’s product innovation, iPhone being the first smart phone with a web browser that actually worked and the addition of the App store widened the gap.

      While teenagers and hard-core enthusiasts may consider their Apple products to be a partial source of identity, I’m sure the vast majority of iPhone owners define themselves with their jobs, religion, and families. Few people purchase the iPhone in an attempt to belong to something.

      The reality is, Apple makes very good products. While Apple’s sense of style and “charisma” certainly helps their sales it’s mostly about quality customer service and developing the technology people want, even if they don’t know they want it yet. As long as Apple keeps doing those things well, the silly ideas this “journalist” has put together will do nothing to turn things around.

    • Russell Saint Cyr, a Montreal-based IT, does not know what he is talking about.

    • If the iphone 5 comes with a 4.0 or 4.2 screen, It’s going to get the on the fence andriod user to switch. Face it, andriod user are tired of the lag, and the update system that has you buying an outdated phone when the next update had already been released. The Galaxy Note was outdated when it was released and still waiting on ICS.

    • “the more people must join or feel ostracized,”
      This is exactly the point – i have good old nokia and quite happy withit but around people use shiny gadgets u feel ostracized… Same goes to kids in school,i see kids at age 12 and 15 playing with iphone like a toy.. 400 dollar gadget with no care or respect..while other kids are forced to competitiveness..
      Makes me remember those words from Brook (was here) “The world is in god damn hurry”

    • It’s an appliance, not a lifestyle.

    • When it is seen as a tool rather than a cool or status item, it’s price may become realistic.

    • Ok, I get it. Its fun to take shots at Apple and wonder when it will end. I am very computer aware and tech aware, I love to tinker as well. Those of us who like to do this stuff are in the minority and always will be. The Apple products (yes, I own several) are great in their simplicity, wonderful integration across platforms (i-phone, i-pad, i-pods, macs) to the point where they are very easy to own and control. For the majority of people this is the best choice by far, and until the android market makes it just as easy there is an easy choice for a lot of people. I will just keep my Apple stock for now and buy something special with the continuing profits it makes me.

    • You should really research your articles better. You cited someone that switched form his iPhone to a googl device because it allowed him to sync his music without plugging in the phone to the PC. However, th iPhone wireless syncs music, movies, audiobooks, podcasts, and apps between it and the PC. Also, iCloud offers vastly improved capabilities over Google drive…I think you’re editor bias is blindingly obvious.

    • “the more people must join or feel ostracized.” Exactly the reason I won’t join. I like my 4.3″ screen, LTE and removable battery.

    • If you select a mobile device just because it’s “cool” and “elite,” and not because it offers the functionality and price that are best for you, then you are a tool – and you shouldn’t bother with an iPhone. Go buy a Vertu instead.

    • and yet, Apple continues to sell piles of them.

      I’ll put my money on Apple.

    • Apple will be strong for a while yet, but they will start slipping. They had a great idea with making a smartphone that used a touchscreen instead of physical keys and trackballs – but now everyone else has picked up on that idea. Now it’s everyone else who’s got the innovation.

      In regards to some of the comments below:

      @Alex – he said *connecting to* not *plugging in* – wireless sync is still connecting the phone to your PC, the only difference is that it’s doing it over wifi. With Android not only do you not need to plug it into your computer, you don’t even need to have it connected to the network. In fact, you don’t even need to tell it to sync.

      iCloud and Google Drive are two different beasts so I don’t know what you’re trying to say with that comment.

      @Ron – it hasn’t even been nine months since Steve Jobs stepped down. Yes, Apple products are wonderfully simple, because Jobs made them so. As far as integration across platforms – they only have two (iOS and OS X) and outside of those, the integration really isn’t that great.

      As far as Android – I’m not sure whether you’re referring to the Play Store or to the Android phones on the market, or what you are trying to say about either, but – well, there are more options than just iOS and Android, and I assure you that most people don’t struggle with Android nearly as much as you’re suggesting.

    • I have an iphone now, and i must say — there was nothing cool about the iphone to begin with. I regret getting rid of my droid.

    • Maybe this applies to people who buy a phone to feel “cool,” but for people who want the best phone, they’ll continue to buy the best phone, whether it’s an iPhone or a Droid or whatever. Right now, no phone is as good as the iPhone. THAT’s what matters.




    • The herd of idiots in the media will gravitate toward what is perceived “cool”. Don’t get me wrong.. iPhone is a good mini computer, but a lousy phone. iTouch does the same without spending $2,000 (2 year contract.) So I use an Android phone on a no contract basis. Unlimited minutes and data for $55 a month, with better quality phone service than apple can ever provide. Keep making Apple rich sheeple.. I’ll enjoy my money saved, my android phones and yes… that sound you hear is us droid users silently laughing at all you iphone users excited about this years new release. BTW… siri really does suck!

    • I can’t believe you even mention Edward Zabitsky. He said to short apple when it hit the 400′s and then again before the most recent earnings. Why not ask the folks who lost their shirts based on his opinion, what they think?

      I’d expect more from Smart Money – what a slam on your credibility.

    • love all the crybabies saying this article is about shorting apple stock. the first sign of addition is admitting you have a problem.

    • I dumped my iPhone last year for this same reason. It is no longer cool. I got myself a nice Samsung Android phone. Samsung Android is in and iPhone is out.

    • Blah blah blah, all I can say is at least my iPhone does what it’s supposed to…oh ya, my battery lasts longer than 1/2 day too. When you try too hard to be different, you look more like a fool. Good luck with your lamedroid!

    • Too crowded so no one go there? What kind of logic is this? Sounds like you can’t get a seat.

    • Alpine76… for someone that loves their iphone, you sure don’t know jack about Apple. The entire Apple advertising campaign was “think different”. I agree with Blah Blah!

    • If the iPhone were just another fad item, you would be correct. All fads end.

      But it is not. It is a handheld computer with a phone app. It has a proprietary operating system. It has an smooth, complex ecosystem glued together by iCloud.

      For the millions of Apple users who partake of the entire ecosystem (and this number grows daily with the halo effect), those people simply are not going to switch unless the system is broken. They certainly won’t switch due to fashion or fad.

      Look how long Windows has dominated the desktop space, even with an inferior product. THAT is the analogy you should be looking at here, not Tickle-Me-Elmos.

    • all apple users, the biggest problem of apple is the close system. it does all its sw and hw and controls all the user behaviors.
      unlike apple, windows & android (linux os), they are open systems. it will be benefitial for all consumers. with all the brands/makers, you can make your own choice of products and different setups tailored to individual needs.
      why should i pay apple money if i can achieve my obkectives with so many choices?
      Pls think for a moment before you feed them money!

    • On the surface it would seem the iPhone popularity today is similar to the Motorola RAZR phone popularity in 2005. The difference however is in the Apps and software integration with Apple’s other products. That is the glue that will bind these iPhone users for years to come. It’s the Apps.

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    • Cheap potshots at Apple again from those who spend their time playing catchup.. Predictable and Boring.

    • one more point: apple’s appearance stimulated the smart phone competition and improvements. this is good.
      ultimately, i trust the open system will win because one company dominates the markets will definitely not work.

    • Pretty lame, shallow and unbalanced article offering little more than just a couple of negative opinions. Why bother write this at all? This article takes the “Smart” out of Smart Money.

    • Yes, of course.People prefer the cool cheap Samsung copy-cat rip-offs which is nothing like so good as the real thing! Just like people prefer cheap Chinese rip-offs of Rolex, Chanel and other designer goods.

      In the real world people prefer Apple products. That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact.

      The iPhone, iPad, Mac and iPod all achieve by far the highest user satisfaction and retention scores in every user survey! That’s what really makes them cool.

    • Its just like Yogi said, “Nobody goes there any longer; it’s too crowded.”

    • Yes, of course.

      I forgot that Yogi Bear was the arbiter of good taste

    • Of course Yogi has good taste. After all he liked to steal, then eat delicious home prepared foods packed in picnic baskets didn’t he?

    • The author misses the impact of the refresh cycle on the ‘cool’ people. They get a new toy every year or two. Otherwise, his statement that all things fail is general enough to be meaningless.

      St. Cyr did not want to follow the herd so he bought a phone from the company the author claims is the leading seller. Can you say Moo?

      He says motley, I say fragmented.

      Apple and Samsung are competing for the top seller. Your source’s claim that Samsung is the top seller is weak as Samsung does not release numbers. I too can throw darts and maybe mine say Apple is the top seller.

      Steve Jobs is dead – get over it. Apple benefits for the culture he fostered and that Tim Cook will nurture. Tim Cook has not had a chance to prove himself, but is has definety not dis-proved himself. He is executing and has a great team behind him.

      Mr. Zabitsky, Mr. Zabitsky. Very weak source with a historical bear slant that boarders on comic. Could the author find a better source? Ah, no – everyone else is a bull. His price target will only be reached when Apple splits 3:1.

      And how much longer will Samsung (and every other manufacturing partner) be working with Google/Andriod now that Google is rumored to be planning to sell their own phones? Somehow, I don’t think customers will find a Samsung/Windows appealing.

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    • Russell Saint Cyr is cited in the article as preferring the Samsung Nexus S because “it allows him to back up his music without connecting his phone to his PC, it’s cheaper and has a bigger screen.”

      The iPhone absolutely lets users backup their music without connecting it to a PC, but perhaps Mr. Saint Cyr wasn’t smart enough to figure out how to do it.

      Comparing the price from TELUS (the only carrier in Montreal that sells the Nexus S), the Nexus is free on a 3-year contract, but then so is the iPhone 3GS.

      If we compare it to the iPhone 4, well, that’s $50 for a 3-year contract, which works out to $1.49/month. And while it’s true that the iPhone 4 has a smaller screen, it actually shows more information, because the resolution is 960-by-640-pixels, compared to a relatively measly 800×480 on the Samsung.

      Oh, and let’s not forget that the Samsung uses a PenTIle screen, rather than the true RGB screen used by the iPhone.

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    • what Jerry answered I’m alarmed that a student able to get paid $9208 in four weeks on the computer. have you read this site (Click on menu Home more information) http://goo.gl/so3r9

    • I can’t speak of the market in general but I LOVE my iPhone. What an amazing work of craftsmanship -quality, precision, attention to detail is simply breathtaking… But this phone is not for everyone. There is a level of attention to detail which is paid to some products that some people simply do not care about, and for other people it absolutely MAKES the product. For instance, BMW engineers the sound of the closing car door. This is something that subtly affects the experience of driving a BMW. I don’t know if iPhone will continue to be the cool product, the mast have phone 2-3 years from know, but I know it will still be the best phone as long as Apple will not lose their obsession with perfection.

    • Once one enjoys the appointments and amenities a luxury automobile brings to their lives, they become brand loyal. They repeat buying the product not because it is ‘fashion’ but because it satisfies needs and wants- it becomes part of their personal lifestyle. The I-Phone is in this category and will continue to be part of the culture for more years to come. Those that believe it will exit in popularity soon are whimsical and perhaps have not fullybestablished their own personal lifestyle.

    • i absolutely hate apple and would never own an iphone or i-anything exactly for the reasons listed in this article. i-sheep follow the herd. i cannot wait until they become irrelevant.

    • windows phone anyone? much better than my iphone…

    • I don’t care how many people have an iphone cause I will always be one of them. To each his own. If you like android get an android, if you like iphone buy that. It’s not about cool it’s about functionality and ease of use.

    • I have never been a fan of Apple, there was never enough value in their products for me. Value consists of the most for the money, not cool, not simple, but value. I have always been able to find products that outperform for less or equal money so I move that way. There are those in the office that use their products, they meet the conditions of one of the posts here…they don’t want to try anything new, they like the simplicity of what they have and have been used to its format for years…I thrive on challenge and new technologies…so it is simple for me to move on.

    • And people thought home telephones were a faddish bit of exotic fluff at first.

    • Saint Cyr says, the iPhone is already uncool: “It’s marketed towards simple folk who like shiny objects and dislike complexity, like Mac users who can’t handle two buttons on a mouse.”

      This techie has been waiting for months to show how “clever” he could be with a witty remark he heard somewhere else. (probably playing D & D with all of his other cool techie friends) I seriously bet he tells this joke everytime he walks into a Starbucks. But really, did Samsung write this article?

    • The iPhone is viewed as uncool in my circles. Smart and tech savvy people use Android devices. Soccer moms and sheeple use iPhones.

      You simply can’t do as much on an iPhone as you can on an Android phone. It’s kinda like owning a Playskool device, or training wheels. Best way I can describe it.

    • all these “opinions”! Jeez people is that all you have to share? How about facts? Like android had cut and paste years before iphone, iphone is so proud to announce that they now have cut and paste (wtf ive had it for years on my droid), ive had q 4″screen for years, 4gLtE is without a doubt faster than anything iphone, and to top it all off i dont have to download iTunes so it can freeze up my pc. Ive got a dozen other examples but I’ll leave you with one more: Im typing this into my pc from my free Gmote App. (it lets me use my phone as a mouse and keyboard for my pc connected toy flat screen )

      Just another feature i’ve been enjoying for years on my droid. iPhobe should have this feature by 2014 or so…. Just sayin

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      I am using the onmouseover effect and I can’t get the link to work. I need some help with the code.?
      I have created a webpage for my ICT AS coursework. I am using the onmouseover effect and I can’t get the link to work. I need some help with the code. Basically this is a product advertising Minecraft and the issue is before the on mouse over effect the link worked but now I have added it, I need to make sure that the over image is linked but I cant work out where to put the HREF. This is a whole page of 6 images all with on mouseover images and I just need to now where to pop it in?
      Here’s the code:
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      <form id="form5" name="button submi5t" method="link" action="Reviews.html">
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      8 months ago
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      <input type="image" src="multimedia/buttons/minecraft_button… "a href="Intro.html" onmouseover="this.src=’multimedia/button… onmouseout="this.src=’multimedia/buttons…
      i think this is your problem but this is only a guess as learning from a book from the library myself.
      the invert comma should not be before a href thanks
      if not then google plus me at ianmccully i am sure i can get you someone to solve this thanks ian.
      or you may need a < before the a href thanks
      Edited 8 months ago
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      Make Your Application Look Modern with Stock Toolbar Icons
      Make Your Software Look Look Modern with Pre-made Toolbar Icons
      Are you developing a new software project? Want to give it a unique appearance? Enhance your new project right away with easily available Program Toolbar Icons! Over a hundred of different icons are easily accessible to refine your application. Use the supplied icons for toolbars, buttons, wizards and dialogs. The icons are great to use all over the place in your application!
      The Program Toolbar Icons are neatly crafted and perfectly accurate, and are available in all common sizes, resolutions, states and color depths.
      Preparing your own graphics in-house or ordering them to a contractor certainly gives your application the one-and-only appearance and feel. The one-and-only style is about the only good thing to list about the in-house icons. Nearly everything else is a contra. Time and money, your ideas and their implementation, colors and shapes, even the personal tastes can vary greatly from one person to the other. .
      Program Toolbar Icons are easily accessible for immediate preview and download, making it possible to make your own opinion if the given collection of images suites your design goals. With Program Toolbar Icons, you clearly see what you will purchase!
      Program Toolbar Icons come in a variety of states and sizes. Your purchase gets you all sizes of 16×16, 20×20, 24×24, 32×32, 40×40, and 48×48 pixels in two: 256 colors and the semi-transparent True Color format. Every icon comes in three different states: normal, disabled, and highlighted. You will get the images in all of the following formats: ICO (Windows Icon), BMP (Bitmap), GIF and PNG.
      Program Toolbar Icons are created by program developers for program developers. The collection holds over a hundred icons that are most likely to be needed in your product. Open and Close, New Document and Open Folder, Start and Cancel, Up and Down arrows, Undo and Redo, Go and Stop, Cut, Copy and Paste are just a few to name. There are various symbols, objects, operations and concepts available to enhance your program.
      Program Toolbar Icons are drawn in a similar style, and share similar colors, gamma and artistic style, making your project look both consistent and unique.
      Program Toolbar Icons are simply great for programs designed to run in Windows XP and Vista, but the provided 256-color formats make it ready to target any versions of Windows. Save time and funds and refine your products with professional, readily accessible Program Toolbar Icons!
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      Perfect Toolbar Icons is a collection of ready-made icons for use in commercial and private software and web-pages. All icons have a balanced color scheme, sleek and well-rounded edges. A variety of formats and sizes is available.
      More info
      Enhance your financial or business-oriented program with instantly accessible professional Business Toolbar Icons. More than two hundred of professionally designed and neatly created icons picturing various financial objects and currencies are provided.
      More info
      IconLover is our choice. It allows you to create and alter all kinds of images required in the software development cycle, including icons, static and animated cursors and interface parts – all these types of graphics can now be designed in a single application.
      More info
      Icon Processor is an icon converter. It creates icons from your pictures. It’s easy to convert 256-color icons into True Color icons and Vista icons.
      More info
      ICL-Icon Extractor will scan your images, archives, folders and all local drives for icons. It can get icons from the Internet and customize Windows icons.
      More info
      Perfect Icon makes icon from any image file (PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, WMF and more) in just seconds. Create great icons for Windows XP. Easily replace, alter and save icons that Windows selects to show typical objects, directories, files.
      More info

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