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Hey Google: Take My Privacy, Please

Internet users are selling themselves to Google — and for cheap.

The web giant’s Screenwise program offers consumers the opportunity to let Google track their internet activity — and get paid for it. Google offers participating “panelists” a $5 Amazon gift card for signing up, and additional $5 gift cards every three months, up to $25 total. But given that experts estimate an individual’s personal data can be worth as much as $5,000, consumers who sign up may be selling themselves short. “I’d probably want a little bit more,” says David Jacobs, a consumer privacy fellow at the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a nonprofit focused on privacy, civil liberties, and technology issues.

But for all the concerns over Internet privacy, Google is actually having to turn people away. The site currently says “we are overwhelmed by your interest at the moment” and doesn’t allow new sign-ups.

To be sure, this is an entirely opt-in program, and consumers have been joining focus groups and letting Nielsen spy on their TV habits for small fees or prizes for years. The program also doesn’t create targeted ads, and that kind of information is generally worth more money than aggregate data about general browsing habits.  A spokesman for Google says, “This is a small, optional, online panel, similar to others run by many web and media companies.”

Google already tracks what sites people using its Chrome browser visit, as well as what people search for. This program likely allows for more in-depth tracking, potentially including information like how long a user stays on a particular site, or possibly even where their mouse moves on a page, Jacobs says. The basic description Google provides simply says users will let Google see “the sites you visit and how you use them.”

The bigger question, Jacobs says, is what programs like this do to our conception of privacy and what it’s worth. Does a $5 price tag “devalue privacy,” or does creating a clear marketplace for data increase the value of something most of us are currently just giving away? “It might just be something that causes people to realize that their information has monetary value in a way that they didn’t realize before,” he says.


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    • By WebOsPublisher

      microsoft.public.windowsxp.security_admin: Re: Icons Disappear.
      Re: Icons Disappear.
      From: Steven L Umbach (
      Date: 11/16/05
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      Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 10:09:54 -0600
      Maybe there are Group Policy or logon/startup scripts running that are
      managing the contents of the user’s or all users desktop folder. Run the
      Resultant Set of Policy mmc snapin on your Windows 2003 domain controller in
      logging mode for a user /computer that it is happening to checking for the
      GP settings applied to the computer/user which would also show Group Policy
      scripts. Users can also remove icons from there desktop by default and any
      local administrator can modify the contents of all users desktop folder.
      When you add it back add it to the all users desktop folder assuming that
      you want all users to see it. You could also enable auditing of object
      access on the computer and then audit the desktop folders only for the two
      delete permissions only [to minimize object access events recorded to be
      most pertinent ones]. Then you would see object access events that would
      show what user deleted the icons. If it shows system as the user then it
      most likely is a script of some sort. See the info below how to enable
      auditing of folders but beware it is not a user friendly process to sift
      through the object access events in the security log. — Steve;en-us;301640
      "C.W." <> wrote in message
      > I’m having a strange problem on my network. We have a Windows 2003 Server
      > setup with Active Directory and my workstations are Windows XP Pro. When a
      > users logs in to the XP workstations some times the Microsoft Word and
      > other icons or short cuts disappear. The program still exists on the
      > workstation and we have to recreate the shortcut. Has anyone had this
      > problem and did you figure out a solution?
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      Farnish: The Manor
      Isle of Farnish: Farn Manor
      The Farn Manor Estate looks like a castle, quacks like a castle, so it must be a castle — but it isn’t. In no way can this place withstand a siege or an armed attack, although it is rather burglarproof. The manor in its old state consisted of a huge 15th century barn, later converted into a ‘great hall’, two very large couryards, a late 16th
      tower house/pele tower, then all transformed in the 18th and 19th centuries into a grand pile — that looks like a castle but isn’t. Although it is not National-Trustworthy, this is now where the 29th Earl of Farnish and his extended family currently ‘hang out’ (no longer in the citadel of the castle in the town itself).
      The north side of this structure, which is not really that big (about 150 by 150 feet, even if the ground plan might mislead you into thinking this looks like a palace), was the original barn for the only large estate of the eastern side of the island. This area is mostly moorland and depended on sheep and cattle, yet there is considerable acreage here for crop-growing and is the ‘breadbasket’ of Farnish. A tower house was built in troublous times to protect this depot, and eventually other stuff agglomerated around the precinct, depending on the ups and downs of local prosperity (and the luck of various Lord Farnishes, whether in arms dealing, smuggling commissions, or in Monte Carlo).
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      Main staircase
      Screens passage & stairs to gallery
      Games room
      Supply room
      Coal shed
      Buttery (Wine room)
      Bridge from private postern
      Back lobby
      Guest Bedroom
      West corridor
      Guest Bedroom
      East corridor
      Outer Court postern
      Estate Office
      Waiting Room
      Office & cellar/east-wing stairs
      Gate passage
      Cloak room
      Porter’s lodge
      Keep staircase turret
      Priest’s Room
      This is the impressive ground plan. The moat, which involved damming up a stream and building a walled ditch, was done in the 1870s when the barn was reconstructed as a Great Hall and the circular towers and parapet walls were constructed on three sides. Lord Farnish the 25th had made a fortune supporting the Union side in the American Civil War. “Battles are waged in mud and squalor which I can profit by to establish a secure and solid place to continue this appalling way to make money.” (He was the most successful Earl of Farnish in history and is the inventor of the portable piss-catheter device that in later developments became the astronaut solution to the raindrops-keep-falling-on-my-head problem, also for people stuck in trenches or trains/planes where the loos don’t work or the queues are too long.)
      Beetle Collection
      Minstrels Gallery and Screaming Balcony
      Master’s (tutor, maestro, whatever) conservatory
      Art Gallery
      Servants’ wing hallway
      One hundred years earlier the 7th Earl had expanded the tower house. (There was an extraordinary run of bad luck for this family, in that they went from 7th Earl to 25th in such a short period as a century — family tree looks like a jigsaw puzzle, although there was a long-lived great-uncle with ambition, Uncle Harvey, who never really got the title, but whom everybody thought was a bit strange and unsavory — yet who can say now?). What he did was to box the courtyard, add a gatehouse, the west-side garden wing designed by Can-do Brown, Capability’s brother, and the servants’ wing.
      Art Gallery
      Steward’s office
      Watch room and machicolated gallery
      Guard Room
      There was a major remodeling of the ‘castle’ just before the outbreak of World War One. It was all fixed up with modern plumbing and (partial) central heating, the servants’ quarters were improved and expanded — little did they know then that after WWI there would be no servants in the old sense. The redesign also made the place look like a real castle, which of course it isn’t. Milord then the twenty-somthingth, who was a tropical botanist, had the top of the tower house/keep redone, a greenhouse added on the roof, parked his butterfly and beetle collections in the northwest tower, and pretty much withdrew into a vegetative state until he was murdered, his head cut off with a hacksaw blade and planted in a clay flower pot — a case that has never been solved by Scotland Yard, even by William Blackstone Wildman.
      The top floor of the gatehouse was designed as a dormitory for the garrison, but it was converted into a children’s playroom several generations ago; there is also a large terrace behind it — for private sunbathing, etc. This storey of the keep is the lord of the manor’s living suite. Above it (not shown on this web page) is the roof-level conservatory and observatory.
      The current Lord Farnish (Lucas, aged 26) is, unfortunately, a bit ‘distracted’ and has a permanent attendant whose duty is to bop him in the face with a balloon on a stick to remind him that it is time to eat. He is actually a genius according to professionals using testing methods that do not involve concentration or reading abiliity. His present plan is to convert the manor into a space ship and travel to Blenkinsop in Beta Pisces.
      The garden court contains a hedge maze, not something Brown wanted to make, but insisted on by the dubious Uncle Harvey, who professed himself as a student of the black arts. There are nasty statues in the ‘dead-end’ lanes and also man-trap pits and other hazards (which have been disabled in modern times — orange spots on plan?). This venue features in one of the Farnish Witch Academy trials for senior students — and, nobody knows for sure, the traps are re-activated for that. This folly was called the American flag because of its pattern (not colors), and contains five ‘temples’, including the center one, and a ‘mini-maze’ building, upper left corner, built of cedar planks, containing a bizarre collection of African and American Indian icons
      The “WC” building (who knows why Harvey built such a thing unless he was providing for witch coven occasions) contains a caretaker’s room over it. The Black Tower also seems to have no function though it might have been built as a flanking tower to the garden ward. This is not a “true” maze, since it has many short cuts, but it is definitely an eerie place, especially considering all the weird sculptures interspersed throughout. There are four ‘escapes’ on the right side, but only one lacks a supposed trap; one can also exit via the WC tower. The whole pattern supposedly represents four letters in a monogram arrangement according to an old diary entry — nobody has figured out what they are, although Grobius rather thinks that the whole pattern is a precursor of a microchip. Who knows?
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