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Facebook’s First Move: Mobile Ads?

Will Facebook turn smartphone screens into billboards?

The company’s initial public offering filing on Wednesday stated that while the company doesn’t currently show ads or directly generate “meaningful” revenue from users accessing Facebook with their smartphones and mobile products,  it believes there may be “potential future monetization opportunities such as the inclusion of sponsored stories in users’ mobile News Feeds.” Confused by the technical jargon? “Sponsored stories,” analysts say, refer to ads. “I’d expect Facebook to launch an ad network that includes mobile ad formats sometime in 2012,” says Rick Summer, senior equity analyst with Morningstar.

Indeed, analysts say the social network can’t afford to ignore the ad potential of mobile users, especially with a new band of shareholders eager to see a return on their investment. “Facebook is being hyped as one of the biggest deals ever in the IPO market,” says Rick Singer, CEO of “They will need to maximize revenue and profit.” As it is, around half of Facebook’s 845 million users – or 425 million – update their status on their phone. “Ads will be everywhere as they will have committed themselves to actually having to make money for shareholders,” says Robert Passikoff, the founder of Brand Keys marketing firm. “Why would they leave any space empty?”

Others say there is one very good reason why Facebook could hold off on bombarding suers with ads: goodwill. Facebook may wait before giving mobile users ads and/or do so sparingly, tech-pros say. Social psychologist and entrepreneur Matt Wallaert says the company builds loyalty by having an ad-free app. Around 85% of Facebook’s $3.71 billion 2011 revenue came from ads. “If anything, the 85%/15% split is going to lean farther towards the 15% that is made on other fees, like what they charge Zynga,” he says. Zynga – which launched its own IPO last year – operates popular games on Facebook like Farmville and Words With Friends.

Consumers also have less tolerance for ads on their phones, experts say. “The phone is a more intimate device,” says Brent Hieggelke, chief marketing officer at mobile messaging company Urban Airship. “It’s not just a phone to me, it’s my command center, my digital life on the go.” But he doesn’t rule ads out completely. Facebook will be “subtle and clever” by offering a service to users harnessing the power of GPS technology, Hieggelke says. “If you’re in Portland, Oregon rather than New York, for example, Facebook users might welcome restaurant recommendations in the area or music stores based on their previous purchases.”

In the meantime, analysts say Facebook mobile faces other challenges. Facebook video – launched last year in partnership with Skype – could be incorporated onto Facebook apps on iPhone and Android phones, says Todd Day, industry analyst for wireless and mobile communications at Frost & Sullivan. “This would allow Facebook friends to contact each other via video instead of calling on the phone or sending a text message.” Longer term, Summer says Facebook may not want to be locked out of the mobile phone market itself: “Facebook’s two largest smartphone operating systems are supported by companies that are not exactly friendly with Facebook: Google and Apple.”


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    • By WebOsPublisher

      Vista Style Shell for XPSP2 and XPSP3. Always backup system files before replacing. Credit for this shell goes largely to others,including,but not lim…
      Vista Shell32 for XPSP3 by ~DopeySneezy on deviantART
      window.dsize_get=function(g,p,z,h,i,B){var t,q,o,l,s,a,v,j,n,y,w,f,e,d,k,b,m,c,r,A,u;t=navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();q=/(msie) ([\w.]+)/.exec(t);o=t.indexOf(“compatible”)1||d2&&ht2&&htp)&&(p*(200/f)r||i”);if((window.location.hash||””).match(RBH)){_WCSS.push(“#output,#depths{display:none}”)}_W=Number(deviantART.pageData.deviation_width);_H=Number(deviantART.pageData.deviation_height);_FW=Number(deviantART.pageData.deviation_width_fullview);_FH=Number(deviantART.pageData.deviation_height_fullview);if(!deviantART.pageData.custom_fullview){with(dsize_artificial_view(_FW,_FH,_W,_H,undefined,!((deviantART.deviant||{}).subbed))){_FULL=new_artificial_view;_HIRES=use_larger_image}}R=dsize_get(_W,_H,_FW,_FH,_FULL,1);for(var x in R){_WCSS.push(“#gmi-”+(x==”resview”?”ResViewContainer”:”ResViewSizer_”+x)+”{“);if(_W){_WCSS.push(“width:”+(R[x]||{}).w+”px;”+(x.indexOf(“img”)”);if(_FULL&&!window.attachEvent){_WCSS.push(“”)}if(_HIRES&&!window.attachEvent){_WCSS.push(“”)}document.write(_WCSS.join(“”));
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      Submitted: May 24, 2008
      File Size: 7.7 MB
      Comments: 27
      Favourites: 14 [who?]
      Views: 17,173 (0 today)
      Downloads: 4,831 (0 today)
      #pimp {
      .pimp-note input.itext, .pimp-note textarea {
      font-family: Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif;
      color: #515c5a;
      letter-spacing: -0.25px;
      font-size: 11px;
      padding: 5px 8px 4px;
      border: 1px solid #8c9b8c;
      background: #f7f7f7;
      -moz-border-radius: 3px;
      -webkit-border-radius: 3px;
      -moz-box-shadow: 0 1px rgba(255,255,255,0.4), 0 1px 4px #bdbdbd inset;
      -webkit-box-shadow: 0 1px rgba(255,255,255,0.4), 0 1px 4px #bdbdbd inset;
      Vista Shell32 for XPSP3by ~DopeySneezy
      Customization / Skins & Themes / Windows Utilities / Miscellaneous©2008-2012 ~DopeySneezy
      Vista Style Shell for XPSP2 and XPSP3.Always backup system files before replacing.Credit for this shell goes largely to others, including, but not limited to KampongBoy, Picassa243, Desktop Squared and fediaFedia. If you see something of your creation, please let me know at once, and I’ll credit your contribution.What I have tried to do is limit the size of Shell32 to 16 MB while still including the realism of much larger shells. This allows for faster and more stable loading-up and avoids the RAM over-run notice Windows exhibits with larger Shell32 replacements.There are two options; The traditional single folder icon shell and a shell with a fatter (double) folder, shown in the preview. (The single folder preview is in my Gallery). Both are included in the download. Your choice. Either will work with SP2 OR SP3.Directions: Using the enclosed Replacer utility, put files msgina.dll and shell32.dll into your System32 directory and restart your PC. If some icons appear not to have changed on rebooting, consider downloading TweakUI, a small utility from Microsoft (free) or another icon cache cleaning utility.I have run this shell seperately on XP Service Packs 2 and 3 successfully for about 5 weeks now without incident.Happy Modding!(PS: This shell is perfectly compatable with Jeremyddual’s Vista Perfected Mods Pack XP just released in the miscellaneous section on dA)DS
      (window.LAST_FORM_POST || 0)) { window.window.LAST_FORM_POST = now + 3000; return true } else { return false }”
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      Mar 24, 2010
      Dude this is nice but theres one thing that everyone lacks u no the Desktop icon transparency u get when u highlight ur mouse over a desktop icon on vista + up? and on the background of that desktop icon u see transprentcy? i would luv it if u could find that for meh ^~^
      Apr 1, 2010
      Stardock’s Icon X would probably do that. Google it.
      Jan 12, 2010
      hello , i changed related dll’s as you described but only “my coputer” icon didn’t change. I used TweakUI to rebuild icons, but didnt work. How can i change “My Computer” icon as you showed at the image above.
      Jan 13, 2010
      Is the ‘My Computer’ icon showing in your Start Menu? Is it the old one or the new one? If it’s the new one, right click on it, find the entry “show icon on desktop’and unclick it. Close start menu. Reopen it and re-check mark the entry, so it does show the computer icon on desktop.Did you use the enclosed Icon Refresh Utility?Did you restart your system?If that doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll give you a clickable Registry Tweak that should fix it.I honestly never heard of this problem before, especially if your other icons have changed.
      Oct 26, 2008
      Hobbyist Photographer
      thanks dude
      Jun 20, 2008
      Could you make an Spanish version of this one. please? It looks fantastic.alanpotter
      Jun 15, 2008
      May 29, 2008
      hey, im not sure, but the background of the window looks transparent, not sure if thats just a background pic though. it would be amazing if it was just that part that was see through.
      Jun 2, 2008
      That is WindowBlinds 6.10, hvrock13, from Stardock. I think it sells for about $20. There could be a shareware version with a nag, but I’m not certain. It is a neat toy, though.
      May 27, 2008
      nice shell32, except that u might want to configure your cleartype adjustment.
      Previous123Next (window.LAST_FORM_POST || 0)) { window.window.LAST_FORM_POST = now + 3000; return true } else { return false }”
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    • By WebOsPublisher

      March — 2008 — lukeroberts
      background-image: url();
      filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(
      -ms-filter: “progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(

      color: #444444;

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      Archive for March, 2008
      GIMP Quicktips: Vintage Colours
      Posted by Luke on March 29, 2008. One comment.
      Another GIMP tutorial. Based on the earlier Photoshop version showing how to get vintage colours using Curves. I’ve tried to recreate it almost exactly – even used the same photo. The recording process went surpringly well in Ubuntu. I didn’t even need to take it into Vegas for editing. Just recorded with Xvidcap at 640x480px [...]
      Quick sky replacement with GIMP
      Posted by Luke on March 24, 2008. No comments.
      A slight change of pace for me – a GIMP tutorial. I don’t use GIMP a lot but I’ve found a lot of my experience with Photoshop is transferable. This is one such case. In Photoshop I would have gone to Select
      Photoshop Quicktips: Digital Macro Lens
      Posted by Luke on March 22, 2008. No comments.
      Make a screenshot, texture or other flat image look like it was taken by a macro lens I’ve been using this effect recently on some pattern wallpapers and textures, but it also works well for things like screenshots. The basic steps are: Print screen to get the image Transform to add perspective Gradient to make [...]
      Posted by Luke on March 19, 2008. No comments.
      My favourite photos from New York City Well I’m back from New York City – had a really great time. Having only spent a couple of days there previously I was left wanting more. After spending 5 days this time, I still want more. I was almost afraid I wouldn’t like it as much and [...]
      Going to New York. BRB.
      Posted by Luke on March 11, 2008. One comment.
      In the meantime, here are a few shots from a short walk up Malden Road. There were more, but my connection isn’t working properly and won’t upload the rest.
      My Top 5 Flickr Photos
      Posted by Luke on March 9, 2008. No comments.
      5. Helvetica This one kind of surprises me. I wouldn’t have counted it as one of my top five photos – even from the other photos in that area I didn’t think this was the best. I do love the capital R in Helvetica, though. The swirls in the graffiti seem to match the rounded [...]
      How to: Change My Computer icon to a Laptop (Vista)
      Posted by Luke on March 8, 2008. One comment.
      Short video I made showing how to change the little My Computer icon from the default Desktop type computer into a laptop/notebook in Windows Vista. Basically: In the Control Panel, search “icon” then click “Show or hide common icons on the desktop” (You’ll need to be in the default Vista control panel, rather than the [...]
      Photoshop toolbars from version 1 to CS3
      Posted by Luke on March 8, 2008. One comment.
      It’s interesting to see how the toolbar has evolved. I started out using version 4, but the jump between 6 and 7 is where there is the most change. Version 7 introduced a lot of new features too. From 7 to CS2 there weren’t many huge changes but the whole interface update of CS3 makes [...]
      Photoshop: Rounded Pixelation effect
      Posted by Luke on March 6, 2008. One comment.
      I was on /wg/ today and someone had posted a desktop screenshot, asking for the original wallpaper. At first glance, it just looked like a basic, pixelated image, but upon closer inspection, the pixels had rounded edges and a slight sharpening effect. The pixels were also on an angle, something not possible with the standard [...]
      Photoshop QuickTips: Vintage Colours
      Posted by Luke on March 6, 2008. 4 comments.
      To start off my Photoshop tutorials, here is my most popular video tutorial on YouTube. It’s a very simple trick, but not obvious if you’re new to Photoshop. The trick is understanding how Curves work and it’s not specific to Photoshop – you can use curves in Paintshop pro and GIMP for example. One notable [...]
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      Illustration of Set of under construction icons,illustration vector art,clipart and stock vectors.. Image 9728013.
      Set Of Under Construction Icons, Illustration Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 9728013.
      0800 88 66 020
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      * html img.compImg { width: expression( this.clientWidth
      Illustration – Set of under construction icons, illustration
      Set of under construction icons, illustration
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      Dmitriy Shironosov
      From Russian Federation Member since June 2007
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      Illustrator’s Profile & Portfolio
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      tools icon
      Stickers illustration
      Pattern traffic cones isolated on white background, vector illustration.
      tools icon
      construction icon set
      tools icon
      A set of icons for various building designs on a white background
      Web and Internet Icons for your website, internet, presentation and application project. web 2.0 style, clean and professional. see more icons in my portfolio. – total 7 Set in Novica Icons Series
      road signs for website buttons
      tools icon
      tools iconisolated black traffic sign icons set on white backgroundtools iconBright website and interface icons. Vector illustrationtools iconReal estate
      Standard License
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      Additional Multi-seat License
      Illustration Keywords
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      Shadow the Hedgehog (video game) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      /* cache key: enwiki:resourceloader:filter:minify-css:7:d11e4771671c2d6cdedf7c90d8131cd5 */

      mw.loader.using( ‘ext.centralNotice.bannerController’, function() mw.centralNotice.initialize(); );
      Shadow the Hedgehog (video game)
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Jump to: navigation, search
      Shadow the Hedgehog
      North American box art
      Sega Studio USA
      Takashi Iizuka
      Yuji Naka
      Takashi Iizuka
      Kazuyuki Hoshino
      Takashi Iizuka
      Jun Senoue
      Yutaka Minobe
      Tomoya Ohtani
      Mariko Nanba
      PlayStation 2
      Release date(s)
      NA November 15, 2005
      PAL November 18, 2005
      JP December 15, 2005
      Platforming, action-adventure, third-person shooter
      Single-player, multiplayer, cooperative
      Nintendo optical disc, DVD
      Shadow the Hedgehog is a 2005 video game developed by Sega Studio USA, the former United States division of Sega’s Sonic Team. Featuring the titular fictional character Shadow the Hedgehog from Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog series, the game was revealed at the March 2005 Walk of Game inauguration of Sonic, the series’ main character. Shadow the Hedgehog is the third game developed by Sega Studio USA. It is also the first Sonic game to be rated E10+ by the ESRB.
      Following the trend of recent Sonic games such as Sonic Adventure and Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog is a 3D platform game. Most levels have three possible missions—”Hero,” “Dark,” or “Normal”—that the player may choose to complete; some levels have only “Hero” and “Dark” missions. The missions completed determine the game’s plot and subsequently playable levels, a feature referenced by the game’s tagline, “Hero or villain? You decide.” The plot centers on the attempt of Shadow, a creation of Doctor Eggman’s grandfather, Professor Gerald Robotnik, to learn about his past after suffering from amnesia. To defeat enemies, Shadow can use various weapons and special attacks.
      Shadow the Hedgehog was created for the Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox video game consoles. Upon release, the game received mixed critical reviews; reviewers criticized its controls and “dark” theme, especially the addition of guns and other weapons to traditional Sonic gameplay, but praised its replay value.
      1 Gameplay
      2 Story
      2.1 Characters
      2.2 Plot
      3 Development
      4 Music
      5 Reception
      6 References
      7 External links
      [edit] Gameplay
      Shadow the Hedgehog is a platform game that incorporates elements of action-adventure gameplay. Like previous games in the Sonic series, basic gameplay involves running quickly, collecting rings, and destroying enemies.[1][2] Shadow collects rings as a form of health; when he is attacked by an enemy, ten of his rings bounce away from him in all directions. If he is hit by an enemy while not having any rings, he loses a life.[3] Each level is completed by undertaking a mission, and each mission is labeled “Hero,” “Dark,” or “Normal.”[4] The “Hero” missions involve completing tasks for the Sonic series’ heroic characters or Doctor Eggman[5] and the “Dark” missions involve completing tasks for the Black Arms or Doctor Eggman. The “Normal” missions involve simply reaching the Chaos Emerald or goal at the end of the level.[4] All enemies attack Shadow regardless of the mission chosen.[2][3] The mission types selected affect the plot, the levels played, and the ending received out of ten possibilities.[4][6] Each level features cutscenes that advance the story, and several levels also feature boss battles.
      Shadow uses a gun to defeat a G.U.N. soldier. The game’s violent theme and mechanics were two major areas of criticism.
      New gameplay features distinguish Shadow the Hedgehog from previous Sonic series games. For example, Shadow can use guns to combat enemies, adding an element of third-person shooter gameplay.[3] Parts of the scenery, such as traffic signs, can also be used as weapons.[4] Another new feature is the ability to drive vehicles, such as motorcycles and alien aircraft.[1][3] Although Shadow can outrun the game’s vehicles, the latter have unique capabilities, such as crushing enemies and traversing otherwise impassible acid-covered areas.
      As in most Sonic series games, the Chaos Emeralds play a major role; they help Shadow remember his past[7] and allow him to perform Chaos Control and Chaos Blast. Chaos Control allows Shadow to move more quickly in levels and slows time in boss battles, and Chaos Blast creates an explosion that destroys all nearby enemies. Shadow can perform Chaos Control after the player fills the Hero Gauge by defeating Black Arms soldiers, and he can perform Chaos Blast after filling the Dark Gauge by defeating G.U.N. soldiers.[1]
      The game includes a two-player mode[8] that retains the single-player mechanics but is set in one of three specially designed stages and uses a vertically split screen to separate each player’s view. Each player chooses one of the available characters—Shadow, two metallic versions of him, and palette-swapped variants of each. The combatants attack each other and steal each other’s rings until one is eliminated. Additionally, in single-player mode, a second player may take control of Shadow’s sidekick character in some stages.[9]
      [edit] Story
      [edit] Characters
      Further information: List of Sonic the Hedgehog video game characters
      Shadow the Hedgehog, the game’s protagonist, was created fifty years before the game’s events by Professor Gerald Robotnik in a military research space station known as the ARK. Robotnik was trying to unlock the secrets of eternal life on the government’s orders and create the “Ultimate Life Form.” To that end, Robotnik designed Shadow to be able to harness the powers of the Chaos Emeralds.[10] At the end of Sonic Adventure 2, his first in-game appearance,[11] he was presumed dead, but returned in Sonic Heroes with amnesia that persists into the events of Shadow the Hedgehog.[3][6] The game more deeply explores Shadow’s character than previous games.
      The Guardian Units of Nations (G.U.N.) is the military of Earth’s government, the United Federation, and it is directed by the G.U.N. Commander. When completing “Hero” missions, Shadow helps G.U.N.[10] and heroic characters from the Sonic series, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles “Tails” Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Rouge the Bat, E-123 Omega, Vector the Crocodile,[5] Charmy Bee, and Espio the Chameleon.[12] Their aim is to protect Earth from the Black Arms aliens and Doctor Eggman. In some “Hero” missions, Shadow assists Doctor Eggman battle the Black Arms. Black Doom, the leader of the Black Arms, sends an extension of himself called “Doom’s Eye” to watch Shadow and help him complete missions. When completing “Dark” missions, Shadow helps either Black Doom or Doctor Eggman, each of whom wants the Chaos Emeralds for himself.[10]
      [edit] Plot
      Completing “Hero,” “Dark,” or “Normal” missions determines which levels are subsequently playable. Each white box represents a level, and each red or blue box represents a boss mission at the end of the game. The colored lines that connect levels show how the completion of certain missions affects the storyline.
      At the beginning of Shadow the Hedgehog, which takes place three months after the events of Sonic Heroes, Shadow, still suffering from amnesia, remembers only two things: his name and “that gruesome image” of his attempt to escape the space station ARK with Gerald Robotnik’s granddaughter Maria and her death by gunshot from G.U.N. soldiers.[13] He wonders whether he is an android due to hints given in Sonic Heroes.[11] The game begins with Shadow reminiscing outside the city of Westopolis when the Black Arms drop out of the sky and invade it. Doom’s Eye approaches Shadow, and Black Doom tells Shadow of an old agreement for Shadow to bring him the Chaos Emeralds.[10][14] Stunned that Black Doom knew his name, Shadow realizes that he must find the Chaos Emeralds to learn his past.[15]
      The game progresses through the Westopolis level and five more levels from the different paths Shadow can take. As missions are completed, Shadow learns more of his past.[1][11] He can choose to help the Black Arms or Doctor Eggman (Dark), to help G.U.N. and the series’ heroic characters (Hero),[10] or to help neither and keep the Chaos Emeralds for himself (Neutral).[7] The missions completed determine which one of ten possible endings will be seen after Shadow collects all the Chaos Emeralds and defeats one of the game’s final bosses.[16] The possible ending events range from planning to defeat the Black Arms[17] to planning to destroy the planet.[18]
      Completing all ten endings unlocks a final ending in which Black Doom uses Chaos Control, enhanced by the power of all seven Chaos Emeralds, to bring the Black Comet to Earth. Shadow then confronts Black Doom on the “Last Way” level, where he discovers that Professor Gerald Robotnik created the ARK’s Eclipse Cannon weapon to destroy the Black Comet.[19] During their confrontation, Black Doom attempts to control Shadow through mind control but fails,[20] prompting him to transform into his “Devil Doom” form.[21] In response, Shadow uses the Chaos Emeralds to transform into his “Super Shadow” form and defeats Black Doom.[22] Shadow then transports the Black Comet into outer space using Chaos Control and obliterates it with the ARK’s Eclipse Cannon.[23] His friends are elated,[24] as are people at G.U.N. headquarters.[25] Shadow is then shown in the ARK’s control room holding up a photograph of Maria and Gerald. He discards the photograph, declaring “Goodbye forever… Shadow the Hedgehog,” and leaves the room.[26]
      [edit] Development
      “Shadow the Hedgehog has a much darker personality than Sonic the Hedgehog. In Sonic the Hedgehog, your typical mission was to go out and beat the bad guys, but in Shadow the Hedgehog, it gives the players a choice to either take the side of the good hero guys or to take the side of the bad buys [sic], giving the player the option to choose in the game.”
      —Sonic Team’s Takashi Iizuka[27]
      Shadow the Hedgehog was developed by Sega Studio USA, the now-defunct United States division of Sega’s Sonic Team, and published by Sega.[6] Sega first revealed the game and its tagline (“Hero or villain? You decide.”) at the March 8, 2005 inauguration of Sonic the Hedgehog into the Walk of Game.[28] Sega formally announced development of the game for the Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox video game consoles on March 23, 2005.[11] The same year, Sega released the game in North America on November 15, in Europe on November 18, and in Japan on December 15.[8]
      Sonic Team’s Takashi Iizuka, who had worked on the Sonic the Hedgehog series since 1993, targeted a younger audience with previous Sonic games and wanted to target an older audience with Shadow the Hedgehog.[27] The game’s development team wanted to make a game featuring Shadow to resolve plot mysteries that began with the character’s introduction in Sonic Adventure 2.[11] The team felt that Shadow’s design—inspired by films such as Underworld, Constantine, and the Terminator series—would make the story darker and allow for elements, such as vehicles and weapons, otherwise considered inappropriate for a Sonic game.[4] Sonic Team’s Yuji Naka stated in an interview with GameSpy that he wanted to use Shadow as the game’s main character due to his popularity among fans and being the best fit for a “gun action” game.[29] The game contains profanities, including instances of damn, bastard, and hell spoken by Shadow[18][30][31][32] and other characters such as Espio,[12] the G.U.N. Commander,[33] Knuckles, and Sonic. Profanity and the use of guns, both firsts for the Sonic series, generated some pre-release controversy.[3][29] The ESRB assigned the game a rating of E10+ for “fantasy violence” and “mild language.”[1][10]
      The game is the first in the series to use the 4Kids cast from Sonic X following the death of Doctor Eggman’s previous voice actor, Deem Bristow. This cast continued to be used until late 2010 when all cast members except Mike Pollock were replaced before the release of Sonic Free Riders.[34]
      [edit] Music
      Main article: Lost and Found: Shadow the Hedgehog Vocal Trax
      Lost and Found: Shadow the Hedgehog Vocal Trax is a video game soundtrack album released on CD in February 2006. The album contains seven songs, one of which is a remix rather than master track. The album does not include any of the game’s instrumental tracks.[35]
      [edit] Reception
      Aggregate scores
      (GC) 53.10%[36]
      (Xbox) 52.15%[37]
      (PS2) 49.27%[38]
      (GC) 51/100[39]
      (Xbox) 49/100[40]
      (PS2) 45/100[41]
      Review scores
      (PS2) D-[2]
      (GC $ Xbox) C+[42]
      Game Informer
      (GC $ Xbox) 4.8/10[9]
      (PS2) 4.7/10[1]
      (GC $ Xbox) 4.9/10[46]
      (PS2) 4.7/10[47]
      Nintendo Power
      Official Xbox Magazine (UK)
      Herald Sun
      The Times
      Shadow the Hedgehog received mixed reviews from critics.[48] Aggregating review websites GameRankings and Metacritic gave the GameCube version 53.10% and 51/100,[36][39] the Xbox version 52.15% and 49/100[37][40] and the PlayStation 2 version 49.27% and 45/100.[38][41] On May 17, 2006, the game’s worldwide sales total exceeded one million.[52] The game was later released as a part of three budget lines: Greatest Hits and Platinum Range for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox (these each represent sales of at least 400,000),[53] and Player’s Choice for the GameCube (250,000).[54]
      Critics derided the game’s unwelcome sense of maturity for a Sonic series game, especially the addition of guns and other weapons.[48] Game Informer staff writer Matt Helgeson said, “not only is this new ‘adult’ interpretation of Sonic painfully dumb, it’s also ill-advised and almost feels like a betrayal to longtime fans.”[44] Eurogamer staff writer Tom Bramwell felt that “the game’s other selling point вЂ“ its darker edge вЂ“ [is] not really meant for us.”[43] G4′s X-Play and GameSpy staff writer Patrick Klepek thought similarly.[45][50] In contrast, Nintendo Power staff writer Steve Thomason rated the game 8 out of 10, stating, “[t]his darker take on the Sonic universe succeeds for the most part, giving the series a bit of an edge without going overboard on violence.”[48]
      Critics also criticized the game’s controls, especially Shadow’s homing attack causing unexpected character deaths. Game Informer’s Matt Helgeson complained that the attack “frequently sends you careening off into nothingness, resulting in cheap death after cheap death.”[44] Nintendo Power, X-Play, Eurogamer, Official Xbox Magazine, and GameSpy agreed.[43][45][48][49][50] Other complaints focused on the mechanics of weapons and vehicles. Greg Mueller of GameSpot felt that the guns were nearly useless because of a lack of a target lock or manual aim, combined with an ineffective auto-aim.[9] IGN staff writer Matt Casamassina, staff writer Greg Sewart, Game Informer, X-Play, GameSpy, and London’s The Times also criticized the mechanics of Shadow’s weapons, vehicles, and other aspects of the game’s controls.[2][44][45][46][50][51] However, Nintendo Power claimed, “blasting Shadow’s foes with the wide variety of weapons at his disposal is just plain fun.”[48]
      Critics praised the game’s replay value, applauding the many possible paths that a player may take through the game. Rating the game 8.3 out of 10, GameTrailers stated, “this choose-your-own-adventure style gives the game replay value that many platformers lack.”[3] The Melbourne, Australia, publication Herald Sun, and Official Xbox Magazine thought similarly.[13][49] Nintendo Power agreed, but criticized the difficulty of the missions that require the player to locate objects.[48] GameSpot praised the game’s variety of levels and music.[9] Shadow the Hedgehog was voted the best game of 2006 in the Official Jetix Magazine Reader Awards.[55]
      [edit] References
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      ^ Sega Studio USA. Shadow the Hedgehog. “President: How ironic… After the way we all treated him, he saved us all in the end. We were all wrong about the professor. … Let us pay homage to Professor Gerald! Let’s work to ensure peace and prosperity for a brighter future! What do you say, Commander? / Commander: Excellent idea, Mr. President.”
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      [edit] External links
      Sonic portal
      Official website (Japanese)
      Sonic the Hedgehog series
      List of games
      Main series
      Sonic the Hedgehog
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      Sonic CD
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      Sonic the Hedgehog
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      Rush Adventure
      Knuckles’ Chaotix
      Tails’ Skypatrol
      Tails Adventure
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      Secret Rings
      Rivals 2
      Black Knight
      Sonic Jump
      Riders: Zero Gravity
      $ Sega All-Stars Racing
      Free Riders
      $ All-Stars Racing Transformed
      Mario $ Sonic at the Olympic Games
      Olympic Winter Games
      London 2012 Olympic Games
      Wacky Worlds Creativity Studio
      Tails and the Music Maker
      Sonic’s Schoolhouse
      Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine
      Pinball Party
      Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
      SegaSonic the Hedgehog
      Sonic the Fighters
      Unreleased games
      Sister Sonic
      Related games
      Sega Superstars
      Super Smash Bros. Brawl
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