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Is Job Market Recovery Still on Track?

More people filed for unemployment insurance in the week ending Christmas Eve than in the previous week, but economists say investors shouldn’t be too worried about the health of the job market in 2012.

After falling for a few weeks, initial unemployment claims ticked back up in the week ending Dec. 24, to 381,000, the Labor Department reported this morning. The four-week moving average, however, fell again, to 375,000. “The number was certainly a bit worse than what we and markets had expected,” says Beth Ann Bovino, deputy chief economist for Standard & Poor’s. “But it is one number, so it doesn’t make a trend.”

Investors can also take comfort in the fact that the number of claims has been below 400,000 in seven of the last eight weeks, Bovino says. Historically, when jobless claims are above 400,000, the economy is heading into or in a recession, and numbers under 400,000 generally indicate recovery, although claims would have to fall below about 370,000 to indicate a strong recovery, she says.

Investors should watch this data series through January to see if December’s numbers were distorted by holiday hiring (the data is seasonally adjusted, but those adjustments aren’t perfect), Bovino says. If the number of claims holds below 400,000 in January, that’ll be a very positive sign, she says.

Overall, the longer-term trend for labor market data is still positive, says Robert Brusca, the chief economist for Fact & Opinion Economics. Brusca says he believes the current recovery will follow the pattern of recoveries in 1990 and 2001, when economic growth started to recover long before the job market got into gear. But when the job market does finally start to improve, that in turn spurs more economic growth. “I think this rebound has been slow coming, but it’s going to be strong,” Brusca says. He expects fairly strong GDP growth of about 3% next year.

For investors, recent labor market data is definitely a bullish sign, says Jamie Cox, a managing partner at Harris Financial Group. “Investors would do well to focus on real economic trends right now and invest accordingly,” he says.


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      Discussion in ‘PSP Support’ started by andz_6, Feb 11, 2008.
      New Member
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      Feb 10, 2008
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      cn som1 plz giv me a read me on the whole cw+cm things and stuff because i dnt get hgow to work any of the cheats plz!
      Feb 11, 2008
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      I don’t know much but I think I can help here. First you need a cfw it can be either m33 or oe cm works with oe and cw works with m33"although iv never had much success with cw" ok after you get a cfw connect your psp to your computer and on the root of your stick "by root they mean the first screen that comes up that has the psp folder visible and all the other folders" download the program you want and you should see a folder called "seplugins’ somewhere with the download" take that folder and put it on the root of your m stick then open up your recovery menu"to do that you need to hold R as the psp powers up" go the to part that says "plugins" and there will be some cw icons or some cm ions click them all to enable them then click exit and if you have cw all you have to do now is to hold select during game play and the menu will come up go to "select cheats" pick the ones you want then on the main menu of cw click y for the enable cheats option and now your done. yay oh and heres the addres for a cw cheat setup$t=18661
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    • While Bovino is obviously talking through her non-existent hat, she is still better than S&P’s David Wyss, who could not even get a sentence correct. Some characters S&P has! No wonder they are so disdained. Why is the press still reporting their nonsense?

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