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Avon reports wider-than-expected loss
PepsiCo profit up 31%, but outlook is soft
SNB chairman won’t rule out further rate cuts
Sweden cuts interest rate further below zero
Total CEO sees oil price rising at end of 2016
European stocks knocked to lowest since 2013
FTSE 100 hits lowest level since 2012
Dollar at lowest vs. yen since late 2014
Shell cancels $14.4 billion bridge credit facility
Hong Kong stocks dive as selloff kicks in

The greatest bull market of all time probably isn’t what you think it is
Greatest bull market ever likely isn’t what you think

Chuck Jaffe: It’s time for these trendy mutual funds and ETFs to put up or shut up
Time for trendy ETFs, funds to put up or shut up

Rio Tinto swings to loss, drops dividend policy
Total narrows loss on fewer write-downs
Glencore copper, zinc output falls on cutbacks

Twitter is showing Wall Street critics were right
Twitter adds new timeline feature

Jeb Bush says Donald Trump would be worse than Obama
Jeb Bush says Trump would be worse than Obama
Christie, Fiorina drop out of presidential race

FBI has closed in on Oregon refuge holdouts

North Korea reportedly executes top general

India to pick up China’s slack in oil demand

BP CEO calls for cuts to carbon emissions
If you’re bullish on oil, these stocks are buys

Which of Europe’s Piigs might fly?
Which of Europe’s Piigs might fly?

The 10 toughest investment decisions

Bass issues warning on China’s foreign cash reserves
What’s holding back the world economy?
China's FX reserves drop $99.47 bln

Yellen: Fed isn’t sure negative rates are legal
Yellen doesn’t expect to reverse Fed rate hike
Yellen gets into heated exchange at hearing
Bond market, Yellen face off on negative rates

Will falling oil prices bankrupt Saudis, Russians?
Cheap oil may make OPEC dominant again
As oil revenue drops, Gulf states ponder taxes
Will oil get so cheap, it won’t pay to extract it?

Hearing loss now hits 1 in 3 Americans over 65
Hearing loss now hits 1 in 3 Americans over 65

A break for zombie-fighting Amazon developers
Why Apple, Amazon, Starbucks are successful
Amazon up after new share buyback plan

REIT bonus targets at heart of Brixmor scandal

Private-equity firms now buying back their own shares

Has college financial aid totally backfired?

Michael Moore: Imagine life without student debt
6 ways Obama would make college affordable

Social Security in the crosshairs: replacement rates again
Stage is being set for cuts to Social Security

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/quotes/zigman/1709939/delayed 2,538 -44 1.70%
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U.S. 10yr
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AAPL /quotes/zigman/68270/composite 94.36 0.09 0.10%
GOOG /quotes/zigman/59527964/composite 677.01 -7.11 -1.04%
BAC /quotes/zigman/190927/composite 11.34 -0.65 -5.38%
C /quotes/zigman/5065548/composite 35.71 -1.71 -4.56%
F /quotes/zigman/264304/composite 11.13 -0.21 -1.85%
T /quotes/zigman/398198/composite 36.21 -0.23 -0.62%
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The End of Money-Market Funds?

Regulators are finishing a plan to make money market funds safer, but critics say the proposal could ruin their appeal for many savers.

The Securities and Exchange Commission reportedly plans to unveil a two-part plan to stabilize money funds, which are short-term investment vehicles used by individual investors and institutions to park cash. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the SEC’s goal is to limit losses for shareholders during times of financial stress, such as in 2008 when one fund “broke the buck,” or fell below the steady $1-per-share asset value that investors have come to expect. Investors have also worried about money-market funds’ exposure to the European debt crisis; the current proposal would require fund firms to set aside more capital to boost liquidity, and perhaps put restrictions on how quickly investors can access their money.

But while the measures may shore up the money-fund market, critics say they could also lead to fewer options and higher fees for investors. In recent years, firms have been waiving fees in an effort to keep yields above zero for investors and they’ve just barely been successful: the average yield on a taxable money market fund is .02% according to iMoneyNet, a money market researcher. Many fund providers have been forced to cut back their offerings or get out of the business completely. The number of funds dropped by more than  20% to 631  in 2011 from 805 in 2007, according to the latest data available from the Investment Company Institute. The new requirements could force “more providers to exit the money fund business,” Greg McBride, senior financial analyst for

The proposal comes as investors, less spooked by the stock market and searching for better yields elsewhere, have been bailing from the funds. Assets in money market funds have dropped to $2.7 trillion now from a peak of $3.9 trillion in 2009, according to the Investment Company Institute.

To be sure, the proposal still needs to be voted on and could change before it is approved, with at least three of the five commissioners needed to approve the proposals before submitting them for public comment. An SEC spokesman said in a statement that SEC Chairman Mary L. Schapiro ”is advocating structural reforms to money market funds to address their susceptibility to runs and provide a buffer against losses.  The staff is actively preparing a reform proposal for Commission consideration.”

Still, advisers recommend that investors looking for better yields should turn to high-yield savings accounts. The average yield on savings accounts is close to 0.4%, but some banks offer up to 0.9%, according to However, savers will have to wait a few days for transfers to clear before they can invest the money in stocks or other asset classes, says McBride. Another option, says Cargile: Short-term bond funds, many of which yield more than 1%. Experts say investors should keep in mind that short-term bonds can drop in value when interest rates rise, though they should fall less than longer-term bonds.


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    • As an institutional investor, MMFs are essential to daily liquidity. Sure the yield is minimal but the ability to do SOMETHING with cash and have guaranteed access to it every day is important. I worked at retail company who saw their seasonal spike in sales drive cash balances up to over 2 Billion. Banks won’t take deposits like that. I think the recent example of BoNY actually CHARGING their customers with over $50M on deposit is a sign of how little the banks want money on their books (since they aren’t lending there’s no money to be made). While MMFs are useless for the average person, for corporations they are absolutely essential and these changes will only drive companies into other products. The consequences of which have yet to be talked about. With just under 3 Trillion in assets, the MMF industry is the primary buyer of short term debt (Repo’s, CP, LOCs etc). If this market dries up there’s going to be a big hole to fill. Funny how one of the biggest causes of the crisis in 2008 was the lack of liquidity … and here we are trying to prevent a crisis like 2008 by removing liquidity. Some lessons are never learned.

    • Money market funds became popular in the late 70′s / early 80′s when yields were in the teens and risk was perceived to be negligible. It looks to me like they have become obsolete, at least for the time being.

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