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3 Ways to Maximize the Payroll-Tax Cut

    • I thought this was going to stimulate the economy..if this goes to paying down debt it is another national debt creator for future generations.to have to pay for with higher interest rates… This is a good idea structured wrong…. Waste of money… THE GOVERMENT HAS IT ALL WRONG AGAIN..

    • Happy 2012 New year,Merry Christmas ,Christmas top gift


    • Happy 2012 New year,Merry Christmas ,Christmas top gift


    • Some will save more, some will spend more, and some will never know it happened. Doesn’t make it a good or bad idea.
      I’m all for keeping a few more of my dollars, although I’m not convinced this was the best way to do that.

    • I’ve never seen so much fuss made over something so insignificant! President Obama, we’re all relieved that Joe in New Jersey can still take his daughters out for pizza now that he’ll have that extra $40 for another 2 months. I’m sure that’s going to save the economy. Geez — how did we get to this point???

    • It drives me crazy– that everyone– the politicians, the press– refers to this as a “payroll tax reduction” It’s our Social Security system that’s not being funded by this… later on they’ll say, see how underfunded SS is, now we have to screw with it.

    • Now, our Social Security fund will be broke sooner!

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    • obama’s 02/16/2012 National Debt $15,413,030,984,842.14 ; this is just another unfunded expenditure? A wise move? Dig the hole deeper to get out?

    • $15,413,030,984,842.14 heading toward the next national debt limit before September; fiscal sanity?

    • Why stop at 2%. Just get rid of SS altogether and mandate everyone have a roth savings account. If you are paying into SS, you are working so you can have a Roth IRA. Seems like that makes more sense.


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